Where Aliens Thread: Satan Has Taken Control Over The False Church: 

When I woke this morning after a prior day and night of a world and country that has completely gone the way of the world, I was and remain angry when I realized, see and hear voices of Satan laughing at God, for now, saying, “who’s in control now.”

I think to myself and has very often tried to get people to realize that there is a lot more to salvation than false pastors of Satan has been leading you away from.

You don’t have to look around the world to find lies and disappointment, all you need to do is open up your eyes and light will be realized right in your own back yard. 

All the information you are intentionally blinded from has been the Bible, the written word of knowledge, a book of wisdom and a key into the unknown world of life, death, seen and unseen spirits of untold powers of resurrection, destruction, makers of worlds, creative artwork and engineering of human beings through attachment of body parts from a detailed specification to calling it man. Even into the unseen world of demons and demonic beings. All a mystery to unfold.

From a makeup of mud the body became life as the God creators blew upon it and it, our bodies, became living souls. 

Souls destined to returned to the heavens and stars where we will now take our place among the gods, yet lower than the Gods, yet, abilities to make a purpose and continue that purpose through out the universe for those seeking to live in the will of God and for those presenting the righteous spirit of the Gods and God to understand their purpose by living according to the will of God by following the writing instructions and directions to keep the spirit in man from dying out. 

Yet, obedience return life to an old worn out machine of a body that, like dirt, is washed away. But the new life return the body whole and without dirt, for it is an visible and invisible part of the ever building cosmos waiting to discover the great and hidden answers that challenge life itself. Who are we, where did we come from and why?

Such obedience, come with a price, call reward. Only a few will be chosen to continue the universe and venture into worlds into worlds and eyes seeing what only gods has shared. We are special!

We are special in that our interaction with God and gods change the countenance of Moses and his face glowed just being in the presence of an alien or God. Moses was taken up into the sky and never seen again. A space ship identified as a wheel within a wheel came down from heaven with a being inside.

Other prophets taken away in flying crafts. Jesus ascended into the heaven, either of his own or by way of a space craft. Don’t forget, Christ came back from the dead and walked and talked before leaving again. He went to another world, another universe where there are people, yes, beings of untold powers. Christ crossed through one dimension into another. And so will we!

Let’s not forget, that the New Jerusalem Temple coming down out of heaven is no more than a space ship, flying and hovering in the sky. 

Let’s not forget that Old Israel was feed manna that dropped down from the sky from a spaceship that followed them.

What am I telling you? I’m telling you that you are and have been lied to forever by pastors working for Satan whom want to destroy us to get back at Jesus because God chose Christ, the perfect sacrifice to save those willing to believe in God and his ways of life. 

For Christ being obedience, he is given rulership and kingship over the new earth when God sees that man is no longer worth saving and once again destroys earth to rebuild it again with Christ as it’s king.

Satan hate God for this, not realizing nor caring that corruption and disobedience can only corrupt further. Therefore, those choosing to love the liar and deceiver will be destroyed in the end with Satan and his army.

Satan has vowed to corrupt man and take souls from Christ. He has succeeded greatly at this point. He has succeeded with the help of false pastors, his ministers that’s corrupting mankind. Ministers that twist the word of God and created mob like gangsters running great money machines.

Pastor’s agreeing with the world and excepting all manner of filth and evil and call it good. Uninterested in what God declared but gone off into their own understanding by devising well laid out plans of Satan and executing them through drunken mobs that’s fallen in love with Satan.

In this nation, USA, the reason for salvation has been hid by many, yet, find a particular sin and hammer on it and you will be fit enough to sit among God. 

However, people are not concern with what they know nothing about. They only see salvation as a word in their mind but not what require salvation to be accepted. Salvation require toughness, boldness, relentless calling, devotion, obedience, out pouring love, Understanding, self worship with the inner power of the spirit that link obedience to the word of God unseen.

Thus, ignorance kills! Mobs of false Christian led by godlike Satan ministers will die foolishness because they cannot break away from pastor worshiping.

Pastors have done nothing but brought division between God and the people and they all will die in hell for this. 

Salvation is much much more. It is a relief from a wicked world into something great and forever. It is a journey into the rest of your life. Your spirit standing before God and Jesus and hearing them say, well done. You have been faithful over a few things and now I will make you ruler over many.

Should this world and people of such hate of each other be put in charge of building new worlds? No! It would fail before it start. 

God require people that will do their best to harness the love of all men. We are so damaged that we need Jesus to speak for us. This is how critical salvation is.

Leave these false Churches that have done nothing but lie to you and take your money. Worship God in spirit. This is your one on one power. Then share with others.

Look again across the country and ask yourself, where is God that Evilgelicals and Protestant alike like to lie on. Is he powerless! Liars will go to hell. Church mobs of Satan will go to hell. 

Satan is king for right now. He has Donald Trump sitting in a high seat of power and an Evangelical army backing him up ready to kill and destroy for him. Look! For they are many! For they bare the mark of the beast in their forehead. In this case, drunken with stupidity! 

There are mighty men of old, aliens, powers and god like beings. There are spaceships and other world beings. We are created beings. We were made by the aliens, we call Gods. For God said, “let “US” make man!” Think about it!