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The Church

Weekend Finisher
The truth shall set you free-racism and the false church

I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. What have I been trying to teach you? Number 1, is that the church of today and in the past have long been the false church. 2. Pastors have twisted and lied to people about how to serve God like, forever. 3. God is not interfering in our lives. 4. Lying about God will answer your prayer was lying on God. And 5. God will never agree to racist churches nor two different churches represented by Democrats and Republicans Conservative Parties as divisive brother and sisters in the Lord, to enter Heaven.

Many people, though afraid to challenge me, have stood pat in believing that they can pray their way out of something or that they are so Godly until they are immune from devils or works of demons.

They use this particular phrase, "we are prayed up," or twisting this scripture, Roman 8:31 "if God is for you who can be against us."

The scripture only mean, "through Jesus is the way to salvation and not hell. Salvation was arranged by God for us. So we are to forget what others say against us and against Jesus if we are living accordingly to the word of God."

God is not protecting people nor is he personally doing work for you, you can do for yourself.

"Faith without works is dead."

For anyone to teach otherwise is a liar and history with all it's murderous ways and death and destruction without God intervening is proof of such.

One must remember that this has occurred to Christians as well as to every other religion right up to this very day.

But people seem to think this scripture is some kind of personal protection directly being carried out by God. This is far from the truth as we have just witnessed in Charleston, South Carolina.

Saying prayer changes things is not altogether true. What things will prayer change? Are people referring to God doing their work or changing situations you refuse to take part in?


Prayers are taking out of contents. People no longer no the right way to pray. We pray to give God thanks for salvation through Christ.

Prayer is hope. It is a want and a desire. I pray, I hope you will be well or do well or feel better or overcome. It is my desire that you get well. I want to or I pray to see things turn out right for you.

I thank God for you. I thank God for my life, my family, for food, air we breath, things placed here for us from the beginning of time and so on.

This prayer is prayed constantly everyday to let yourself be reminded what Jesus did on the cross for us and that there is a God and to never forget our confession toward salvation. This is how we pray.

But we can't pray to heal sickness, stop wars, stop diseases, replace lost limbs, doing away with sickness, getting houses, jobs, or even praying for UFO's to show themselves or to get money for a new wig or hairdo.

Any pastor or person that say so is a liar and I challenge any of you to shut down any hospital or institutions where the sick resides with your prayers. There are thousands all over in every city.


Let me remind you that God, if he was involved in our daily lives, would never allow some one to plan to kill his own.

This is like saying God was with the killer that killed 9 Charleston church members. That God knowingly allowed Roots, the killer, to buy a gun, go to the church and kill his own people and not do a thing to stop him.

If God was down here protecting them like people say, yet, allowed Roots to come into a place of worship while prayer was going on in his name and let this happen, then it would be God that would be responsible for the murders through Roots.

But God is not down here nor is he answering prayers nor is he a slave for mankind or is killing people.

False pastors running false churches growing evil and corrupting minds through twisted teaching of the bible is the direct reasons why people can't get along and can't tell the different between right and wrong. So called Christians turn out to kill, hate, lie, rape and more while still claiming Christianity.

People are so messed up by pastors that members of families of the deceased are saying they forgive the killer. This is a lie. You can't forgive someone and then ask that they stand before the law because they want to see justice. You can't have it both ways. You either forgive or you want justice. It's pretending to be righteous without understanding.

To forgive, according to God, is to forgive and forget. Just as God forgave our sins. He remember them no more to use them against you. Only new sins.

Forgiving is done when someone in your midst or church has done you wrong. For argument sakes, friendships and as sisters and brothers in the Lord, we iron it out and forgive each other and continue with spreading the word of God. It's just that simple to understand. We can't forgive Satan! Though some of you may claim you can.

As I end, let's not forget, this church tragedy will solve nothing as for as race loving. No matter how many church bells rings or how much news medias may make you think racism will, at any time,  come to an end, it will not.

Yes, there are many white Democrats that stand for righteousness, as they come to the black funeral and share their grief. These have nothing to do with the other half of the country, the white Republican people and Churches and the many white supremacist groups that share the same values whom are not there and do not share in the grief..

Hard core Republicans are not at the funeral. This groups of people vote and think hate. This include black Republicans.

Nothing people will say can change this multitude of hate. It's been here for many hundreds of years and it has not changed that much. It just lay low until ignited.

Right now Republicans are denying this was a hate crime or terrorism. They are claiming it was an assault on Christianity. Pretending the 9 black was killed because they were Christians.

White supremacist are saying the same thing. They still believe their dislike for other races are not hate but that our problems are in our own minds.

There are white racists groups all over the United States. Blacks and other dark skinned people are hated all around the world. One main Republican Christian web site of hate where you can witness with your own eyes is www. Remember while you're reading that all claim to be Christians.

Listen,.....!  To curve hatred, laws must be changed to the Constitution to deny race groups to exist in any form.

You know that will not happen nor can their minds be wiped. Oh yea, the Republican party must not exist also.

Next, the church must be revived. Today it is a false pretending network filled with jokes and laughter and half truth. It almost need to shut down for the good it's done and doing. It has no victory to cheer on. It is the world. The same people on the streets are the same people in church. All listening at pastors tell them what they all ready know over and over, not coming to the understandin of the truth. And the people pay them for it.

Things are so bad that white churches fight against black churches. Love has never been taught in church and to the people with sincerity. If so, and with all these churches on ever corner, why are we still preaching love, not to just pagans, but mostly to so called Christians, Conservative Christians and other Christians that claim they know God's word and live by it.

You must remember, that nearly everyone around you claim to be Christians. Nearly every business of all sort are run by Christians.

Yet, they are thieves and robbers of high taxes, loans, low pay, high insurances, medicine and so on. Our way of life are controlled by Christians and our suffering are bought about by those calling themselves Christians. For example, the "Coke brothers."

These are so called christians that go to church and claim love and brotherly love until back at work where they make and form plans to cut your throat and cheat you.

This message is quite long but I ask you not to believe what you see happening in todays churches. They are the false church and God said to come out from among them.

I heard the sermon that was for the deceased today. Though the pastor told multiple lies on God, I pray with hope, want and desire that the families will find comfort within themselves.

The church is going down when the church have to have police protection in and out side of the church to conduct a service. Now where is all this faith they talk about. Am I right! You bet I'm right. Think about it!

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