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This Week Daily Devotion by Bishop, Ward

Any one may send a Devotion - Ministers, people, etc. Your name will be listed as it's creator/sender.
Love starts at home. You can't love some one else if you don't love your self. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Do I deserve to go to Heaven? Why?

A true Christian by Bishop Ward
A true Christian knows how to love! They know their calling! They are not affraid knowing that Jesus gave his life for theirs.  We are voicey!
What are you waiting on?

Bragging by Bishop Ward
Bragging about what you have is never an attribute of God
Proving yourself worthy by Bishop Ward
It is not enough to say you are a good person. You must show it to those who think otherwise. Adjust your attitute and/or disposition. You may make a new friend.

Looking into a mirror
by Bishop Ward
With TV's and computers we can see stories and what goes on around the world. With a mirror we can see ourselves face to face. Look deeply into yourself and see what you see. Do you like the inner person you see? Making changes to the inside will make the outside look real good.

Provider by Bishop Ward
Jesus being a provider does not mean he will give to you by him or through others while you do nothing. It simply means that your help is all around you. Go get it.

Honoring by Bishop Ward
Honor thy mother and father so that your days may be lengthen. This has a dual meaning. Caring your life in a decent and obedience way before God will also lengthen your life. It's about honoring.

Planning by Bishop Ward
"Meditate on these things" say the Spirit. I will determine what is good for me and what is good for others. Then I will  act with patience and  understanding.

"Today I will Rejoice" by Bishop Ward
For it is a day I've never seen and I'm glade to be a part of it.
It is because of Jesus love for me that I am here to rejoice in this new day once again. For this I give thanks.

"For God so loved the world" by Bishop Ward
Lets think on this saying today for awhile. Only God can truly love the entire world because he created it, the animals, the people, and every thing on it.

We can only love the world because we are life within it. We give thanks. We care about people but truly love those around us. Let's show that love today and every day by extending it out to somebody new. Sometimes it only takes a smile.
"Thou shalt not lie" by  Bishop Ward
Be attentive to your mouth. But tell the truth. Sometimes one may not like what you say. But if it is truthful and in good taste it is alright to speak out.

But telling a knowing lie is despicable before God, and does not share his character.

"A Christian"    by Bishop Ward
I saw some one today who I should have acknowledge. I pass without a glance as though I didn't want to be bothere.

Then a person I knew with friends they walked. Approached me close, for a greeting I thought.

Passing me by brought to mind. I did not want to be bothered any time.

I was somebody, yes I thought. Until I passed another, by me they didn't want to be bothered.
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.