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The Church lies about Lottery Tickets and Gambling

Many Church folks are confused about and very hesitant to buy a lottery ticket. They say it's a sin to gamble. I'm going to the Bible to disprove those that say this, so I'll just say they are wrong.

There is nothing in the bible I've see that say buying lottery tickets or even gambling will keep your heart away from the love of Jesus and God the Father. Just go to the Bible and read about the temple when Jesus turned over the tables. It was not about their gambling but how and where they were doing it. Greed in the temple. Slick willies using God as a mean to steal from others.

To understand what's right or wrong one first must understand sin. Sin is always related to evil desires, emotions, evil habits, pride, lust, anger, hate, spite, murder, thief, lying, fornication, adultery, evil deed and etc. Things that dishonor the character of God. The absent of love.

Buying a lottery ticket and taken a chance on winning is not sinning because no one can find sin in it. Ministers seem to think they are doing something great when they tell people it's wrong to gamble but Ok to steal from the Church and people.

But I say show me the sin in it. If a person can afford to buy a ticket that's their right. It's his money and no one has the right to tell another what to spend their money on. Except illegal stuff.

Now if that person is not taking care of his or her family to includes paying the bills because their money is wasted on lottery tickets then that person is sinning because if they cannot take care of their family they cannot be trusted with the things of God. You are sinning because so many depend on you for food and shelter and you wasted it.

I know there are some smart sister or brother or some unlearned minister or pastor out there that will question what I say so let me put you in order. People do a lot of talking about some one else's so-called sin so let's take a look at your self.

For example: Why are so many pastors fat and have over weight members? It's this a health risk. Having heart problems and high blood pressure from refusing to eat right sinning against the body.  Don't the bible speak of over eating as a sin.

When you over eat doesn't this dishonor the body, bringing sickness to the temple of God. You are unable to tell someone else how to take care of themselves when you can't take care of yourself.

What about gossiping? Most do it and think nothing of it because it is a habit you love. Most Church people do it every day. They can't get through the day with out talking about someone to someone else. Isn't gossiping a sin? Yes! God has a problem with people he can't trust.  Gossipers have a tendency to lie and stretch the truth.

Maybe you love your special worldly song or songs. You also love your church songs. Don''t you know the bible say the two can't mix. love and hate don't mix. You can't love God and the devil too or God and love money or what you own. So wouldn't you be sinning. Yes!

What about pride? Many Church people get very high minded no sooner what they obtain a little more than their brother or sister in faith. They no longer want to be in their mist or want certain ones welcomed in their homes because you now think you are better than they. Especially when one buy a home or car or get very good paying job or holding certain positions of authority. Looking down on the less fortunate. Isn't pride a sin and God do hate a proud person.

Let's look at this another way. Who would God rather have in his kingdom? a person that buy a five dollar lottery ticket, but love and obey God or a liar like ministers in the Church. Like members committing adultery. fornicators and slick willies. What about robbers of the Church. Pastors taking home large sums of money but teaching nothing to bring love to those God told them to spread the good news too.

I've rather be in the company of a lottery buyer anytime than being in the company of those I just mention. I believe God would rather deal with a lottery buyer also. At least they are trying to make more money with that they have. This sound like a low class type of investing. You win some and you lose some. You invested some and did not bury it where it could not do nothing for you. This sound like a bible story of the man that went on a long journey and left others in charge.

There is no more wrong with buying a lottery ticket than buying a football or basketball ticket to a game. You're out of you money either way. What about selling donuts and chocolate bars over charging using the Church as a mean to sell them.

What about the Church doing fun raising selling so-called raffle tickets to win things. Isn't those raffle tickets the same as a lottery ticket. They are doing their selling on church property raising and lowering prices. Even telling folks that certain electric products works and that they have checked them out when they haven't. I know for a fact that much of the electronics does not work but we never bring them back. Then isn't this lying inside the doors of the Church.

Let's look at this another way: For example, I bought a lottery ticket to win money. This is a chance I took. Win or lose a percentage of the money goes to benefit schools and highways and others. That's a good thing. At the counter I bought a product. It's call a lottery ticket. I paid for this product at the counter. I then took hold of this ticket hoping I will win. I need the money.

Now let's look at this another way from some unlearned:  I went to a Church sale in which they had many used clothes. Many was too old and needed thrown away but the fundraiser is hoping some one will buy them any way even if they had secret stains and spots on them. They really doesn't care. It's about the money and not about satisfaction.

Now, some decide to purchase a product. Since there are no place to try on their products, they are force to pay and take a chance on the product fitting or working. I said, "take a chance." Sound like something you was told was a sin don't it (chance)?

At home they found that there is a spot on this dress or blouse. Then, let's say, the DVD player works but only slightly because of maybe a volume problem or it work for a little while then stops. Maybe the item purchased to wear was either too little or too big.

Either way the Church seller sold the bad product to you causing the buyer to lose money without any way of getting it back. The same as the person that bought the lottery ticket.

They both bought a product with the hope of winning. They both got something for their money. Win or lose the schools and highways was funded and the Church was funded. So who is in the more wrong here?

Fault found:  I would say the Church. They should no better than sell products in or around the Church for money without making sure all their products are in good saleable condition. They should keep broken or chipped items off the tables.

They should make sure all electronic's work and not lie about their condition. Sin Committed. lying, over pricing, using the Church status to make money.

Fault found with the lottery ticket: None! The party knew what they were buying before they bought it. Sin committed. NONE!

While I see nothing wrong with selling things at the Church it is how thing are carried out I have the problem with. Church folks love to find fault in other people but never see the greater fault in themselves. lying on God has become the character of most in Church out of ignorance. They have always tried to find fault in the little things and leave out talking about the big things.

Then said Pilate to the chief priests and to the people, I find no fault in this man. ( Luke 23:4). I find no fault (sin) in buying a lottery tickets, buying stocks, placing money in a bank for interest, buying insurance, buying a house with a mortgage, or buying a car. They all are investments, gambles. You show me sin in any of this unless one want pay his bills. Not open for debate.

Can't afford to have or do these things. Then don't do it.  Once again the Churches have twisted the world of God.You think about it!