Democratic Newsletter Representing Poor People
Poor- Middle- Lower upper Middle Class Targeting Eelection 2012
    Mission             Statement
To promote greater interest to vote by young people as well as old.
To provide a mean for poor people to be heard by politicians.
To incourage democratic leaders to stop being whimps to republican leaders.
To stop the will of the Republican and Tea Party movement from destroying the needs of poor people and plotting to bring down the country in 2013 if  party change hands.


Bishop, B.E. Ward

Poor Humor

Launching the P-Party Movement
It's here! It's finally here! Finally the poor people of America can be heard, and we intend to speak out just as vocal as the Republican Tea Party whose main goals are to stop the government from helping poor people.

The Tea Party has one agenda in mind and its not unemployment, and its definitely not us poor people based on what they did to us under President Bush's administration. The only other thing left is Power! They want total control of the government..  Any one that knows what being in control means knows that money is at the helm. Money and Power go together mixed with lies.
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      Sarah! Sarah! Sarah!
Wacky rich person bent on returning the riff back to power.

What's her game? You don't know it by now? It's to take the

government away from the people. Poor people that is, and put it back into her sleazy hands. Watch TV carefully. She's squeezing the life out of republicans pocket books and filling her own pockets with millions of dollars.

She may be a circus act but she's no dummy.  Why hang with the poor. They have no money, but Republicans are loaded. Go get um Sarah!
Insurance and poor people suffrage
Will any one in Washington ever stand up to insurance companies. They are robbing us blind and Washington sits by and does nothing.
We poor people pay nearly 25% of our monthly income towards insurance. Yet, when we use it  there's always some reason why most of the bill is not paid.

Medical Pool
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The Pparty   Movement
Volumn 1    
Issue 1
Created November 16, 2010      Updated November 23, 2010
Pres. Obama
Pparty Blog
Posted Nov 26, 2010  (new)   
Challenge ahead is great!
Thanksgiving is now behind us, yet, a bigger task lie before us. Preparing ourselves to get into politic is hard, but sacrifices must be made. Start talking about what's going  on early and get a head start on how to help yourself.                         Bishop, Ward
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