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The Church
Who Can Pray and Bring God Down From Heaven

Why do people pretend to pray for others when they cannot even pray for themselves? When poor people begin to tell others what God will do for them , then it’s time to step back and say, “are you kidding me!” “You mean you got connection with God and this is the best you could ask for!”

Can you imagine seeing poor people or any one for that matter, having connection with God or know what God will do, not be wealthy, rich or even immortal for that reason.

Yet, poor people claim the power to heal and to connect God to others. False pretender and sinners does the same. They even call for other known and unknown to come together in gang prayer.

But all are really involving themselves into Houdini type séances that involve anyone willing to join in, in order to rouse the spirit world.

With this bunch of people, unknowingly to them,  the spirit world is the world of demons. Demons that has taken on their mind of thought. Taking away the ability to not know the difference between right and wrong.  Run towards a lie rather than away. Thus, a collection of people working against the will of God.

Prayer is not just a word used by Christians. It is universal for every religion on earth and each person pray in different ways for different things to different gods. Not all gods being God. Not all that claim God are in the will of God, though claiming God as though they are in the will of God.

Claiming God will do things that God will not do is out of the will of God. Healing people in order to prevent sickness or death is out of the will of God and has nothing to do with salvation or why Jesus came to mankind. Prayers as put, and told in buildings has never prevented sickness nor death nor has it saved anyone from sickness or death.

Prayers executed as from God that cannot be openly proven as has come from God is a lie told on God. Proof would be a legitimately show that God himself stop all Heavenly activities to come to earth for the only purpose of healing a particular person when called upon.  Then the question would have to be posed as to, WHY?

However, proof of God leaving his Kingdom to come to earth to baby sit us will never occur. How this false pretentious thought process developed can only be attributed to false pasturing that passed itself from one generation to another through time and through the false church.

Such was elevated to new false heights as they misinterpret scriptures to fit the party in question or hold to a family or concentrated group of people’s to hold to power and friendship. Neither is of God.

Pretending to pray and calling on God in times of trouble has never been the will of God. Old Testament “deliver me Oh Lord” prayer ended when Jesus died on the cross, thus, delivering us into a new way of thinking, acting and living.

He Delivered the word of God to us that we may take upon ourselves as Jesus did and deliver ourselves into the hand of God through our right choices.. 

We are redeemed through Jesus and delivered by his cleansing blood. The choice of our being delivered at Judgment is in both our hands, God and us. Calling on him “in the time of our troubles”  are in our hands and not his. We make our own choices. Our will is in our hands. God cannot help us with it. He set the standards by his words, and  rewarded accordingly

The time will come soon enough when all things will be in God’s hand and every one will be given according to how they have earned.

Prayer is hope, remembrance, thanks, praise and comfort. No more. No less! If any one dare to prove me wrong, then let’s get it on….

And remember, stop asking anybody to pray for or with you…Just think if such was so what evil you would be bringing your way. This along should let you know how wrong you’re been taught by the false church..  Only a remnant of the true church exist. Come be a part of it. Think about it! Read more truth at