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I tend to speak to a lot of people every where I go. Especially this time of the year when the end of OMEGA celebration of thanks to God draw near. We close the year out  by giving gifts to others and family alone with weeks of food consumption on mega scales.

Revelation 22:13, “I am Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End.”……

Omega, when used to represent 12 months goes for January thru December. However, the real meaning of Omega and Alpha means the Beginning and ending start and stop with God.

I remember another celebration.  We held it at the finishing of a tobacco season. The farmer and all hands got together to celebrate the tobacco season being prosperous. The owner would not only give a big thank you, but a little gift of extra cash which was about $2 for barn hands and $3 to field pullers or croppers.  This was a lot of money since hourly wage for handlers was about 15 cents an hour and for field croppers about 35  cents per hour. Man we were in the dough! Over time hourly wages slowly went up.The following year it would go up a nickel or a dime more.

The farmer would kill a fatten hog and barbecue it on a grill right at the tobacco barn while we were still working. We could smell the aroma of the meat as we quickly worked harder and harder to finish that bin of tobacco that lead to the last stick of tobacco being hung in a nearby barn. We, most time, finisher around 2 or 3 o’clock, ate and went home early. This was good because most farmers say thank you and  not ever speak to you again until next season.

That celebration was no different than the celebration of OMEGA. Meaning the ending of a prosper year whereas, we once again, give God thanks for the blessings he gave throughout his world and to us and for us. Yes, even the food we eat is that which his creative hands furnish and make abundant for us every day.

We, in his stead, can, if we like,  give gifts to each other as a symbolism of God’s thanks to each other, as did the tobacco farmer. Such thanks represent being alive and being with your love ones as the end draw near and finally, the end on December 31st. Not one day, but the entire month.

During this time many jobs will shut down allowing workers rest, celebration and fun time until after the 6th of January into the New Year. Yes, the time of ALPHA!

I have for 20 years celebrated OMEGA in truth. Most every one else involve false beliefs. Christmas, meaning people massing together for Christ birthday, is that which I find does not represent Christ in truth.

But I find I can enjoy lights and gifts as long as I know the truth, act on it, and not pretend its Christ birthday. I can be around others, enjoy myself but I am not of them.  This is what the bible says. I can do all things through Christ. Resisting temptation is one.

THE Worship of the TREE is IDOL worshipping

No, the Tree IS NOT TO BE USED in any way with Christ:  Read what the bible say about the people that worshipped the tree some 600 years long before Christ was born .  What do this tell you?

You’ll find it in Jeremiah 10: 3-5,

“For the customs of the peoples are delusion; because it is wood cut from the forest, the work of the hands of a craftsman with a cutting tool. 4 “ They decorate it with silver and gold; They fasten it with nails and with hammers so that it will not totter (fall). 5 "Like a scarecrow in a cucumber field are they, And they cannot speak; They must be carried, Because they cannot walk! Do not fear them, For they can do no harm, Nor can they do any good."

Note: The Catholic Church ignored this and merged it into the false Christmas.  Both being wrong which make the false church wrong, as usual. The Catholic Church introduced the Idea of Baby Jesus in a Manger as a mean to play on the sympathy and emotion of the people to mass together though knowing Jesus has grown up, taught and died on the cross a man and is  in Heaven as the Son of  God.

But back to the message: With Omega, it is a blessing to reach the end of a year, but it is no less a blessing whether the beginning of December, in the middle or the end as long as we made it thus far. December is a time for all of us to look back over our lives and be grateful and say thank you God.

Believe it not, but, Thanksgiving should be the Omega celebration. Seem like we got things backward and in the wrong order. Forget about the Pilgrims.

Please reply on my timeline. I would like to hear and respond to you.

Even though God did not directly give me a hand, yet, indirectly he did, because his word is his knowledge given to us for our good. From his word we act on. We can accomplish and work through what ever force, good or bad, life may or may not have presented us, me, and you. Identifying and separating right and wrong should is the job of Christians.

Yet, through it all, I’M HERE! And I do it in truth! I remain faithful in understanding. I praised in truth! I celebrated in truth with Intelligence called the word of God. I will give, praise and give thanks to God, the Greater Higher Intelligence.

You must stand for something sometime. But as it seem, Christmas is but one thing out of many the false Church join the world in. This false Church then takes over and become the leaders and sinners against the very God they pretend to serve by spreading a lie all over the world. They who do Christmas call themselves Christians. (You must read, “God Summon Jesus about Christmas).

As OMEGA draw to an end, let’s have a safe and enjoyable celebration and let’s see if you can do it in truth. If not, then why can’t you? Think about it! Read more truth at

End Of Christmas Forward Toward Omega

Well, today is the day that most call Christmas. It’s the one day the Church and the world share in love. Yes, one day of  false love for the wrong reason.

Just 47 days ago the country persisted on a road of division that continue to this very day. In it, nothing but the strongest hate from all parties, where many called themselves Christians, took part in and was the haters.  People in the Republican Party claiming to be Christians filled the streets with racism all over the country and many Democrats, not all,  hated them back.

That division still exist this day and afterward. For tomorrow, after Christmas, the one day of love will expire and people will pick up where they left off in mind and thought. The false sense of I’m better than you and why you, the Church, treat us this way is on again?

Before you react, remember, your vote is what separate you and them and this will continue to keep Church people divided and apart. Christians fighting against each other. This in itself should open your eyes up to a false pretending so called self made Christians .

But it’s now, right now where a diabolical scene is playing itself out in every building they call the Church as many gather to take away the Godship of Jesus by reducing him to a baby on Christmas day.

False people that do not care nor want to care that Christmas is a lie continue to play their beautiful game of God gives us one day of real true beautiful love on the 25th of Dec. No one care nor want to know this is not Christ birthday, but a festival of lies.

A festival driven by false pastors who have no understanding of scripture or just don’t care because the world celebrate Christmas and it feels good so lets do it. God saying to “stay away from the world, because we are not like them, “ ring on deaf ears. Defiance against the word of God is pressed forward by pastors and the lie will continue.

This day, out of ignorance, every mixed class of character are told this is a loving day. No matter the other 364 days left, this day is truly the salvation day.

Many think God resides in a building and they will go to this building to worship him, because they were told this is the place of worship by their pastors. The building, in man’s opinion has remained the place of worship rather than the soul of man that worship God in Spirit. “I do not live there said God! ‘I live in nothing made by hand said God!

I am reminded during the reign of the antichrist, how left behind or before Christians that did not take the mark of the beast suddenly become the hunted. This building they worship inside today will be a death trap for them. It will be the last place they will assemble.

Therefore, no Christian will dare attempt to go into them. They will find other hiding places to assemble (Church people) to disgust what they do next or where to go and pray (staying in touch with God. Not to lose faith in a critical situation).

But I let you know on this day that there is nothing you can do for God in a building. Yet, false pretenders will enter on Christmas day and they will act like they are hearing the birth of Jesus for the first time. They will sit and listen as the pastor attempt to bring Jesus down to a baby and the people will enjoy it.

Cars and trucks will surround the building, all occupants rushing to celebrate a lie and worship at the foot of the altar. Altar worship! This is pitiful! “For their knowledge and their hearts are far from me, said the Lord.”

Sad and joyful hymns will be sung by choirs towards baby Jesus. The people cannot see nor can they reason or want to reason that what they do is wrong. Why, because the world knows the truth and the Church follow the world. What is this truth? It’s Constance rebellion against God. Accepting  lies the world and calling it of God

On this day one will suffer delusion and say I’m going to church to worship Christ on his birthday. This cannot be so, as you cannot be the church ….then go to church. This does not nor ever will make sense. God can care less for a building. For God said, “I am not there!”

But they will go there and they will Thank Jesus for being a baby. WOW!!!! Something is wrong with this picture….Think about it!