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Christmas Vs Buying Lottery Tickets….

This is so simple even a cave man could answer it. Which is a sin, buying a lottery ticket which is not a sin or someone wishing Merry Christmas which is a sin? That is, lying on the birth of God Almighty’s son as though God does not know when his son was born and going around wishing people merry Christmas, rubbing it in. 

Yes, I would rather purchase a lottery ticket and feel good doing it because I know the truth about buying and playing lottery tickets and act according to it’s rules. I’m taking a chance on losing my money (lottery ticket) and not my life (Christmas). 

Before you cast stones you should removed the pile you have in your own back yard. Nevertheless, we will always have a few rock left to deal with until perfection is awarded according to God‘s standard in the end. Think about it! Read more truth to this other truth at and Facebook and at