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Weekend Finisher

What in Hell is so Tempting to the Republican Church

It's hard to believe that after nearly 400 years we find the offspring's of hateful slave masters of the past still alive and well masquerading as the Church's of God.

It seem there are two groups of people in the world that have the same agenda. Islamic Terrorists, Conservatives and the Republican Party. Both have nothing but destruction of society as they see it constantly on their minds.

First, we have Islamic terrorists that want the world to conform to them and their religion. And next, we have the Republican Church that want the United States Constitution to conform to them and their kind of religion or else.

In their minds and hearts, hand me down hate runs in their blood line like vampires always needing a daily dose of  trumped up excuses and causes to keep sucking the life out of innocent people.

Believe it or not, twisted religion of hate and death has always existed in religions and religions has always inserted itself into every kind of criminal and war like situations. Always attempting to use God and religion as means to control and get what they want over the will of others.

Such two religions are Islamic terrorists type and Christian Conservative type and both have something in common. Lunacy!

Like Islamic terrorists, Christianity has been hijacked and twisted by terrorist type groups in the United States calling themselves Republican Christian Conservatives, lead by sinister broken groups like the Tea Party which has many different parts and broken heads just like Islamic terrorists.

Rallies, shouting and cursing even threats to life are always in the mind of these radicals. It seem their only purpose of living is to make life and the world suffer. Tormented on a daily basic believing God want them to rule and disposed of the weak and unbelievers that dare challenge them.

As I said before, Conservative's Christianity in the United States are broken into many groups. Just like Islam. Each claiming God is on their side and all others are demons and should be dispose of.

But the truth can be seen in the actions. Such action was shown when the Conservative Tea Party so-called Church turned back a bus load of children with minimum parental security while looking for a place to belong and be love.

Recently, shouts by the Right Wing Conservative so-called Church told the kids to "go back where they belong." "Get out of the country." "We have no food, no help, no medicine, no pity on you." "We can care less that you are hungry" or "being persecuted where you come from." USA! USA! USAaa!

This is pitiful coming from those calling themselves Christians. Pitiful because Conservative pastors never have nothing to say against the hateful acts coming from their friends--- their groups--- their Tea Party. They are silent just as they were during slavery. Silent because they agree.

They never say anything because they to want these Spanish children immigrants to leave the country or should I say, leave their country. The hate on this side of Christianity run deed. It flows daily within Conservatives hearts and can't be simmered.

Constantly taught by these pastors that the strong survive by way of wealth, pride, lust, envy, sacrificing and killing are ways to preserve the bloodline to one day restore the vampire states to what it once was. Biting and chewing on the minds of little innocence's children making future baby vampires by educating them into their way of thinking.

Such is the reason why we the people that want to get alone will never be free of them until 40 days and 40 nights are once again completed.  Another cleansing and breaking up of the bloodline must take place. Then and only then can the world and even the United States can produce new and useful men and women for God's purpose. A dream that many will die before seeing take place until the end of time.

So, the question must be asked about this side of religion that believe in a god. What is so tempting about Hell that cause them to want to go there? Are they here to carry out a well planned mission of Satan to divide and conquer? To help him sit upon his throne.

How can they not see that they have already separated God's people into halves. This Christianity of Conservatives that, like an apple, has split the Church in half a long time ago leaving the Church split in parties of divisions called the Republican, Independents and the Democratic Church.

Except the vial side of conservative are rotting in the sun while the other half stay fresh and cool under a shad tree feeding off just the right amount of sun to replenish the soil around it to grow from the many roots flowing from it reaching out to it's Conservative half to extend healing and brotherly love.

Neither parts of Christianity nor any other religion are worth getting all joyful over. Yet, there's a greater side that if properly taught could make a different. The liberals Christian Democrats, of what Christians are left in this country, could make an impact if silence money hungry pastors hiding behind walls of bricks and steel would sound off like days of Jericho when a few shouts brought down the walls around the mighty trouble makers.

Yet they prefer to play their own type of false religion of speaking loud and saying nothing. But, something is better than nothing even though it's going where. But the few must do more to pressure the Conservatives that they are not the Church of God.

There is much work to do toward trying to save the conservative Churches that have long been possessed by something out of this world, yet in the world with a vengeful father constantly gaining followers to do his evil bidding.

Commandments coming from the Tea Parties that speak for the whole and throw around scary power, seemly of the gods, causing the whole Conservative Party to bow to their will. A will they are willing to obey whether right or wrong.

Which bring me back to the question again. What is so tempting about Hell to Conservatives Republicans that they are willing to give up God's word to go there? Who is the leader? Who do they serve? Who control their minds?

The answer can only be Satan! Only Satan can appreciate them. Love them and use them to carry out all manner of hate and discontent. Only Satan can cause someone to never change. To enjoy hate. To love only those that stand for getting their supposed country back absent of any color except that of Hitler and Robert E Lee.

It's sad that where there is peace they bring chaos, war, anger, hate grief, sorrow, sickness and hunger. They remain blind to the need of others nor do they care, for their hearts are of stone. Never breaking.

We know that hell is a bad place. A bad place to go to and even to comprehend that one day people of good nature will end up there. No water to cool your thrust. No one to rush to your needs nor care about your agony.

Tormented day and night. This is not instant death as one might think. Like prison, you must do some time for the crime. Quick death as some may think  will not happen. You cannot escape your fate. Then death. Frightful death.

I have mention many times that the Angels that turned against God are frightful of Hell. Even they nor Satan have been there. Yes, even Satan, as bad as he is and his demons, are afraid of Hell.

Satan wish the end of earth will never come. That some how God will forget and forgive. Some humans think the same way but it will never happen. A day of reckoning will come for all.

Knowing this as I do, I know the Conservative so-called Church should know the same. Should want to live according to the will of God instead of Satan's. But the Conservative Church and it's pastors seem to have found something in hell that is more enjoyable. Something, maybe God didn't tell us about. Something tempting.

There has to be someone leading them and telling them to go ahead and continue to eat this special fruit and all their eyes will be open. That hell is full of gold. Full of rich, wealthy people still possessing wealth and controlling interest in major companies specializing in gas, oil, kerosene, coals, wood and a load of matches.

There must be something in Hell rebellious Conservatives want. What else will cause people not to change and conform to the will of God.

How many centuries must past without any change? What is it that make any one want to enslave another for profit? How brutal can one be toward their brother before seeing the serious injuries they inflict upon them? How can Republicans wake up each day mad and hateful and still call themselves Christians?

Why can't they see that love build lives not tear them down. That love involve caring and sacrificing. But this is not just for Republicans and Islamic people and terrorist but for any one that sin daily and pretend like they so not and use the Church as their prop to pretend like they are Godly. Such will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Are there something in Hell you want? You think about it!

The Church