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The Crispus Attuck Black Tea Party

First Black Tea Party  form under pretense of Crispus Attucks was Named after the first person to die in the Revolutionary War, the Crispus Attucks Tea Party was founded January 18th, 2011. It was held at at a restaurant called "This Is It" soul food in Houston, Texas.

I was not at their convention nor had I wanted to be. But I want to brake down lies and ignorance abound that consume what is suppose to be educated people. These are unlearned people trying to teach unlearned people. The Bible put it as "the blind leading the blind.

I want to bring you up to date and give you the truth as I did explaining to you how the Boston Tea Party Came to be. let me explain it again: The Boston Tea Party came to be by folks unhappy with the government because they were being charged excessive taxes levied on tea without their involvement. So they turned to violence by  disguising themselves as Indians and attacked, killed some of the guards aboard three ships docked in the Boston Harbor and threw bushels of tea overboard.

But this was not all they did:  Afterward they attacked and vandalized the homes of the officials in government under orders to carry out the law forcing them to do what they wanted.

From this violent and cowardly group came the "The Boston Tea Party" . The "Tea Party" today formed it's roots and history from them. "Good coming through threats and murder rather than through votes and diplomacy".

And now, God forbid, we have a black tea party, poor things, with the same
tendencies, like one wasn't enough.

This black group just formed is so uneducated that I find it necessary to educate them and try to keep you from falling for lies they want you to believe about  Crispus Attuck, a black man, being the first to die in the American Revelution known as the Boston massacre.

What I'm about to tell will change "Black History" as  to how and what we have been taught. If our educators would have cared they would have thought twice about celebrating "Crispus Attuck".

I want you to pay close attention to what I say. Every thing I say is written history. I'm just going to make it short for you and add some thoughts.

Who was Crispus Attuck? Records indicate he was born 1723 and died 1770.

I want you to think about this:
It  Is supposedly said he was born a slave. He was supposedly a runaway slave. He was born to mixed parents, a black woman and supposedly an Indian or native.  And, yes, there was Indian slavery in Boston. But it leave me with a Question mark just as to who the real father is. But that's later!

Moving on:
Let us take a look at Boston and Its slave history before Crispus Attuck's birth 1723.

Massachusetts was the first slave-holding colony in New England, though the exact beginning of black slavery in what became Massachusetts cannot be dated exactly. Slavery there is said to have predated the settlement of Massachusetts Bay colony in 1629, and circumstantial evidence gives a date of 1624-1629.

Boston had the largest slave population, and stronger control over their slaves than most other states.

Statutes enacted in Boston at various times between the 1720s and 1750's, forbidden slaves from buying provisions in markets; carry a stick or a cane; keep hogs or swine; or stroll about the streets, lanes, or Common at night or at all on Sunday.

Punishments for violation of these laws ranged up to 20 lashes, depending on aggravating factors.

Black slaves were singled out for punishment by whipping if they broke street lamps, under a law of 1753, and a special law allowed severe whippings for any black person who hit white one (1755-6).

The colony, along with Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland, punished both races for miscegenation ( the mixing of different racial groups through marriage, cohabitation, sexual relations, and procreation).
Massachusetts statue was more severe than that of any other colony on the continent.

Slavery ended in Boston around 1790-95. During 1795 blacks had rights.   Some of these rights was that African-Americans would "have the same privileges of schooling,as other people"——which they did not, at least in Boston.

And that "they can neither elect or be elected to offices of government"——which was indeed the custom, but not the law.

I hope you all can see where I'm about to come from?

Moving on:
Notice: During the time of Crispus Attuck (a black man a slave) blacks were hated more severely than in any other place. All slaves were hated and despised except  for, guess who! Crispus Attuck.

Even during the 1750's when things were really bad for black slaves (above reading) Crispus Attuck seem to excel greatly in 16-19 years, 1753-1770, when other slaves were suffering by their white masters at this same time.

I wonder how this could be possible. Records show that even in 1795 blacks were still being persecuted and denied rights.

Crispus Attuck first to die.
Now lets get to the good stuff. Here is a slave runaway notice placed in a news paper from Crispus Attuck's father, I mean, supposedly slave master.

The following text is from a fugitive slave notice which ran on October 2, 1750 in The Boston Gazette-

Notice that Crispus Attuck's slave master William Brown wanted his son, or excuse me, his slave back badly or wanted to know if he was safe.
(1750-1770=20 years of freedom, I mean, twenty years from the time his master looked for him till he was shot.

which ever case lets read the notice below.

                     10 Pound Reward
             For Return of Run Away Slave

Ran away from his master William Brown of
Framingham on the 30th of Sept. last a mulatto
fellow about 27 years of age, named Crispus, 6
feet and 2 inches high, short curl'd hair, his knees
nearer together than common; and had on a light
colour'd beaver skin coat, plain new buckskin
breeches, blue yarn stockings and a checked
woolen shirt. Whoever shall take up said runaway
and convey him to his aforesaid master shall
have 10 pounds old tenor reward, and all
necessary charges paid. And all masters of
vessels and others are hereby cautioned against
concealing or carrying off said servant on penalty
of law.

This notice was placed in the Gazette many years before Crispus Attuck was shot. But notice this. His master never got him back and Crispus Attuck walked around for 20 years and nobody turned him in. It get better. He even gets a good job and more. Keep reading.

Pay attention to this notice. Crispus Attuck was well loved by his master. His master describe him as a person of high standards. Crispus Attuck ran away in expensive clothes that are brand new. This guy is decked out like he was going to an important meeting.

William Brown seems to be almost in tears to get him home, I mean, get him back in the house, I mean back in the fields.

Crispus Attuck Name
Here is what I discovered from other historic sources.

"The truth may never be known, but these facts we do know"; He was born a negro slave and was believed to have had a Native American (Indian) mother.

He was given the name Crispus Attucks. The name "Crispus" was most likely after Roman nobility "Crispus Ceasar" who was son of Constantine, c.300 AD.

The name "Attucks" is believed to have been a Native American
word -- many believe to also be the origin of the name for the Town of Natick Massachusetts.

Some thing is just plain wrong with this name:
Why would an abused African slave mother name their baby after their abusers or after somebody they don't even know. Slaves like these had no knowledge of Constantine. They would never name it after any of the cities of Massachusetts. They hated that life and the abuse and yes, their captors.

So, who really named Crispus Attuck, and why was William Brown willing to stop looking for him?

The next question is, did the real Crispus Attuck return home?

I believe Crispus Attuck was the father of Crispus Attuck  Jr,. and maybe William Brown was used to locate him because it was death to masters if discovered they mix with another race. You read this above.

The story of Crispus Attuck
In 1770, Crispus Attucks, a black man, became the first casualty of the American Revolution
when he was shot and killed

On the night of March 5, 1770, five citizens of Boston died when eight British soldiers fired on a large and unruly crowd that was menacing them. Boston's patriots, led by Sam Adams, immediately labeled the affray the Boston Massacre and hailed its victims as martyrs for liberty.
The troops had been sent to Boston in late 1768 to support the civil authorities and were themselves subject to the jurisdiction of the local courts. All eight soldiers were jailed and tried for murder. They were defended by John Adams, who later became the second President of the United States, and acquitted on grounds of self defense. The patriots used the trial to demonstrat that law rather than mob rule had been maintained in Boston, and that even the hated redcoats could receive a fair trial.

One story
Attucks' occupation made him particularly vulnerable to the presence of the British. As a seaman, he felt the ever-present danger of impressment into the British navy. As a laborer, he felt the competition from British troops, who often took part-time jobs during their off-duty hours and worked for lower wages. A fight between Boston ropemakers and three British soldiers on Friday, March 2, 1770 set the stage for a later confrontation. That
following Monday night, tensions escalated when a soldier entered a pub to look for work, and instead found a group of angry seamen that included Attucks.

On the night of March 5, 1770, five citizens of Boston died when eight British soldiers fired on a large and unruly crowd that was menacing them.

We see here Irregularities:
Why is Crispus Attuck so welcome by white owners and is able to move around freely. He's a seaman, a laborer a tuff guy who starts fights in a white pub.

No way a mix, still slave will be doing all this in a white society that didn't like mix whites as well as mix blacks.

As a slave in Framingham, he had been
known for his skill in buying and selling cattle.

What a guy!

This Crispus Attuck was a White man!

Another Irregularity:
The trial:
No way at that time would a trial be held to convict white people of killing a so called slave. Boston law would not have allowed it, not to mention the public.
Crispus Attuck trial was too well handled.

In studying the trial there is no evidence to indicate Crispus Attuck was black or a pass slave. Come on people:

This Crispus Attuck was a White man!

More evident!
A "Crispus Attucks Day" was inaugurated by black abolitionists in 1858, and in 1888, the Crispus Attucks Monument was erected on the Boston Common, despite the opposition of the Massachusetts Historical Society and the New England Historic Genealogical Society, which regarded Attucks as a villain.

But why? Is there more behind this. It is.  I believe blacks were needed to help fight in a war of some kind and drumming up this story would fit kindly in easing some of the black movement taking hold. Creating a black hero would do this.

Even the American Historic Society thinks this is a hoax!
My Take on what really happened
I will give you two examples to think on. (1) William Brown was really Crispus Attuck hiding behind the name william Brown because it was to Dangerous to let it be known he had a mix son because it was prohibited in Boston.

Or (2), Crispus Attuck was william Brown close friend or some one who worked closely with William Brown on the plantation William's owned. Maybe an oversear.

There was no Indian involved.
Now listen to this
Things to consider are. (1) Crispus Attucks name. (2) His master not following up on his escape. (3) His clothes and shoes being brand new. (4) Ad placed by William Brown show to much love for Crispus Attuck being a slave. (5) Crispus Attuck had too much freedom among whites when mixing color was strictly forbidden. (6) he was skilled in a buying and selling cattles. (7) He was a seaman. (8) he was the  leader of whites men when he caused themselves to be shot for being unruly. (9) He cause a fight in a white Pub which would have been a no, no.  Blacks could not enter a white Pub, sit down and drink with them. (10) Why would white men get a trial for killing a black man in 1770 almost at the heart of slavery in Boston when blacks wasn't even considered humans? (11) What does a black man have to do with paying taxes in Boston that it will cause him to hate the British? (12) Why doesn't trial records indicate Crispus Attuck was a slave? Doing that time on all records the color was clearly written on slave documents. (13) why did John Adam take so much interest in defending Crispus Attuck.)

I must go back and ask another question. That is,  (14) If an ad was placed in the Gazette news paper, then why didn't any one turn him in?

Now lets go forwards: (15) Was there really a William Brown. There should be documents. Some body please produce the records to me. (16)  Was this ad actually placed in the Gazette? There should be true records of that and not just a square piece of paper. Was it forged by some one else at a latter time to set something in play to recognized something going on in Boston at a latter time? (17) Why is there so many drawings of Crispus Attuck being the only black man or should I say, fighting slave in the center with white men surrounding him?  And last  but not least. (a) How can a wanted slave do all of this?
(18) What was Crispus Attuck mother and father name? Some one this famous has to have records of birth. I would like to see them. (19) Why don't Boston Historic Society recognize him as a hero? I don't believe it is just because he was a villain. They no more than they talk about. (20) Where did these pictures come from of so-call Crispus Attuck.  (21) Is there any information saying he ever met or mixed with any other black or slave during his travel around the world?

(22) Why do I, a simple Minister have to go over such a simple matter that college educators and politicians refuse to see and acknowledge for decades that there is a problem.  I'm not saying I'm totally right, but I believe there is more truth to my findings than at any time in history.

This Crispus Attuck was a White man!

I know blacks have been celebrating Crispus Attuck for hundreds of years and hate to hear this. But my findings is that he is a white man,.

If any body can prove me wrong I would like to hear it.

Crispus Attuck Black Tea Party is a laugh! A joke!
And so is the founders and those who are members of it. Once again the Tea Party have made fools of you by pushing you to start another branch of a white organization with the notions of bringing blacks into their terror organization.

Let this be a lesson to you. Research things your self before running head on into it.

Even the Bible tells us to "meditate on these things". And, ""the truth will set you free".

Now you are a Black Tea Party to be laughed at.

Yes, my brothers, "Crispus Attuck" really is a White man!

You still however, can still join a group that will tell you the truth. The Democrats!!!!!

Follow black tea Party
Was Crispus Attuck  white or black. You'll be shocked!
The Tea Party is trying to use the so-called Crispus Attuck Black Tea Party to fool blacks into joining their party.

Some of the tricks they are using has been proposed by black Republicans such as: start to play hip hop soul music at their meetings. Use rap music in their commercials. Show black music Republicans playing at their convention.

From time to time use slang words and make a few black moves. This gets a laugh and will woo blacks from the Democratic Party and into the Republican Party.

This is playing us as stupid! It is trying our intelligent.  And it won't work. We have enough sense to no what is good for us and what is bad. You are bad.

We are not a stick and you will not wave a stinking carrot in from of our faces and think our noses are clogged to the point that we can't smell the truth

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