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The Church


This is a very good question most people can‘t answer. For nearly 2000 years people have been lied to for the purpose of keeping people’s emotional troubles in check.  This keep their churchy power and paychecks coming.

Preaching lies about prayer have cause nations of people , wherever it may be, to run around pretending they have the power to pray to God for another,

What’s so ridiculous is people having the audacity to ask others to pray for them or their love one, not knowing who the people are they are asking to pray for them. These may be Muslims, false Christians, fornicators, adultery, liars, cheaters, thieves and the list go one of people  actions and character relates to the Satan their God, and not to the God of Christianity. We have a different God in this case.

Common sense should let one know or a true Christian acting on a true spiritual thought process should immediately know that such asking for prayer from any body to pray for them is just plain wrong.

Yes, all over this nation and other nations, everyone it seem, no matter how degrading they are, is telling someone else, “I’ll pray for you or pray for me.” It’s like the word prayer is no longer delegated for God, but just a play word that’s thrown about and around to join phrases together to make the person saying it think this give them some right or access to heaven without changing or trying to influence others.

Most people do not know who God is. They think they do, and continue to play with him or lie to other that the Almighty God is coming down from heaven just to them. Not Jesus, not Cherubim’s, not Seraphim’s, nor ordinary angels, but The Great and Powerful Creator of the Universe, “GOD.” He came to them. Wow, this must be something.!

Can you imagine what would occur if God was to come to you or answer your prayers. Think about it! No more sickness or death or any trouble period! But this is what our lives here on earth consist of, problems!

Now once again, let me tell you that you may pretend and lie to others and yourself about prayer, but that’s all it is, false pretending and lies. Making loud noise without any proof of execution of it.

I will once again tell you that’s hard to understand that prayer is not what and how people are running around falsely using the word. Prayer is a constant  reminder to us, and from us, to God, that we have not forgetting him. We give him praise through prayer. We also pray to give God thanks for his creation, from air to the dirt on the ground.

But mostly, all this in one is “HOPE!” I PRAY or I HOPE you get better! It’s all for our benefit. Period!
When you say it , no what you mean and you will feel better and lie on God.

There is a problem when you have health insurance or car insurance, fire insurance or dental insurance but claim God will answer prayer. If that be so, then why do you pay to have and keep coverage. Don’t you trust God with your sickness as you say?

If so, then refuse to have these coverage… or do common sense kick in and you just have this coverage for backup. Stay away from doctors and pharmacies.

If you have coverage for backup then you don’t trust your own prayers. Therefore, you should stop telling others about what God will do.

God does not answer prayers and no one on earth can show where he has. He’s not suppose to. If you say God healed you, you lied. I would ask you, why would God think so much of you, that he would leave his throne and Heaven itself just to heal you and let the rest suffer and die? Why?  What make you so great! Think about it! Read more truth at