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John Adler NJ-3
Jason Altmire PA-4
Michael Arcuri NY-24
John Barrow GA-12
Marion Berry ARK-1
Dan Boren OK-2
Rick Boucher VA-9
Bobby Bright AL-2
Ben Chandler KY-6
Travis Childers MISS-1
Artur Davis AL-7
Lincoln Davis TN-4
Chet Edwards TX-17
Parker Griffith AL-5
Stephanie Herseth Sandlin SD-1
Tim Holden PA-1
Larry Kissell NC-8
Frank Kratovil MD-1
Daniel Lipinski IL-3
Stephen F. Lynch MA-9
Jim Marshall GA-8
Jim Matheson UT-2
Mike McIntyre NC-7
Michael McMahon NY-13
Charlie Melancon LA-3
Walt Minnick ID-1
Glenn Nye VA-2
Collin Peterson MN-7
Mike Ross AR-4
Heath Shuler NC-11
Ike Skelton MO-4
Zack Space OH-18
John Tanner TN-8
Gene Taylor MS-4
Harry Teague NM-2

Democrats Who Voted Against Health Care Reform, the Traitor List........
Those who want poor people to suffer!

Whats' up with that!