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Truth must be told....

Republicans are not Christians!

Too evil and lack of caring. A professional lying machine for Satan!
You have are being dope with lies by your  pastors...

Before you give money ask for the proof!

You have been robbed and lied to for nearly 2000 years since John the Baptist!

  One nation    One party     Under God
  A Higher Level OF Understanding
Jesus, hide me beneath your wings! Yea Right!

Why does Churches and pastors and even members of these organizations I call "false churches" of today treat Jesus as though he has to do all the work for them or  us, so to speak, and we or they never have to live up to his expectation of us learning how to do for him. To live the life he want us to live. Isn't this what it's suppose to be?

Yet, the false church of today have taught such backward religion for such a long time that people are into the silly season of not having common senses of reasoning. They believe any thing with out second thought.

Church pastors have taught that which they don't even understand even though they have shown no evidence of proving anything they say except "Jesus love you and me" or" turn your life over to Christ, ask for forgiveness, change your life according to the word of God and if you do this you shall be saved" and lastly,  "learn to love each other as God has loved each and every one of us or you" and " Love thy God with all thy heart and thy mind."

Basically, this is it! so what is all this other stuff that the church is doing and saying? All of the word of God fall on what I just said. The entire bible fall on what I just said. Yet, this is not what's being taught in our churches. If so, then why does the world and especially the United States live like it does?  And why haven't the impact of the church caught on and "love" dominates most of the world?

With thousands of churches, seemingly one on every corner, why should it be taking so long to introduce love as God and Jesus spent all of their time in the bible to tell us so. Yet, it has made no impact on our society. It may seem like people are in touch with God but they are not. It is all false. Satan is ruling and one day will get carried away and show himself.

But when you take a look at the big picture of hate, killings, rapping, partying, high tech live styles, liars, thieves, adultery, fornicators, night riders, dislike for the poor, gay life styles and the list goes on in America, you wonder exactly what has the church been teaching. Certainly not the love of God. At least not the love God speak of.

The False church of today has devised ( the word devised can easily be seen to spell devil) many clever uses of how to control people with clever sayings and not having to preach on love or commanding that love form the basic of one lives.

Pastor preach strong sermons as though they were on a Hollywood stage. In fact, there is no different in the way pastors preach and teach even their member, than the way Hollywood actors portray themselves to their audiences. They all are actors on stage giving people not what they should have but what there're happy to get at the moment. Excitement!

When it's all over only bits and pieces can be remembered. This last a few hours until even this become less and less to remember until only small high points and finely dim versions that become mixed up with other movies or messages heard or seen from long ago.

Although this is common for a movie, it should not be this way for a church goer. God tell us to love every body just as God love them. This is the foundation of Christianity. It is love and not hate. The word of God is not forgotten in ones heart ever. A Christian never forget to love thy enemy or that they are not to hate some one base solely on the color of their skin or in any manner,

The Church is the people and the church is not to bring division among those that you call your brother in the name of God. Such division is not of God. However, since there have been divisions for decades it can not be seen in any other way except the so-called Christianity put upon the people are false.

If you take away the loud speaking, the pretending to heal, telling people what God will do for them when the church knows this is a lie from experience and knowledge, telling lies about tithing and stealing money from the poor and the simple minded there is nothing left that is real in the church except taking up money.

Money collected by jitter bug pastors with loud mouths, shinny suits, flashy jewelry and cars are all left for people to praise. It is them and not God because the true lifestyle of a Godly person has never been preached in this age but pastors have found ways to bypass this to get to the member's hearts with much clever phrases such as God love a cheerful giver, Or if you give you will be blessed thus becoming the people's god.

Only the blessing is end up in their pockets and the poor member is left thinking God is going to rob a bank and send them some invisible money taking from the hands of those that learned how to save and store up for a rainy day. They think God will take from those that see that to make money is to put out and be blessed by their own hands which God has from the beginning of time already blessed every man and woman to work if they can. Not he work for them.

However, there are those that are brain dead to any new thought. These are those that can't see the truth for the love of their pastor and not of God. These are those that speak silly things like " I'm anointed", "Jesus didn't bring me this far to let me down", This goes on and on because they have be fooled by their pastors in believing that Jesus does every thing for them and they have to do nothing but say stupid remarks and phrases and every thing is alright even they though they still struggling, poor and sick.

I know I say the same things over and over. But God spoke the same things for thousands of years. I should be able to do it for a few years. The world is still not living for God after all the preaching he's done. So don't go thinking a little bit of false pastors in false churches will make any big impact in a world where every pastor is out for money or unlearned.

People are so confused on Christianity that any thing is said to pretend a relationship with God. Such is with a song I recently heard where the lyrics stated, "Jesus, hide me beneath your wings! Yea Right"! The people hearing this was in tears. How foolish was this song. I immediately said, why do people continue to ask Jesus to do something for them that he's already done? All they have to do is act upon God's completed work.

If Jesus did every thing, as pastors have members believing he will, then God has wasted his time in making and teaching us. For what? If we can't operate without him holding our hands then we are worthless to him. He didn't do all of this or should I say made us just so he can work for us. It's the other way around. We need to work to show our selves approved of him.

This is bible! So why aren't the pastors preaching this instead of filling members heads full of stupid stuff and stupid ideas and old testament sayings? It's because it's not about the love of bringing people together or teaching the true word of God. It's about controlling for the benefit of making money while having their thrones to sit upon.

Their throne is having your money build them their thrones. Their big Churches. Your money buying their rich life styles. Your money is their God and they have you seeking to be little gods of greedy members hoping to receive this life style that's out of your reach. Or is it! So programs became lower members goal of power.

I have to go. This is killing me in my heart to know how gullable people are and how far they are from God. Few will make it so say the bible and I am showing you why it is so. Not many will enter Heaven. This message was to those inside the church and not outside. Inside the church was fools and is still fools today. Play both sides of the fence.

I don't want Jesus to hide me from anything. Neither do I want him to do anything more for me than he has already done. He's done it all. He's paid the price with his life. He defeated Satan. He brought us back to God. He made it possible for us to escape hell. He promise to come back for us. He built a place for us in heaven. He stand for us as our adversary before God. He left us with instructions in the word of God for us to remain worthy of him. He even sent his Angle to warn us of our failure.

So what is the ministers and pastors teaching. They're teaching people not to believe that we are to show ourselves approved of God but to keep begging and begging and saying stupid phrases never being worthy to be in charge of any thing.

Can God trust you? Can Jesus trust you to handle things down here while he's GONE? So far it seem he can't. You can't work along. That's why the world is like it is. So-called Christians are not working to enlist willing workers but enlisting beggars and payers. Creating their own dynasty of Godship. You think about it!