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The Church

Who Is It That God Is Caring For And Why?

Why is the building ( Church people) so ineffective? Why do they live in a pretending state of clowning? Why do they feel they have to lie on God to make others think they are Godly? Why do they pretend that God talk to them? Why do they say he answer their prayers? What make them so great that God would answer their prayer and no one else that cry out to him?

Why are things so bad if God is in Control? Why can’t those that say they can reach God cannot prove it to others? Why want the physical church people heal the sick instead of letting doctors do it for them? Why doesn’t those that are seriously sick demand their pastors  heal them? Why do those that claim God need help from others, from doctors, from bosses? ….

Why do pretenders fear and obey the natural law of man and government? Why liars can say anything and conduct themselves against God and nothing will spiritually happen to them in the hear and now? Why? …. If the bible state the world will get worst and worst, then if God is working in it, how can this be possible?

Why do Christians carry money belonging to the government in their pocket? Why do God let people get sick if he’s all the time with them, physically, as they say? Why aren’t people from past centuries still living?

Do you think Christians from that era did not have faith? If so, why are they dead? Why didn’t faith save them? Do faith save people from sickness and death? Why do people die? Should they live forever in a world not yet, cleansed of sin? If God will take care of your problems, they why make efforts to do anything,?

Why not just relax and do nothing, if you say you can depend on God? Who will quit work and depend on God? ….  Are people not to work? Why do they work?

The fact is, God cannot do for us, then judge us. So, the physical church of today and long past is and have been, THE FALSE CHURCH teaching doctrines of the devil! ….

All the above are taken from the belief of the false church. These false sayings are being pasted on to others. Liars beget liars, thus, no power. No power of  understanding. …..All is left are buildings full of false pretenders.

God said, “many will say Lord, Lord, but I don’t know them.” Sound familiar?…So, what is the false Church accomplishing? Nothing!… It’s nothing but a hang out and side show for actors and robbers!

There are two churches. One is a building, the other in you. Which one are you?  No need to remain blind. Think about it!