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Donald Trump is Not a Legitimate President

A lot is going on in the news about the remarks made by Representative, John Louis about the statement he made saying Donald Trump was not an legitimate president. Many around the country and especially surrogates and news commentators say he is. They make their case by saying Russia did not tamper with our election boxes, and their by Donald Trump won the Electoral Votes.

I agree with John Lewis that Donald Trump is not a legitimate president despite what others pretend not to want to understand. Let me explain!

It is true Donald Trump won by having the most Electoral Votes, and their was no tampering with our voting boxes. But, there was evident to prove Russia interfered in our election process in order to help Donald Trump win.

Putin may not have tampered with our voting boxes, but did provide, through hacking, a constant flow of emails through Wikileak, that influence minds of voter to go against Hillary. Yes, I said influenced!….

A constant barrage of emails hacked and leaked by Russia, even though they showed nothing to prosecute Hillary, would cause someone that would normally vote for Hillary Clinton to take a second look and change their mind, by thinking she really is corrupt and has something to hide..

This is the first time a foreign nation has interfered in our election process so direct for a party and person that stated so publicly and often that they was rooting for Donald Trump.

Evidence of hacking was found to show that the hacking was to influence the election toward Donald Trump.  If evidence was found and proven that Putin (Russia) had indeed tried to influence the election against Hillary Clinton for Donald Trump, then he was helped by the Russians to influence the mind of Americans that voted for Donald Trump, period!

Our presidential election has always been the responsibility of United State citizens only with no outside influences from other nations. When one is elected with the help of mind manipulation or influences by another nations participation, then that outside help make Donald Trump an illegitimate president.

LISTEN! If a student was caught getting outside help by way of a cheat sheet or getting help from another during a test, they would flunk that test for outside interference or cheating. Why is cheating bad for students but correct by Donald Trump!

I can’t understand why Democrats cannot see this and tell the entire truth without being afraid or just plain can’t think when others insist that he won it fair and straight. OH, did I say fair and straight!

Yes, Donald Trump is an illegitimate president. Why are the news medias so afraid of him?

While Obama was president, I never heard him once say, President Obama, but insisted he was an illegitimate president because he was not born in America, which was a lie. One wrong deserve a Right! Think about it!