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Truth must be told....

Republicans are not Christians!

Too evil and lack of caring. A professional lying machine for Satan!
You have are being dope with lies by your  pastors...

Before you give money ask for the proof!

You have been robbed and lied to for nearly 2000 years since John the Baptist!

  One nation    One party     Under God
  A Higher Level OF Understanding
Conservative Christians at it again! Confuse Satan with God

No sooner than the pressure been taken off Obama and the Syria fiasco partly solved did the lunatics of the Christian right rear their ugly heads like a sleeping alligator waiting to snap up a wandering puppy dog. However, in this case they want to do away with the whole existence of even it's smell so the so called king of the swamp may remain king of the swamp. Not wanting to share any of the goodies of the goodies but wanting it all.

The alligator, like Christian Conservative, doesn't realize that if it did away with all it's food, it to would die. But be as it may it doesn't want to be told anything or can see the future of what would happen if it didn't share. Eventually it will slowly perish. But the alligator and Christian Conservatives doesn't care. Take it all, is what motivate them.

Long ago the Conservative Party dared to silence the poor people of this country by robbing them of their wealth. Wealth that equaled to a small piece of bread satay in canned salmon in tomato sauce, or delicious fried chicken taken from the chicken yard after being attack by a fox with rabies. All of this washed down with a glass of sugar water.

But no matter, the poor survived and prospered off the little salary the Conservative and other rich proud thieves gave them. They could not understand how this could be. The poor was even venturing out to buy homes and land making the rich angry thinking the poor will soon take what they have. So the conservative Church decided to put them back in their place or where they think they should be. Below them.

Today the same ignorance continue in the so-called Christian Conservative Church but now with a vengeance. Led by the Roman type Church of old the Conservative fight to take away the ability of the poor to move forward. They figure if they take away their ability to receive health care this will certainly cause many to die. Give them low pay and put them in low paying jobs will keep them from being able to afford insurance. Thus, many will die of lack of care.

Consrvative have a plan. Accuse the poor of being loafers then keep the government from giving further assistantance to them or cut most benefits to hungry babies and childrens. This plan will starve them to death. The destruction of the poor is believed by the Conservative right as the only way to usher in a utopia of rich Christians evenly distributed across the United States thus making the country and the world, eventually ready for Jesus or I mean Satan to return to set up his racist government of rich peiple having poor people as their slaves.

This is a dream of the Republican and Conservative so called Churches. Take from the poor and give to the rich. Pray to God to deliver the rich from the poor. Their doctrine is, "It's better to steal from the poor and give to the rich" than" leaving the poor with a plate of grits."

Led by unholy pastors, their followers follow without question. Drunken with the blood of Judas in their vain, they lack shame, pity, love or caring. Their hearts void of compassion unable to change and without thought. Without feeling. Only annihilation by any means. Death stays on their lips and in their heart.

Confused through decades of serving, Conservative Churches have confused the true God of life with the god of greed. The god of confusion, the god of hate. On their knees they prey for victory over good. Shouting and praising the god of the garden. Of bugs, and worms and wiggly things.

Blind by the master of darkness they dare to call upon the true God to join with them. But there're so attached to the wicked one they ask the true God to join with them in their quest to destroy the poor. But they do not want to give up the god of lies.

However, the true God take no orders from Satan! Unlike the demonic one God dislike the Children of Satan. He loves the poor and demanded those that have to look after those that have not. But the Conservative say he lie.

It's pitiful to spend time thinking you are heavenly material when you're fit for nothing but to be burned. But it's not too late to change. Find a real pastor and become a Democrat. A good Democratic Christian. Some one that know the true meaning of the gospel. . partially! ..You think about it. Hate is death!