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The Church
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Tithes and Lies

Let me make a statement that will let you understand why the gospel is lost in this false church so many flock to.

While hundred of thousands of pastors teach against telling lies, they stand in the pulpits for hundred of years telling you a lie they cannot prove.

What is it? They lie every Sunday when they tell you that God will not bless you if you do not pay your tithes.

Some pastors and cult members band together to embarrass members by posting their names on walls and inside literature for people to shun them.

Satan have them make up sad stories through slick and cunning ways like given their pay checks over to their ministry or telling people that the reason they are having hard times are because they are not paying their tithes or giving or giving enough to be blessed. That they are not paying their tithes according to the bible and it is disobedient to the church and God.

Every member has been led to believe this lie, that was orchestrated by Satan. If your pastor, and I don't care who they are, tell you this, they are lying through their teeth.

In everything their should be factual proof with out challenge. This is proof that cannot be challenged. Here it is!....
There is no proof in the New Testament, no where, that tell the Christian church under Jesus Christ that they must pay tithes to be blessed by him. This is one of the greatest lies ever been told to control people and money flow.

Tithes are of the Old Testament. We do not go back in the Old Testament and start picking out what benefit us the most and forget about the rest as though it is not part of it. Take one, take it all.

Sacrifice of animals is in there. Stoning and killing of people is in the Old Testament.

In fact stoning was still going on with a woman in a sexual affair before Jesus went to the cross in the New Testament, in which, Jesus stopped a crowd from stoning her to death. But stoning and sacrifices are not being done today though it's in the Old Testament.

The way filth and sex is carried on today, if stoning was still permissible there would be hardly no one left on earth. Not to mention the bloody mess of slaughtering animals in church every Sunday.

Rather than just picking out tithing and claiming it to be for the New Church, why not call a gathering at the church to throw huge stones and rocks on men and women that have committed fornication. Kill them as the congregation watch and cheer.

You can't go back and pick what benefit you out of certain scriptures God told ancient Israel to do to make them better people.

This is the new Christian church under Jesus where free will reign supreme. Where God is commanding no man to serve him. Commanding no man to pay tithes or go to hell. Threatening no man through fear of with holding blessings.

Yes, free will and free grace. Even Jesus was given to us freely. We give freely.

The new gospel, that take us away from the law or commandments, now tell us that the law or commandments are no longer to be just read to remind us it's wrong to do this or that, but is now written on our hearts through love and a new gospel from God.

A gospel that now tell us that we no longer will be commanded by God to do any thing. That the free will and choice is ours, through Jesus Christ, to accept Jesus or God or not.

This gospel is written on our hearts and thereby guide our lives if we want it to.

Jesus died on the cross freely for our sins, in hope that we may accept his free offering to be united bach to God, who freely are willing to forgive our sins.

As you see, we are under free grace. To pay tithes according to Malachi, would place us back under the Old Testament and back to being commanded, which is not free will.

This is not what God wants and tithes undermine free choice, free will that God offer us to worship him.

When Jesus died on the cross a curtain was torn into creating a New Testament that did away with the Old Testament.

We still have some connections with the Old Testament as for as history. But the way we now serve is according to the New Testament.

We must come to God through Jesus. Jesus is the word of God and the way to God.

When a will and testament is torn in half, it is no longer binding. When a new will and testament is written or drawn up in a document, we abide by what is written within it. We cannot go back and attempt to add something in it Jesus didn't sign off on.

For pastors to now, trick, twist scriptures, threaten, bully, embarrass, steal, rob and out right lie to people for hundreds of years can only be the greatest lie perpetrated on the Christians church, on the very people they vowed to teach the truth to.

People have given their all to the church believing that if they payed their tithes they would be specially blessed by God individually and over every one else.

They did it believing it was commanded by God under the New Testament. They were told if they didn't pay, they would be robbing God and committing an unforgivable sin and will not be blessed.

However, paying tithes did not and will not stop sickness, diseases of the body, struggles, crippling,old age sickness that end one up in nursing homes , hospitals or death.

You can't bribe God. Especially with money. But pastors are willing to sell their souls to Satan to sit upon their short lived throne and bash in their silver and gold for a short while.

To do this they need you to keep believing tithing is commanded for the New Christian church.

But my friends, God is not commanding us, but telling us,"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only be gotten Son, that whosoever believe on him shall not perish, but have eternal life." That's free will, free choice!

And..."who so ever will let them come." That's free will, free choice! We give freely!

When you are threaten with tithing or any foolish marketing schemes that involve money, you can bet there is a bank account that does not have your name on it. These are well created schemes and there are many.

Tell your pastor to prove what they say in the New Testament. For  it say to lay away money to take care of places you go to be taught.

These places have bills and up keep to maintain. You come and dirty it up. You want nice things so give.

What pastors should have you doing are either making vows and those that can't, paying what they can.

But threatening, and lying on God, saying he commanded it for the New Church is just plain wrong and an out right lie on the gospel of God for wealth.

This has to stop. There is nothing that has been done for God with this money but twist the word of God and the mind of people. No victories won.

"Few there be that make it in." You can be numbered in that few. But if you think all these churches and other religions will have a place in the world to come, then you are in for a big surprise. NOT!

The true Christian is the one that does the will of God the best way they can based off the written word.

This mean having common sense to recognize right from wrong. We are not perfect but strive to be perfect.

You have been misled but it's not too late to recover. You have been drunken. Now is the time to sober up and truly become a true Christian.

The truest religion on the face of the earth was given to save people. Christianity! And church people botched it up.

We are already blessed with life and given a brain. What you, we, do with it is up to you, us, me. You can't buy blessings. You should know that. Think about it!