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The Church
The Life Of The False Church Drama

Children, wake up!!!! It’s time to go to Church! “Honey Dear,” you better get dressed. We don’t want to be late for Church and miss Rev. “Tell Me More” tell us again how we should act.” “You know we can never, on our own,  remember the word of God or how use it  in our lives.”

You know Evangelical, Sister Liar and Evangelical, Ben Ripped Off, will be speaking on “How to lose your money without even knowing it.”

“Then, you know there’ll be an altar call!” I like this part because sinners come before the altar and the person behind it and give their life to God.” You know they don’t know they can stay home or be any where and do the same, but I won’t complain.”

But, what’s this altar stuff? Isn’t this Old Testament worshiping? Didn’t Jesus put a stop to this? Like I said, “I want complain!” Let’s play alone, no else seem to care.

Children put on that new dress I bought you! I want you looking cute for the people to see. You know how much they talk about kids not looking good. It reflect on me.

And don’t forget those sparkling shoes. You know I want you looking better than the other children coming?”

“Honey dear,“ I bought a new dress for my self that’s just going to kill “Sister Envy Me.” And she’ll see she can’t hold a candle to this new drop front, dipped in the back pink velvet stiff hat with the over head white laced hanging face shield! Not to mention who’s under it.  None other than me, “Sister Show Out!!

“Honey Dear!,” Are you bout ready? Yea, “Sister Show Out.” I got the car cleaned yesterday, so I want to make sure it’s still shinning. “Brother Proud money” got a new car and you know he’s going to park it where it can be seen.

I want mine looking good to. I’ll show him! You don’t call me “Brother, Keep up with the Jones’s” for nothing.

All right people, let’s go! Wow! Look at all the cars. Man, that’s a good looking truck over there. Cars parked so thick I can hardly see”Brother Proud Money‘s” car. Oh! There it is “Sister Show Out!” . Boy, is it nice! We gotta get us one better than his when you get that second job,…. huh dear!

Yea, said “Sister Show Out!“ let’s pray on it right now.  “Oh” Heavenly Father we claim it in the name of Jesus right now! “Oh, Thank you Jesus!”

Hey, look, said “Sister Show Out!” Ain’t that Brother “Drug Dealer” giving Sister “Behind Closed Doors” somebody their tithes? 

I see the hip hop dancers and rappers are here for the group singing appearance. Oh, excuse me children, I mean the “Praise Team” is here.

And Look! The pastor and the deacon is smoking out the side door of the sanctuary, and they’re doing it on “Holy Ground.”

They’ll be OK! All they have to do is ask forgiveness until next time they light up. It works for me, said “Brother Keep Up With The Jones‘s.”

And no honey, this is not Holy ground. Holy Ground is Old Testament belief. I remember, that if this sort of people back then went on “Holy Ground, they would fall dead, I heard. Especially, if they entered the “Temple” in all their sin. Good thing God is not really in our buildings,  huh Sister “Show Out?” “Yea! It would be a mess around here, “Brother Joneses!”

Look, said “Brother Keep Up With The Jones‘s!” There’s “Slick and Willy!” Are they married now, “Sister Show Out?” No, “Sister Show Out” said. They live together and have children, but doesn’t love each other enough to get married. They just put up with each other for ready available sex when they are having trouble getting it elsewhere.

That’s the way of the world these days. The pastors seem to think it’s OK, so, it must be OK!

Besides, this is what you call “shacking!” It’s the new marriage that’s been acceptable for thousands of years. It look like you’re married and keep others confuse!

Shacking is legal now, and people of such is Ok to enter most Church buildings and sit with others while holding offices and positions. No one cares any more! Besides, there’s many people here doing the same, just in different ways, Deacon Bad Eye and Sister Shy and Quiet!”…. “I see you,” said, Sister “Show Out!”

My, how things have changed! They do look good though. Such a shame the kids have to live that way. Good thing we got married, right Brother “Keep up With The Jones’s Dear!” Uh, I guess so, said Jones’s. What did you say? Nothing “Honey Show Out!

Here come Brother Steve and Steve. They beat Sister Molly and Polly here today. Lovely couples don’t you think, said “Sister Show Out.” Steve is becoming a minister you know.
Well, lets go in and worship God Mr. Joneses. We must be quite, we are entering the “House of the Lord.” You know we only have three hours in this building. For others, just this day to worship God is enough.

I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna let it all hang out said “Sister Show Out!” It’s boogy time baby!

I’m going to holler and scream “like I just don’t care!” I’m going to back that thing up to, said, “Sister “Shoe Out!“ Now leave some room on the floor for others, Sister Show Out,” said Brother “Keep Up With The Joneses.”

Hey, listen to the cool Choir! There‘s “Bullet Eye.” He sure can sing, said brother “Keep Up With The Joneses. Listen to him get down!…

“Every body over there say yea!” “Oh yeaaa! Oh Yeaaa!! …He’s good, that “Bullet Eye!

I didn’t know “Sister Twerker” could sing so good either. You go girl! Sing those praises.” She act like she want twerk it right now. “Don’t do it Girl! Don’t you do it!” She didn’t hear me! Too late!

I hope she and her friends don’t forger the community dance coming up. Rock group from Christian Temple will be performing. Can’t miss that! Lead singer is Reverend “Got you” and the deacons “Go along” singing their favorite hit song, “pay me one more time.” and “Fools rush in.”

Well, “Sister Show Out,” This Church was off the chain with all the ladies falling all on the floor. It was funny when everybody started laughing when “Sister Fake’s” wig got tangled in the microphone stand while shouting.

When reverend “Got You” got happy, he snacked the microphone and off came Sister Fake’s wig. “Did you see her head,”… now Mr. Jones’s, “that’s not nice!”

Any way, we paid our tithes and got forgiveness from the pastor again, so we can leave to get ready to visit friends and do some drinking and real parting. Eat some hog and forget about God until next Sunday.

Ain’t it good to have a pastor that believe in “live and let live.” When they don’t bother no body, say “Sister Show Out“, I like that.

They’re even helping us get into Heaven and we don’t even have to try. How cool is that? What fun we have in Jesus!…Yea!.

It a good thing, “Sister Show Out,” that we worship in that building where God is and not in our selves or we would be in trouble, wouldn’t we, exclaim, Brother “Keep Up With The Jones‘s?” We certainly would, said ”Sister Show Out!”

We’re on the road now children, want to hear some music? Yea, said the kids. Then “Brother Keep Up With The Jones’s” said to “Sister Show Out.” Turn that Hip Hop music up and loud honey, we ain’t on holy ground no more! Besides, we just left God at that building back there. We’ll see him next Sunday to worship him there again.

Hey!!! That’s “Bullet Eye‘s”  CD playing! Turn it up! Oh yeaa!, Oh yeaa! Blitzer got my money! Who cares!, who cares!…. “ Better give me back money Blitzer,” “Oh yeaa!”

There’s the party over there, shouted, Sister “Show Out!” Look! There’s Mother “Pick Me Up” and “Sister Long Prayer” patting their feet to the latest line dance song.

The Pastor is here to. Already got his plate personally fixed. The whole gang is here
honey, said, “Sister Show Out.” Didn’t we leave before they did? How did they beat us hear? It was a miracle, said “Brother Keep Up With The Jones’s. A miracle!

Now go on out there now and show them how to line dance “Sister Show Out,” but no twerking. Remember, we’re all Christian here! If it’s the Lord’s will, said “Sister Show Out.” If it’s the Lord’s will!

This is just a little fun, but is truth. This is show what the false church has become. people has become worse and worse, so say the bible.

We are in the times of the false Church where blind worship and lies void the true word of God. Where worship is just a game away from home and out of body. Where anything goes and anybody is welcome. Where a few hours a week in a wooding building is falsely told is the will of God.

We can only live the true will of God in the true temple of God. The body! The body is the Ark that hold the written word of God. This ark hold the Covenant in the heart, not at the altar in a building attempting to make sacrifices upon the altar in front of a priest.

By now the Church should be the voice of the world. Instead, it has become the world. No sacrifice, no shame, no fear, no work, no salvation….Just, “In vain do they worship me,“ Matthews, 15:9.… The false church! .. Think about it!