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War Room False Church Movie Conspiracy Against God

When someone say something that they want others to believe they must in some way provide some kind of proof. If not, they fall into a category of liars. I make it a habit and a life long job and concern for people’s souls for God to point out and exposed those in the False Churches that is and have been forever turning  people away from God with their twisted lies. Even lies in their own characters.

I find that foolishness and ignorance is accepted without challenge as though people have been consumed and swallowed up into the belly of Satan‘s deceptions with out care.

Unknowingly lying has been accepted in the false church as being the absolute persona of God where insane actions, comical behavior mixed with false impossible mind sets and storybooks fairytales swamp the congregation. 

People believe this weird mind set is what God seek in mankind. That this is why Jesus died on the cross for, to produce people that breath lies and liars like fire breathing dragons.

It is a fact, through simple observation of death, sickness, the  poor, not to mention disasters and wars that take place every day that God cannot be involved in mankind affairs and be every where, every thing to every one at one time. Never has happen ever any where and at any time in history. Absolutely no one has any fact to prove otherwise.

Before going any further, there are many people that will love to twist God’s word and tell me I am lying. So, to prove my point, I bring you to scripture that cannot be challenged or denied

But I’m interested in liars and believers of those that believe in a lie. Below is a few words of proof that is not a lie. The word of God!…..Let’s read some… It come from:

Proverbs 6:16-19, “There are six things that the Lord HATES, seven that are an  AMBOMNICATION to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers.”

This definitely sound like the False Church! This definitely sound like the whole world.

Revelation 21:8, “But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burn with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.”

This also sound like the False Church since mostly everyone  in western nations and especially in the United States, claim mostly a Christian identity. I said before and say it again, it is knowledgeable people in the United Stated that know of Jesus or belong to a Christian or religious organization that do most of the murdering, stealing, lying, stealing, hating and more.

Why do you think we call ourselves a Christian nation? Not because there are 10 people in every state, but because nearly every one you meet or be around whether good or bad identify themselves as a Christian.

Good or bad they end up in a Christian church for their funeral and burial. The preacher preach their funerals and other preacher speak from the Old Testament and the New.

Then look at the people that show up for the so-called bad. They may say they are not a Christian but they no and respect God and death  to their love ones or friend enough to come to the CHURCH to would them off  to heaven. ..Now, am I lying or not?

But it is the lies that have torn God’s true church apart.  I don’t mean the building…but the people which God said was the temple of God. Yes, it is the people that have become the liars and it has infested the nations like an infectious disease.

Now on to the War Room!

This is a movie where many liars and pretenders will flock to in order to witness something they want to take place but can not prove in real life. This is a movie where there is an old black woman that’s suppose to have all the knowledge and know how to connect with God.  She has even been to dinner with him.

It is always an old black woman. Never an old white woman. I don’t know why. If God was talking and answering prayers as people say, I’m quite sure there is an old white woman that can reach God as well as the old black woman. Something to think about!

In any case blacks and white get together and pray in a prayer room just like the government got together in a special room  to watch seal team six take out Bin Laden.  Obama was there and so was military staff and representatives. This was a type of War Room, so to speak.

With this movie, false Christians get together in a room, all down on knees  pretending  God will move  if we go to him in begging and pitiful prayer and false tears.  They believe if they get a bunch of light headed people together that  God has got to move as this movie will show you.  These are Idiots following Satan.

Now! Let me see just how open minded you are. If you have been following and believing me, you should be by now able to see righteousness and  what’s real and unreal. You should be back to seeing clearly, thus,  now smartly knowing and challenging those you hear saying crazy stupid things that make no sense because you can see and is blind no more. 

You can see and witness that no 1. The sick will always be with us. 2. Hospitals are here by the thousands, so is local doctor offices. 3. Every one dies sooner or later because they are supposed to.  4. Nearly all Christians are those in hospitals since 1.8 millions people claim Christianity in the United States. 5. Pastors and ministers can’t heal, neither can any one else. They won’t dare attempt to heal at sick places nor dare go by nursing homes to remove and heal those that’s there. 6. With all the violence between nations and violent storms, to include murders, thievery and etc. , to also  include violent accidents of babies, children and adults, they can stop nor prevent a single one.

But the War Room movie and it’s production crew  lie about God around the world  to those in poverty, hungry and sick that God will fix their problem and ours. That God will now do something that through out history he has never done since bible days.  But then it was for certain called ones which we can clearly see their names in the bible and not every one of us. Think about!

Common sense should prevail in letting all who rush out to see this movie no that it is only a movie. In a movie you can cause any thing to happen. You can even make the pretending God answer your prayers and even show signs and wonders to bring great Joy to people for about 2 hours.

But it is only a movie. God is not down here doing absolutely nothing for anyone. Especially fixing marriages and family problems. How I would such a thing was done. If so, no one would ever have problems. We all would be rich and wealthy from begging so much. 

Then God would have sent Jesus to us for nothing if he had to take care of us like new born babies never growing up taking the reins  for ourselves.

Truth be told as Christians, we are to use the word of God too solve our problems and situations ourselves using  understanding of the word of God, strength, courage and the common sense he gave us to do it.

How Christians can have problems of not loving each other in marriage is nearly impossible being that both is suppose to be living by the word of God. Either one or both  is not a Christian. or both got married based off of a lie being, “”whom God has put together. “ If God would have put them together, and he didn’t, their would be no problem. The marriage started off as a lie.

However, if one is not a Christian, it is the fault of the other for marrying them in the first place and should suffer the consequences or get out of the marriage if it cannot be fixed.

We all have financial troubles from one time or another and Christians should know how to work together to handle it. Couples breaking up because of it only show one or the other was in it for security only and couldn’t be a Christian.

What people have to understand is that God gave us this bible containing  instructions for Christians to adhere to-to maintain their salvation status. It is as necessary as a high school education. It last for life unless you choose not to want it or refuse to use it..

No matter what preacher’s tell you, you must remember that Christ said he was “going away and when he return, every eye shall see him.” I haven’t seen Jesus and neither have you. For Jesus to appear and talk to people would mean he is down here on earth. If this was so, then  this make him a liar. I rather believe the word of God. At least I can see truth in it.

Jesus also said, “ I (he) go AWAY to prepare a place for us and when it is finished he will come back for us. “ …Are preachers preaching that the Mansion is finished and Christ have  come back for us. If so, why haven’t a“ caught up” taken place.  This could not be because of the coming of the Anti-Christ first. No, Jesus is not down here doing a thing. The preacher lie.

What about God Almighty who people seem to say is down here doing all sorts of things for men. I like to know what things! Why would such a great power be doing so much for us and people left in such wicked state. This make no sense.

All would  clearly see such a magnificent act of power around the world. Not just some little old church where some one is asking to get a silly job or to get money for a high blood pressure pill.

When a great thunder storm  and rain comes, every one around the hear about it. The same if God was doing things down here on earth. Don’t you know it would be so great that every one around the world would sit up and take notice. Just think about it.

Why would God Almighty bypass Jesus and the angels and do all these things people say is done. Would Obama come to your home to bring you an application for a job three miles down the road. Of course not and neither will God.

2 Timothy 2:15 say, “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman who needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

Do you not understand what “show yourself approved before God” mean? “A workman!” …Go to work and learn both in the word of God and with a job. “rightly dividing the word of truth.”.. Don’t keep letting people make a fool of you when the word of God is right there for you to read for yourself.

No! There is no such things as a praying “War Room.” If so, there would be no ISIS, sickness nor diseases that plague Christians through out history. There be no violence or murder. Nothing but peace. You know you haven’t done without either one.

Being a good Christian is living the word of God by sustaining your self from things that bring shame to God before people. You must be ready when you stand before the Judgment that you have done all you could to represent his name. Not him, but you.

Wouldn’t it be something if God told you that you did nothing for yourself, you begged him to do it all. Then say, “depart from me.” “I don’t know you.“  “I need someone who will work and take care of my business while I’m away.” “You couldn’t do that.”…. Now go and think about It!