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The Poor Party's agenda
Bishop, Ward
Here is our agenda and what we believe in and want the government to carry out.

First,  for protection and security for our nation. Then to enact programs and issues that best served and benefit poor people who are the working and voting back bone of America.

The Poor Party Movement will work hard to remove those in both parties from office, whether Democrats or Republicans who seek to take away, limit, obstruct, or cause more hardship to already suffering poor people.

         Our agenda is clear for America:

1. Keeping Health Care Reform as passed. Add to it as            necessary
2. Work hard to improve unemployment
3. Protecting Medicare and Social Security
4. Protection of the environment
5. Providing for good education and schools
6. Maintaining a good foreign policy
7. Good national energy policy
8. Regulating Financial institutions and markets
9. Fighting terrorism in and out of the United States
10. Housing and Urban Developement

Things we are fighting to do away with, fix or change in our states and locally.

1. Doing away with property taxes
2. Doing away with car inspections and fees
3. Investigate and bring down high insurance premiums
4. Investigate and sue auto insurance companies for service      feeds added to billings
5. Bringing down excessive high prescription costs

  National Government

Democrats who voted against Health Care!
List of Republican Presidential  Duds.

  Herman Cain         -         

Donald trump         -

A take on Allen West,  U.S. Congress from Florida - Republican

Republican Choice for President and Vice President. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan

These are the Republicans trying to take back what we've gained and put us back in a recession of more unemployment, businesses closing, home foreclosures, high gas prices, poor medical care, high prescriptions, high taxes, starting more wars, hate between races, guns on campuses and on streets and causing a complete economic down turn.

In other words, they want to strip America of it's dignity in the sight of the world. We cannot let them do it to us again.
Warning: Be Advised:
Start your own news service
with a "Free" news "Blog"..
The Republican and Tea Party are rallying at this very moment to remove Obama from the White House.

Their agenda is to bring up all kinds of issues that causes folks to become angry and mobilize behind them.

They do this by creating lies by using a German technique used on the Jews by saying, "if you tell a lie long enough, people will believe it".

We Know the Republicans does a lot of lying. And there are still a lot of people out there that believe them even some Democrats and Independents.

We have to mobilize now! Help me by starting a Poor Party Movement network across America by starting a FREE news  Blog using "Poor Party Movement/your name" or "Pparty Movement/your name" or combine both on your blog.  Or create a totally new name based on The Pparty.

Become a journalist by selecting topics and or individuals your like to follow from the web and speak your opinions.

Blogs are free and can be started with Google by going here.  or any other place. You can even place your Blog on Twitter, Myspace, Facebook or any place you like. Include my main page on your site. This is crucial for this is the home page for the Poor Party movement.

To change things we need wide coverage and open eyes to challenge what the Republicans and especially the Tea Party are doing and saying.

Some of you may want to publish what is going on in your state and local government. These officisl must know that they cannot take our vote for granted.

I can publish some of your Blogs when my page is contacted. This way people around the word can see a picture of you and read your news Blog. This wide coverage for you may lead to other news sources picking you up to write for them also. You never know.

Let me know when your Blog is set up. I expect to here from you in the coming months.

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