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The Church

The Two Churches and Roads

One of the things I want many of the pretenders and those growing in grace to understand, is that there are two churches. A building is the second church and the person themselves are the first church.

It is the second church that infiltrated the first church.. Why? Because the second church has become the dominant church that has been built on a broad road or laid aside plot of land calling itself the first church with large congregations of mixers.

It is filled with all kinds of  wanderers that come through an open door that welcome all. It’s motto is come as you are and I mean, come as you are.

The second church pretend to be the first and major primary Church. Yet, absent of true heart,  factual truth and righteousness where the believer seek to grow in grace, knowledge and understanding of their purpose toward God under the tutor ledge of Jesus and his disciples.

Such knowledge will lead and keep the practitioner of the true first church planted on the road that is straight and narrow with a focus on what lies at the end. Salvation!

Little are people aware of that the second church has been taking over by Satan whom developed techniques to keep the first church silent and from growing faithful followers toward Christ. It take good people with good intentions and cause them to think, say and act worst than if they would have never came to them at all.

The second church dwell in buildings, having conventions, programs and seminars with never a way of getting off the broad road. New ideals and interests are always at the forefront of those that gather in them to keep them planted while mind controlled by slick gardeners, ministers, pastors and evangelical self proclaimed false prophets.

Like hypnotists,  these teachers of the second church blocks, inject or plant false thoughts in the mind of followers while twisting the written word of God to fit their end.  Most cannot stop and must maintain emotional teaching and God’s great love for them.

Such is the teaching of God doing things for you or calling on God for just about anything. False Evangelicals that pose sad and tear jerking stories that God want to help you in your daily lives but you have to let God in as though God is, in actuality, waiting to make our lives better by answering prayers. To give to receive. The more you give the more you are blessed.

Those attending the second church believe such things while the first church believers believe God want us to live up to his expectation by making the word of God part of our daily lives, asking nothing except from that already given with thanks and praise and obedient.

The first church believe that through our own efforts can God say “well done my faithful servants”
and not by false pretentious beliefs of God helping us.

We know that such belief of help from God could not allow God to judge us without judging himself since he took part in our escapades as people state falsely.

But to show proof that false teaching from the second church that teaches from the altar of sacrifice does not tell the entire truth, I only point to Jesus himself as a man and not a God as an example.

I want your entire being to open up to factual truth and let growing in grace take hold. The story of Jesus I present to you should start you on a thought pattern that lead to a greater knowledge of understanding.

Who was Jesus? He was the Son of God, God the Son, born into flesh , Philippians 2:6-7, Hebrew 2:7,  Hebrew 4:15 and Luke 2:40. To understand these more, you should already know this as a Christian or you should re-read it and this time keep it in memory as you do with knowledge of driving a car.

Now, let’s see who else Jesus was. ….What he was, was a carpenter. This mean he worked for a living. He learned the trade from his father Joseph and I presumed they worked together. Why? Because they needed the money for food, clothing and shelter. 

After the passing of Joseph, Jesus continue his carpentry work. He help take care of his mother Mary with the help of his brothers. Jesus brought food into the house and paid for rent, if the place they stayed was not theirs. Jesus also went shopping for clothing and shoes. Met and greeted people while continuing his ministry.

As a child he studied at the temple and learned from elders there. But even more, as he grew and became a man, he endured pain and anger, sorrow and woes right along with others. He did not stop people from seeking out care takers or physicians or doctors when they became sick. He did his part and physicians did theirs.

And guest who Jesus was obligated to….The government! He told his disciples about the reason and need to pay taxes. He asked, who’s face is on this coin? The reply was Caesar! He said, “then render unto Caesar, what is Caesar.” This is, you use the government money to purchase things, so pay taxes as ordered by Caesar or the government for it‘s use. This applied to Jesus also.

Therefore, Jesus paid taxes to Caesar on clothing, food or when he went to buy lumber and tools for his business. Jesus bought feed for his donkey and purchased other things he and his family needed. 

Also, during his gospel he and his disciples accepted donations and a treasury was kept to fund the ministry..

Many people became sick and died around him. He witness much sickness and death. He healed only a few and brought back only Lazarus from the dead, as I know of. He had the faith of a mustard seed. With out spot or wrinkle. That power and faith we let sin drive away from us, never to return until salvation day.

But one thing Jesus did not do is “ask God to find him work, give him tools, heal this or that person, ask God to take care of him and his family nor tell others to turn against the government.” “Neither did he tell them God would take care of their problems if they only asked.”

If Jesus and the disciples did not ask God for this kind of help, then what give anyone else this right to lie on God today in the false church and suggest to others that God will do these things for you, them and us.

No such things will God do for us. He is not involved in our business nor can we call on him to do anything for us. We live by the written word.

Think on the life of Jesus and start to separate ourselves from the weak and false church followers. There will always be times when it seem everything must be going well with the excitements,  thrill games and activities that take place. But be assured, Satan is presenting a con game and the players of the second church are the players and the losers.

Matthew 27:46, “My God, My God Why has thou forsaken me,” stated Jesus on the cross.

Now what’s so great about you that you can command the attention of the Almighty God over every one else? You are not even Jesus nor the chosen disciples! But the false church can’t stop trying and lying! Think about it!