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Who is God that Man Will Play With Him

As a Christian, I get tire of having to correct people claiming to be Christians. If in fact they were, they would be correcting others along with me. This I do not see or hear. Unable to remain silent, I have a job to do and I must do it well.

Many have no fear of blaspheming God’s name or even lying on God openly with out fear to others with out fear. This fearfulness make them bold, I guess, to challenge God.

Yes, people are constantly challenging God when they openly lie and tell others what God will do. Can you imagine someone telling you what God will do as though they command God himself.

Let’s take a short walk into who puny you want to command. Who is God is a short preview into who one is playing with and lying to others about.

God is a creator. He created the world and created a round gigantic ball of every type of metals, chemicals, trees, animals, waters, mountains, man and etc and placed on it. This round ball and all on it hang in the heaven or in open space suspended by nothing.

Earth is rotating, bringing light and dark, rain and clouds and stars by night, yet will not fall. If it fell, what would it fall into. We do not know where the world began nor where it ends. Our minds can’t even comprehend the wonders of God, not to mention thinking to command him.

God create universes composing of light and fire, thunder and roaring darkness, fire atoms unknown and unseen. Planets and destroyed planets that create nuclear asteroids that stay on their course away from destruction of Earth.

Dark holes that can such and eat up everything within it path. World out side of worlds bearing life unknown. God, having power to wipe out or remake and shape into his own desire. To make worlds and destroy worlds.  Moving ,changing and making things by thought and desires. Bring from invisible to visible. Making something from nothing.

God placed the weaker of a kind call man on earth and let him further his creation. A time set to do away with it all.

Man who pretend to be powerful in his talk and ways is but at the mercy of a God who whole all in his hand and dare not waste time to move a brick from left and right or baby sit a stomach ache.

God is So powerful that man in his state cannot live nor look upon his perfect grace, image or able to tolerate his presence or stand within his Spirit. Only through his words can we imagine and know of him.

Yet, someone, out of contact with reality an lack of knowledge, a human, has the audacity to try to summon him, the Almighty God, and dare command him as though they are God.

Not even the disciples commanded God that and their will been done. Not even the Son of God, Jesus asked God to do such things. But lying misguided Christian dare.

To know God is to learn who God is, and fear God for who he is. If God would come to you, you could not stand. Such visitation would be as of Paul. One would fall to their knees in blindness and confusion, Intense fear and probably die from their sins.

God has no reason to play with humans or heal them. People would never die or ever get sick if such was done. Why, because no one ever want to die nor get sick if God came to them as they commanded when they called.

What have you done so great that God would want you in heaven or even answer your prayer? If you died right now, what good would you be to God at judgment?

God’s will for us will be found out after the Judgment Not before. We will be made whole in heaven, not here on earth. Hope or pray to make it there.

The word of God does not make you spiritually dumb but spiritually smart. Think about it!