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Week End Finisher

Using the Church as a means to destroy God’s People

As will continue, there are millions upon millions all around the world and especially in this country, that will use Sunday as a pretending day of worship. That this day is the do gooder day for all sinners to make amend to God, as if he’s listening to all their sins and problems in one to three hours or at all.

People think all there is to Christianity is to say nice words and pretend before those that do not no them that they are Heaven bound and Godly motivated.  Yet, they forget that there are many around you and them that know you well and laugh at your remarks of empty foolishness and slickness.

Sunday will again, as has for over two thousand years, be used by pastors to lie about healing, God’s giving and how we should care about each other, which they have failed miserably at explaining. They will start and end with twisted lies that can’t be proven but will push on for money and power sakes.

Yes, Sunday is the great day when most in church are sick in many ways. Where without medicine acquired from their doctors most would be dead or left suffering. Yet, the pastor push forward in telling them to turn all their problems over to God and God will fix them as though he has no kingdom to oversee.  As though God has no angles, people, governments, an order to insure or contend with.

Even the pastor don’t believe what he’s saying because they are under their own privately located doctors that’s most of the time is located out of town and out of sight of any member that just might see or meet them in the doctor’s office and figure out that they can’t even save themselves. This I’ve witnessed.

Rather, pastors should just tell folks to go to the doctor. That it’s alright.  Yet, they have contributed to millions of deaths that they will have to answer to because of their misguided twisted ministering.

Pastor’s prefer to pretend to you that Jesus is working through them to deliver his word to you. The pastor, then fed by a spirit of deceit, speak sweet sounding brassy words of false hope using words they twist from the bible to captivate the innocence and charm them into believing their clever tricks while being unaware themselves that it is they which are the instruments of the devil.

But as the dust clears at the end of every Sunday meeting the “mark,“ those charmed, are left with their pocket books a little less fattier, still sick with high blood, still a diabetic,  still ache with pains, still worried, still in hospitals, still on pills, still in nursing homes and still will be at their local doctor’s office’s come Monday morning after the pastor told them God will take care of them.

But one thing did happen after the pastor finished raving and hollering while speaking big practice words of “want God do it” while all the sick for years members shout, “yeah!” “amen!” After the pastor shout “ain’t God good”, then all the poor in need and the proud, prideful and big shots will all say, “all the time!” Pitiful!

Though they can’t accomplish what they said God would do, there is one thing for sure will happen after the pastor shout “hallelujah” spinning all around pretending they are in the spirit wearing their gilded robes of authority pretending to laugh and smile through well practice roaring lips…….

Yes, one thing you can bet on will take place in the church and no one will have to wait on it because it will occur before your very eyes. This will be truly a great miracle that every one can go out and say they witnessed it and was a part of it as it happen. 

What is it? It’s tithes and offering! You can bet your bottom dollar this will take place because it all was leading up to this very moment. Through a charming spirit message that comes to a slow sweet soft and mellowed ending it’s time for the “marks” to pay.  No  healing, no blessings, no real teaching but for sure, “Tithing.” “Money will be asked for and receive in the name of Jesus, they echo.

Yes, the church is full of people living a lifestyle behind dark walls. Pretending, not just on Sunday but through daily daylight hours pretending to be what they wish they could be but doesn’t want to be because it will limit their true self and wants.

Freaks come out at night and freaks that think they are fooling God come out on Sunday to go to church and pretend for a few hours that they deserve God regardless of their sin and “God knows my heart.” Right! You bet he does.

There is only one way to truly serve God and that’s to teach what Christ brought down from Heaven in the first place to all men. What is it? It’s love of God, and love and help each other! Every thing else pastor’s  teach is all made up for show attendant and growing a membership for show off time.

Listen up friends! If you, after learning about Jesus, still have to go to church to learn about Jesus and the word of God over and over again then you are in bad shape. Maybe you need to be their because you haven’t learned anything or not capable of teaching and fellowshipping the word of God to others.

If so, you have no talent to offer God and therefore is losing out on your salvation thinking you has it in the bag. Nothing from nothing leave nothing. And most haven’t shown or contributed nothing! Nor do they know how.

The church building which consists of wood and mortar is there for teaching. Just like a college. Not to teach people how to hate and despise each other. Not to create sinful and stupid things to do to be seen. Not to be heard by outside sinners as saying “this is where I got my start, ” then go into worldly entertainments.

Not to show off your singing talent, your programs creativeness, your speaking ability, your dress or suits, showing up to sit on deacon sides or mother’s side of power look at me or coming to watch a show. But to learn to be a leader. A teacher. A pioneer of the word. A blood donor for Jesus of Jesus.

Sooner or later you should become the temple of God. Like college, when will you graduate and become the ministers to the world.

But as the bible put it,  church folks are “forever learning and never coming to the understanding of the truth.” Remember, the bible said this. Not me! Read it again. “Never” coming to the understanding of the truth.“ Do this make me right again?

Some of you are getting the truth. It’s up to you whether you’re willing to understand and change because of it. You think about it.

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