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The Church
How can one go to church?

Church (building) was crowded… This morning as I went to Greenville Flea market, I notice church building having cars surrounding them. This is a sight that’s been going on like forever with no results of spiritual gospel change.

I did not go to church nor do I go to church. I go to funerals and gospel music. I do not go to church (building) because I take the word of God with me every day and every. I worship him by showing respect for him through my actions toward others for him. I meet others there that do the same. We call this fellowshipping and spreading the true word of God on the highways and hedges..

For those that did went or go, I see them as false Christians that constantly need reminding of their sins. They need a wolf, I mean, a pastor to lead them. These are so called Christians that need pasturing because they cannot live on the word of God on their on.

This is like a grown up child still needing their school teacher or  parents to guide them even when they are grown ups themselves. They refuse to leave their parents or so-called pastors and go their own way and spread the word or make a life of their own with Jesus within them.

Based on scripture, I do not see how such people can call themselves Christians doers or believers when they keep returning to a particular place to worship and not excepting Jesus as the word of God that live in the person’s heart.

If you know this you need not be going any where to pay someone to tell you what you should already know over and over again. This is call a scam!!!! The people allow the scam to be perpetrated on them and confused them without care or thought.

Listen! The crucifixion of Jesus did away with altar worship and temple worship. Building worship or temple worship did not satisfy God because the people did only what they were told to do through heartless rituals and sacrifices. They did this not because they loved God, but because they was told to do it.

Such rituals (or going to church) did not cause the people to truly worship God. Mass worshiping was a failure and still a failure today.

So, the word of God and those that wanted to honor, trust, believe and do the will of God 
became the body that replaced the temple and house the word of God.

Jesus brought acceptance, free will and whosoever will let them come. Not mass worshiping and bring dead animals (money) to take away your sins.

Jesus went so far as to tell us that our body was the temple of God. He also stated that he do not live in a house made by hands. Pastors today falsely say and teach, he does.

All that deny this is putting Christ back and even before the Crucifixion as they deny the gospel of God, thus, putting him through the crucifixion all over again. They are taking away free will and the acceptance of Christ.

You are taken away forgiveness of sin that only you are responsible for in all your own daily life. You bring old ritual over into your own divisive rituals.

Here is how false the church is right now and will go into the future as such.
I want you as a bible reader and retainer of the word of God to think on this,


Have you ever or any one considered, beside me, why God would send two witnesses to preach the Gospel right before the end of time? it’s because the false Christians and their so called Churches (buildings) have completely wrecked the gospel and gone on into believing in their own understanding.

There is no one God can call on down here on earth. The gospel has become a racket, as it is today. There will be, as now, people that acted righteous but denied the power of God (the word of God). Wolves in sheep clothing. Many wolves exist today.

Pastors and Evangelicals become money grabbers, caring about nothing but their next dollar schemes, and yes, along with their followers that put forth these new schemes to them to advance their cause of achievement and membership. Devouring them as fast as they come to them. Burning their minds and damaging their brains.

The two witnesses will be killed for the gospel. Killed for trying to rescue lost souls God is caring so much about where  false Christians captured the gospel leading to a great fall away. This is going on now! True Christian have long passed on.

The witnesses will be in the streets and not in buildings. They are killed on the streets and left there. The streets are the wide coverage they will go without fear of death. But god’s people are without fear, even when dealing with rights of human beings.
No!  God is not coming for those sitting in buildings doing nothing as they are doing today, but coming for the righteous where ever they may be. The pure in heart. Only the pure in heart, whether climbing Mount Rushmore, fishing off the cutest pier or strolling along a sandy beach, they shall see God.

It’s your heart and the word of God you carry in you that make you a Christian wherever your travels and adventures may take you. This is the will of God. To do this while loving each other and God the father. Build and multiply.

Sorry to hurt your belief pattern if this is how you worship, but being in a building to worship while considering yourself as going to church is a deadly maneuver where you are literally playing with death. 


1. If worship is done only on Sunday in a Church (building) for a few hours, does this mean that for the next 6 days a person is without worship to God? For six days they are free to raise hell, so to speak?
2. Can one ask forgiveness any where or is there a place they must go?
3. Is There Such A Thing As Going To Church On Sunday? No!!!! Why Sunday?


If there’s anyone that can prove to me that a Christian must go to some kind of a building called “Church” to worship God, I want to hear where you get this? How is it possible? Why Sunday?

Please post on my time line so I can respond to you in public. No need to be afraid if you are telling the truth. Defend what you say or go down as a liar….

Why not ask these great ministers? Tell TD Jakes, Rick Warren, Joel Osteen and others to give you the answers. Better yet, tell them to respond straight to me ….

What about those that think they are so wise giving others advise? Now give me some on the Church?
Just because the majority does a thing doesn’t make it right. Think about Noah and the Ark! Think about the so-called church and slavery!!! …..

Surely with everyone talking about God and going to church, it seem there would be thousands lining up to “teach me.”

If not thousands, will there be one to teach me a lesson? I‘m sure God would love to hear your answer on the day of reckoning.… Any takers?

Remember, people join a Church to have a place to go into when they die. The funeral home serve the same purpose. You want know about it in any way. The bible state, the dead has no knowledge of the living. But you knew this? Think about it!