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The Church

Who Do You Believe God or TD Jakes and Others?

This message goes out to every Church that is worshiping God in a building claiming God is there. If you say, “Yea, I know God is not really there,” then I will ask, “then why are you there,” “who are you looking for? “He has risen!”…. But let me continue with my other thoughts…..!!!!

It seem that people that call themselves Christians doesn’t really know what a Christian is. They think a Christian is someone that need a physical figure to continually direct their path as though they are unable to comprehend the written gospel and how it GUIDES ONE’S LIFE.

False pastors like TD Jake and many other have capitalized on this ignorance on the people part, and over time found a way to exploit and take advantage of their misguided mindset for the glory of their own power.

Let me be very blunt right here and I want all who are reading to stop and think about who you serve and what God did by sending Jesus with his “word” to us. You may not like it, but consider your fight against what I am about to say before you go loosing your mind in unproven doubt.

Listen! The word of God is aa universal behavior Bible for the entire betterment of mankind for the whole world, we call earth, in both mind and body.  This is strong words and should be read again before moving on.

God’s “word” can do more for any human at one time, plus, covers every economic or physical situation than all other organization and businesses combined.

Now! God is not stupid and neither should studying his word make you stupid. His word does not take away common sense but enhances it. It give spiritual sense that corrects common sense and lift it to an even greater level of understanding. Paul stated, “God do not want us ignorance.” So why be Ignorance.

After studying the word of God and taking on the name Christian, if you are not as smart as TD Jakes and other pastor or evangelicals then you have no right to call yourself a Christian.

We both and we all study and learn from the same Bible. How much you and I want to know is up to us. It is not any one else’s fault that you, not wanting to be a real Christian, prefer to pretend to be one by not wanting to read, and of course, living accordingly to how God want our life to be represented.

Why would you need TD Jakes to tell you that you need to go to a doctor, to stop behaving in certain ways, to love yourself, respect your surrounding, believing you can succeed, let other share your burdens and other slick phrases for show.

God has already directed our path in his want, expectant, his directions in word to direct our path in any form of trouble whether good or bad that come our way. Its in the written word. Study and live by it.

One cannot be a Christian when they get more joy listening at people tell them stories through performances and false acts so called attributed to God.  People some how seem that through TD Jakes, this is the first time they have ever heard certain parts of the word of God. Well, what happen to the word of God you said guided your life? Then why would you, all of a sudden, believe TD Jakes over God.

It’s because you are not a Christian. To be a Christian means you now have reach the thresh hold of forever knowing, so to speak. You have reach the level of a teacher of the word and you, yourself, should be teaching, rather than being taught often, day after day by people that need you to keep their power, attention and money coming in.

They need you, but as a Christian, you don’t need them to tell you how to be a Christian and run your life if you are one. Just read the bible and swallow or eat the word.

Then you will know that thou shalt not lie, kill, hate, fornicate, be an adulterer, play tricks on people, being slick, stealing, being drunkards, killers, backstabbers, trouble makers, robbers, liars, raping others, proud people, trouble makers, hanging out with the wrong people, two faced, false love toward others…..

YOU shouldn’t need to be told of this again and again. YOU should automatically know it and living it.

Look! You mean you don’t know how to love yourself and others. That you cannot listen to your body when it warn you of impending danger to take advantage of these emotions and get help from a certified doctor. Do you really need TD Jakes to tell you of such?

Listen! Yes, we lean on others for things we cannot do or control in our physical life that is outside of maintaining a spiritual Character’s life style pertaining to the will of God. These are things that only certain professionals can help us with.  But common sense comes in the understanding of God’s word in our life.

As I end, ask yourself this question. Why want TD Jakes and others like him, never play their games inside a real hospital, nursing home or local doctor offices?  We have thousands of them with really bad sick people in them.

Why not go to St Jude Hospital for kids and work his JUJU there. It’s because he is no fool, yet, need a certain group of fools to fool. And there are many around every minute to eat up what they say.  Even on TV false Christians bow to him and turn from God because they have no knowledge of God.

We are not in bible days people where the gospel was limited. The word of God is all over right now. Any person needing to be taught how to be a Christian is not a true Christian, but a babe still in training. Sooner or later, you need to graduate to common bible sense and become the servant of God and not putting Christ through the cross over again and again.

As a Christian, you are just as smart as TD Jakes….Let me repeat myself. I take part of this back….We are as smart as he is in the word only.…Financially No!

Is he a Christian, I doubt it, Christians are not afraid to speak out against gays, as he is, for fear of losing his reputation by the media. Accept it in the media, as on Oprah, then move on to the next charade as though God approves of it. 

People,  it’s all about salvation, and there is only one way to get to receive it. You, me, we all got to live it, do our best, hopping it is enough when we stand before the judgment of God. No one can get you salvation but you. Not your pastor, not you parents or love ones and certainly not TD Jakes. “YOU!”

Send a copy of this to TD Jakes. I challenge you to prove your power connection to God. But like the rest, he want show or take my offer! Think about it. He has nothing but the gift of jab and followers to sway!! Depart from them saith the Lord!!!