A  minister and former pastor
A civil service retiree
25 years as union representative ( IAM)
15 years Equal Employment Opportunity Representative
Lead singer in a gospel group call "The Goldengates"/dvds
Fitness Instructor/dvds
Past publisher of small magazine called "Inside Review"
Vietnam vet/army/1968/ received a certificate of appreciation, the bronze star metal and the soldier's medal for heroic actions.

Veterans Rules!

                Tea partiers - listen to real service-Serving our country

Notice I said serving our country. Not like the Tea Party folks who claims the country belongs only to Republicans. Well I have something to say to them about country and patriotism.

You see, I unlike many of those who play with this word who would not and will not serve have actually served and protected this country. Many in the Tea Party  refused to volunteer and go fight. They use the backs of poor people like me to serve and die while they enjoy their treasuries to later come out and begin claiming this is their country.

You see I and my fellow brothers did not hide behind riches nor wealth to escape our patriotic duty. Most volunteered happily. We went to war and fought while you marched in the streets to make it hard for us to find jobs, homes and proper medical care when we got back just like you're doing now.

I read Tea party supporters daily twitts constantly slamming the "take my country back" slogan. But if they really had to fight they would quickly move to Canada. You see, It's easy to hide behind the "No Draft" law.  One can easily pretend like they want to fight for this country but they are only blowing cowardly air.

If you really want to claim this is your country and democrats not a part of it then it should be the Tea Party and other Republicans fighting  for it. I also think the heads of this organizations whether women or men should actively serve. But this is too much to ask because they are either "too afraid" or "i'm too old" or "I'm planning to go to school" or "I have too much in riches and wealth to lose, "let the poor people do it".
                                                 My War History
I entered the army 1967. I was part of the 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, NC.  and fought in Vietnam in 1968 under the same division.went over under the presidency of Lyndon Johnson who gave the divisions a personal send off at Fort Bragg.  We stood in attention and gave salutes as he personally past between ranks at arms length from us. We could have reached out and touched him if permitted. He gave a short speech about how the country thanks us for all we were doing to protect the United States.

There was a call to parade rest.  We stood while President Johnson boarded Air Force One and took off down the run way and into the sky. We were told  the assembly was just for the president only and that we were not slated to go to Vietnam just yet. "Go back to your barracks and stay inside", one sergeant bellowed!

However, three hours later we were ordered to quickly pack our gear and fall outside the buildings and form a long line along the street.  Outside  we saw a great line of duce and a halves sitting with engines running. The order came. Load up!

Every one knew at this time what was going on. No more secrecy! We're heading to Vietnam. We, another son, another daughter, confused and frighten, young and innocent were heading off to war. This is real!  The worst part about this was that we didn't have chance to notify our families.

Quickly from the trucks to the planes. We boarded C141's and headed for Vietnam.
We left with companies of friends and buddies so we found comfort in each other. However, all things were not that good because some of us left Fort Bragg with weapons but no ammunition.

After an18 hour plane ride filled with jeeps and duce and a halves we couldn't wait to get off these planes. However, we were told that there was fighting at the airport in Benwa.  When we land we must get off fast and follow the platoon leaders to a safe point. 

We were later given more weapons according to our expertise along with a lot of ammunition.  We went through two weeks of dangerous training. From that point we were in a war. My friends and I was Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 2nd Battalion, 321st  Artillery, 82nd Airborne Division, in the Republic of Vietnam.

                                                 The rest is history

I received the army appreciation medal, the bronze star and the soldier's medal. for heroics though never recognized. Back in the states on January 1970 there was a call for all companies to fall out and fall in. Accommodation medals were honored for officers. I knew I would be also since I had the highest medal in the company that I knew of. But the call came to fall out.

I was very disappointed but not too angry. I soon forgot about it..  Now time has past and wounds have healed. No matter what,  I'm still pleased to have served and protected my country and my family and that give me the more right to call this our country.
                                                   Tea Party Joke

I had friends to die who was worth more to this country than many of you ever will. They like I did not fight  or die for half the country. We serve for all the people whether they served or not. Even those who could not serve personally served spiritually and in other helpful ways and we include them as our brothers in arms.

We fought to maintain stability and freedom around the world. You the Tea Party and your supporters fight for the Republican power Control and the separation of the rich and the poor. 

This nation belongs to all of us. Democrats and Republicans. My comrades fought and died for real freedom. Not just for the Republicans freedom, but for all. We all fight together and we die together for the same cause. Why can't we live together in peace, respect, and love for that is the ultimate cause.

As I end, my last words to you is sign up or shut up and enjoy the freedom all of us enjoy in this wonderful country call USA.

Yes, I'm an American veteran and I'm a Pparty member

Bishop. B. E. Ward

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The PParty Movement
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