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The Church
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What can I learn at Church today?

This is a good question. Exactly what are you, as a Christian, still seeking? When you go to a convention, what are you looking for? As a Christian, who are you looking to learn from? How come you don’t know?

How can one be a Christian, yet, still seek how to be a Christian as though there’s still something they need to know to prove to themselves that they might or might not be a Christian and they may or might not know of Jesus. 

In either case, when one cannot walk on their own merit and knowledge of Jesus Christ there become a problem of do I really know who I am and my purpose?

God never nor can he ever use nor can a business owner use or need someone who cannot work on or at a job without having to constantly be retrained over and over again. These people are flunkies and deserved firing because they cannot take what they have learned and work alone to do that job assigned to.

When we work alone in Christ, it mean we have pass the test to be called a Christian or we have graduated into a higher learning not needing to be constantly told or taught the same thing over and over again. I know my purpose and go out to do it as much as I can.

To put it bluntly, the reason why the church is and has been forever ineffective in the world is because people want to attend a business college, make billions of dollars, keep it for themselves and never take what they went there to learn out on the highway and hedges or to those on the outside and on the streets.

The false church has, through money and power,  long isolated itself from God. Such Isolation has turned it into false pretending and cult like behavior based on lies on God, trickery and twisted scripture.

Unable to prove false statements and change the on slot of wicked behavior and events as claimed by many church people have turn them into blind forgetfulness and blind sightedness to that which is directly before them that they, over 1900 years has fell to change or make an impact in, and that’s “SIN.”

The world is more dangerous than ever. People are more sicker than ever. People are more cunning than ever. They are more sinful than ever. They make up the majority of the United States. They are So called Christians.

Thus, pastors have found a way through all of this to still draw the most stupid, the most blind, the most sightless into their web of nothingness. Gathering great crowds that are willing to accomplish nothing through nothing. Nothing is what has been achieved and nothing is what come out of every convention and out of every church where people attend.  This is not just talk. This is facts!

The false church today do not know who it is and that make the people not know who they are. False pretending is the norm of today’s citizens. Citizens are the church’s that make up most of America, yet, America is riddled with the most sin in the world that is sent out to the rest of the world from within it.

Blind false pretender and many followers of false pastors have convinced themselves that they are the pride of God. To attempt to prove such a thing they pretend and tell people God is in charged. Though death nor crime not super sin has been halted by God, as they say, they still have blind followers believing God is at work. This, through them has, reduce God to being questioned, when God has nothing to do with our affairs. Not time!

These ministers and pastors are master liars drawing the weak unto them. Holding a locked chain about their necks forbidding them from becoming the ministers they should be as a Christian, If they be one.  Since there are not many Christians, and the bible say they are “few,” it seem to prove I am right once again.

Listen! An army can’t fight a battle sitting in barracks. They must go out on the battlefield. Then each man or woman goes on what they have been trained to do to win the battle.

For Christians, you have been trained to do a job. That job has not been  accomplished with any kind of degree in a church building but gets worse and worse for lack of doing nothing.

Any one can call themselves a Christians. But that don’t make you one. Other people can’t make you a Christian no matter how many shows you watch on television or who you watch and follow behind, as though they are your God.

None can speak for you. It is you that must stand before God, good or bad. Do you actually think, with a blank slate you will be welcome into heaven by saying, “I served you,” with nothing to say how you served except, “ I went to a building on Sunday.”

The reason we have the false church of today is because they went to church, not went to work and served. The reason the world and especially the United States is as it is today is because people went to church and not went to work and serve. Have not do what it was suppose to do.

As I end I re-mind you that “ nothing from nothing leave nothing.” “Liars and pretenders will not have a home in Heaven. Telling others lies you got from lying pastors will not get you a place in Heaven.  It only make you a liar.

Yet, knowing the truth and spreading the truth from your own mouth will earn your place in Heaven. Going against those that does not tell the truth will. Standing against laws made by man that is against God will also.

But if you are a person that cannot come to grips of your own sins, then all your serving will be in vain. You helped others but lost your own soul.

Come out from among them say the Lord,” …. or all die together, so to speak.

Who are you? Only the one who fail to understand is constantly in need of being taught. Today, the unlearned will go to be taught again. And again, they come away knowing and learning no more than what they should already know as a Christian.

But they did get a few laughs and a side show. Then all is well…The same beat goes on…..Think about it!