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The Church
You Must Be Right To Give Out  Advice

It is a fact, the false church is upon us and will get worse as the bible say. If you can't see it, then you have a problem. Things have changed so much until what is right no longer hold true with people any more.

We see the false church taken over by people that believe in their way of life rather that the way the word of God told them how to live it to be a follower of Christ. We have all kind of people now days declaring they are Christians and given out blessings, prayers and advice on religious things they know little of nothing about. ...

People that can't even solve their own problems are telling others to pray on it as though they have had and can connect with God themselves. I would like to know who you are. I have work for you.

Anyway, for example, the false church is filled with advice people living in sin, like those living together unmarried, indulging in sexual behavior nor being married, having sex outside of marriage. People that love to advertise their bodies, filthy dances, can't wait to leave church to play their favorite hip-hop music no matter what it is. Thinking of their favorite song  or wishing this choir meeting or church was over with to get back to what I really like doing (partying). ... Cursing, starting trouble, smoking dope, running to see a fight on Facebook to pass it on.

Thinking you are better than the person you can't stand. Arguing constantly whether on the job or off. No one can get along with you or want to be around you. Disrespectful on your job. Lies, steal, keep something going with back biting. Gossiping continually, full of pride, talking tough saying who you will beat up, she or he make me sick to my stomach, preaching lies to the people and pretending to be ministers with nothing to teach except what is the going phrase.... Robbing the people through tithes and other tricks. Are you these people? .

Pretending and lost of way is the norm for churches today. Yes, there are many that claim to be Christians, but they are only Christians in name and not in substance. Only the tares mixed with the wheat. This does not mean in the building but as a whole outside. Inside, nothing is what it seem. This is truly the false church and television reveal it and the people as a whole.

All you have to do is look around. You must be right not perfect to give out advice...