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The Church

Wrong Place Of Worship Where Do You Worship

Riding through out areas and passing the many people and cars surrounding what they call the Church, I am reminded of last years call to all that this type of service is false and has been for nearly 2000 years, the false Church.

Because teaching is an ever lasting process, I cannot let up because of the urgency to help prepare a few. What I saw at these building made me ask, “what on earth could they be talking about that’s true.

So many young people and small amounts of the old comes out in droves to worship God, I guess, because they cannot worship nor know how say thank you Father in their own sprit, so they need a place to go to worship because this is where God is.   Yea! Right!

I am reminded of all pastors and their followers asking others  questions like, “were they going to Church.” Even, “did you go to Church last Sunday?” And, “Sunday is the day of worship.” Of course, you need to come and worship God,” they would say.

But guess what? There is no place you can go to worship God through Jesus. Why? Because
You can only worship God in your own spirit. Read it for yourself….

John 4:23-24:

23. But a time is coming and now has come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such as these to worship him.
24.God is Spirit and they that worship him must worship in spirit and truth.

Now, since God said we must worship him in spirit, just what do this mean? It mean simply accepting and living the word of God, which is the spirit word of God, in us. So, wherever we are we maintain our attitude and character as the word of God dictates. This is 24 hr worship and not every 7 days or on some made up holiday.

This is not the Old Testament times when the people went to the temples. Jesus put a stop to that when he said, “ who so ever will, let them come.” Come means, come to him, Jesus. He is not talking about coming to a building.

Clearly, the scripture say we cannot worship God in a building. You can study, hold programs and business meetings, but you cannot hold the building as sacred  preaching or going to hear the word of God.

If one go to hear the word of God, they are not a Christian, because they are suppose to know the word of God and living it to be called a Christian. Going to worship before an altar or bow down before an altar in a building pretending this is the only place you can worship God in when God said he “did not live in a house made hand,” mean you are not a Christian because you will not obey God.

The false Church that exist is totally against true spiritual worship. They have always been. Look at the world and look how screwed up and twisted people are. They are so screwed up that they actually just finished lying about Jesus being born on Christmas, December 25th  with no proof what so ever and don’t care.

Today, most ate particular foods for the Alpha New Year celebration. Part of pagan worship and good luck mumbo jumbo took to a worship in a building. However, there is nothing wrong with eating a good meal at anytime, as long as your mind and heart know that you are not eating it for the wrong reason, but that this is some good food and nothing more.

Even in this, the false Church thinks they are worshiping God. Even staying up till midnight in worship in a building as pagans did in ancient past, confusing and mixing themselves in pagan worldly traditions, not knowing what they do nor care, even though God said not to do it.

But I know this will continue because the people has rewritten God’s word to suit their needs and enjoyments. So, as always, I am trying to get anyone to see their faults through truth,  The word of God,.  and take a hard look at where you stand.

Continuing to accept, be a part, promote and encourage others to accept pagan worship mean you are not a true Christian as the scripture say above, and therefore, cannot worship God in spirit until we learn to respect the one we call Father God and stop lying on and about him.  Now, Think about it: