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The Church
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Wake Up Call God Is Not On Earth

After the murders in Charleston Church, how can people continue to believe God will do this or that. God is not supposed to be doing anything for you. This is false. No where in our history is there any proof, except bible days, that show that God is doing anything for anyone within the past 1900 years. 

How people can still go to church and pretend like he is, is out of touch with reality. If such a thing was true we wouldn't be still fighting for rights. There be no sick. No one would die. No more problems. No more poor people. No more bad cars or borrowing money. Why would God bless you personally and not stop 9 people from being killed? Who are you? What make you so great?

God has a government to run in heaven. He has no time to play games with people down here. Why would God come down here and the angles sit around doing nothing but sitting with their legs crossed? This make no sense what so ever.

Many people love to play with God, just as they play with banners on Face book  telling people to say, amen. They show God no respect by playing with his name. They act like playing with God is a fun feel game. But God is the almighty that should not be played with.

There are silly signs on church grounds that show churches are out of tune with who God is. In down town Pollocksville NC, there are two churches literally 100 yards from each with sign that  read, 1. "So, you think you can dance," The other sign read, 2. "Walk in the Son's light to keep from getting sin burned." These are the games the false church has reduced itself to struggle to make sermons for people that just don't get it.

With God not stopping death in church as they state, "He's not there when you want him but he's right on time," which proved not to be true, and the legalization of gay rights, what can the church talk about?

If anyone say God is doing this or that, they are not telling the truth any more. No one can prove other wised, no matter how powerful or big of a church a pastor have or they may be. The time to stop lying and taking advantage of people and switch courses by telling the truth is now.

Stop listening to people like TD Jakes and other Famous ministers that make their living off of you. Why are they rich and not you? How can they get rich without you? Would they all have members if all members was rich? Why would Christ make them rich and not you. Aren't you his child also?

Listen! When you are a Christian you are a minister. You can't be a Christian if you doesn't know the will of God.Why don't TD Jakes and Oprey Winfrey make all of you rich sometime instead of you constantly making them filthy rich over and over by buying their books and schemes?

Again, If you are in constant need of being taught, then you are not a Christian.  Buying other people's literature do not make you a Christian. Going to a Church does not make you a Christian. Only doing the will of God does that.

Open your eyes, you're being used, lied to and taken advantage of.  Answer this question and say amen if you can.

If you dies right now, what good would you be to God? You don't know do you? You should! Think about it!