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The Church
Christians are protesting injustice all around the country. Why not just pray it away? Why run to town hall meetings begging for justice? Why even VOTE or PROTEST anyway? Is this something we are supposed to do for ourselves or are we to sit and pray to the Almighty God of the Universe to leave his heavenly post and get into our politics?

Who’s side would he be on since we have different parties? Will he just get into United States politics, since only prayers from the United States went up and ignore prayers of other countries and let them wait and still cry out for help?

Since this is a great prayer, who will lead this prayer to God and guarantee God will come? Are there any takers?

Why are Christians having problems and having to protest against injustice to them? Do you think this just might be because this is how it’s supposed to be!

“You build, you multiply, you work, you fight for your human right, you vote for your leaders, you take care of each other, you worship God, you give thanks, you give praise, you get sick and you die.  It‘s all about what “YOU DO!” …Think about it! Read more truth at