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The Church
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Just as the President gave his State of the Union Address, I too will give the State of the Church Address of past and future.

Last year, like centuries before, I've done much writing about what I've called the false church. This was based on inconsistency of false and misleading lies delivered to the people by ways of twisted scriptures and or scriptures taking out of context by unqualified pastors.

God said it would be this way, and so we have it today, the "False Church." But  such acts by pastors and leaders of the church have not just been conducted by them. They take likes from those before them. The ancient days. What happened then is happening now. Disrespect!

Disrespect that caused an effect from God. For from days of ancient it was decreed that one will come to deliver salvation to the world. Reason being, God was not satisfied with how man was turning out.

While a very, very few respected God and saw God in things that was made and saw that man could never make nor comprehend the breath nor depth of that seen before their face, most others stood in doubt, undaunted. Refusing to see the truth of their existence.

They like you and people of our time, if you are wise, should see the face of God in everything and wonder. To see his handy works in the great oceans, seas, rivers and streams. Understanding the depths of things whether under the earth or on the surface of it. Hidden secrets.

For these things are properly designed and set in cuts and valleys of all forms, then intertwined, meet and dumped into it's own place to deliver up, feed and provide creatures for our food our enjoyments.

The wise see the wonders of the earth and how it hold everything in place presenting a perfect coloring book. From  earth's great mountains, hills and valleys that pushed, pressed and mold it's way downward and upward causing changes in landscapes and necessary climate locations supporting the many kind of animal life and vegetation. These serving as super filters purifying and providing.

The wise in Christ even see God when they look upward into the heavens and see the face of God in the darkness of the sky and the brightness of the sun that lights the earth, provide sustenance for work, brightening a population of beauty with care,

While darkness by night rest the sun while it replenish, but give way to the moon and array of twinkling stars set into a universe of Godly mysteries forever providing time for rest and renewing of strength. Forever proving the existence of not only a great God, but a God of creation who's' reach is ever so great through out the universe.

Yet, the unwise does not see him this way but only as a name that found it's way in history. A stretched myth that's told while around a hot iron wooding stove baking sweet potatoes upon it's sizzling top.

They looked at God as someone that does not stop them from their evil, filthiness and dirty ways. Therefore, he does not exist, or if he did, does not disapprove of their way of life because they do not fall dead after sinning. So imaginations run wild as people developed their own type of self Govern, self god. Such a belief exist right on up to today.

For it was the non believers, the resisters of today and those of the ancient world that followed and still follow after corruption. Such overwhelming evil in days of ancient caused God to morn even making man but not giving up on man. I believe God morn man even today through reports from "The Watchers."

Even after this great sin, God held on to a love he never gave up on for the sakes of the good, just as he done for us. God knew a way to save some of mankind. Though he wanted all to be saved, he knew corruption would continue no matter what he done.  Yet, He would not let Satan take all he has created and destroy it.

So a promise of redemption was made. Unable to carry out his plan himself God needed someone just like himself to redeem man or else destroy man finally. Only a pure blood of creation without spot or wrinkle, yet, human in nature in every way could take on such a mission of redeeming man. Some one had to show the total way. Jesus!

Jesus gave man a fresh start through and by sacrificial blood of both God and human to personally defeat sin. To show man that through this sacrifice, the very best can be saved. Any man or woman, let them come. Even a few!

From this promise, one such as a man and prophet unlike any other, agreed to give up his life and come with a word of change and hope to all those that had an ear. That all that would hear could not only see God in the things that are made, but in written words that state how God wants man to live with a living face attached to it. A man named Jesus.

Because of Jesus, salvation was offered to all that would listen and obey. The reward to and for the believer and doer is to live again in a more perfect state of life after death bringing with it untold mysteries that awaits ahead. Yet, the unbelievers would suffer defeat, pay for crimes against God and humanity and finally be consume by fire.

Life after death was offered through a blood promise and sacrifice of a human life, Jesus, laid down in forgiveness of sin. This was further seen and demonstrated by the death and resurrection of a dead body to that of a living glorified body proving life after death is real.

The great word of God lead Jesus to called 12 specific ones to aid in getting the word out to the people, reaching and taking the gospel to the world.

He called these his disciples, which included Peter upon whom he called and called all to be the church to help him. These, minus one, went forth during and after the resurrection continuing to spread the word of God.

For a while it succeeded until the church, those enlisted by disciples, within a few decades, started to revert back to their old ways of corruption as displayed in Revelation, "The Ten churches," which no longer exist.

These churches were taken over by lovers of money, power, lust, lies and thievery. Christ, in a last effort to correct them sent warning to them in Revelation but barely made a dent. A few kept the faith but most saw a way to prosper from the gospel, as today.

Thus, we have the continuation of the days of ancient, to a pause for salvation,  reverting back to sin, to a warning to the churches in Revelation, to continuing sin, to divination, pretending through ages, reverting back to Revelation that continue to this day, through false pastors hungry for power and money.

For a new generation of disbeliever liken those of days of ancient and future has once again and now emerged once again.

The fight for souls, for good over evil has put God back in a fight to gather more souls for redemption while Satan challenge him for more souls in hell. Pastors of today have failed him, for they have taken on a new love. Money!

Prospering from tithes, greed and false teaching continued through out time to spread and received many into it's fold creating a hoard of different organizations and different named denominational churches while a fight for super churches exploded across the world.

All Mostly bad and involving billions of dollars collected from poor and wealthy people alike in the name of God. False voices bellowing from behind pulpit had found a new gig. Church robbery!

Rather than teaching the true gospel, these pastors, through thief and love of money become numb to righteousness and created a new kind of worship based on tithing and false twisting lies and tall tales of prosperity.

Knowing tithing was of the Old Testaments only, did not stop pastors from convincing followers it was for the New Church also, though there is no evidence of such. Nothing to do with the New Testament. No one can provide proof of such.

Twisted scriptures and scare tactics were used in the old days and still used today to keep money pouring into the hands of pastors and gangs of hungry lions that surround them. But a thousands time worse.

Tithing is the backbone of all pastors' ministry. They speak and quote scriptures of God's eternal love but in their hearts, power and money run through their blood like poison from a rattle snake bite. Having more interest in how much is coming in and how much will go in their pocket. collection than teaching the word of God.

Over decades pastors have managed to keep tithing flowing in to them with stern words and phrases told to weak minded people, like, for example,  "tithing is ordained by God." "God loves a cheerful giver." "Give that it may be given back into you in abundance. Or, " You will not be blessed by God if you do not pay your tithes," "the reason you are sick and do not have is because you are not giving your best." 

Or,"Regardless of your finances at home, you should pay your tithes first and God will find a way for you to pay your bills." Pay your tithes and you can get cars and homes sent to you by God." Or " Bad things will happen to you if you do not pay it."

All twisted lies to scare followers. Yet, standard lies in every church by every high profiled TV minister right down to your local church. All lies. Worst part about all this is the people. They think God is making people rich.

Tithing has lead to bigger greed, even creating a market for pastors to eject richness into his or her well laid plan. Simply find the wealth of Abraham in the bible and use his wealth as a mean to convince givers, God wants them to prosper and be wealthy also.

Although the scripture stated in 3 John 1:2, which read, "I wish for you to prosper and be in good health," has nothing to do with wealth, yet, it is used as such, nevertheless by scheming pastors.

Being prosperous is no more than going to work, buying and owing things and being happy. Basic life! Wanting to be rich is a desire of the one wanting to be rich. Wanting to live outside the normal comfort zone. This is not the desire of God.

God just want you to be happy, comfortable and obedience. You can achieve this by going to work. Lying to you is Just another scheme by slick pastors to get your money.

But there is another part of this scripture pastors and wealthy ministers leave out. That is, Good health! Good health does not mean healing by God but taking care of yourself by understanding your situation and seeing a doctor in our time. They had physicians and other means in the old days to render a cure also.

But the healing part of this scripture they pretend on.  All stay far away from it since they can't heal anyone where it can be seen and verified.

But they know people are getting wiser and wiser, so getting rich seem to be the better option. They have millions born every day to believe their tall tales that God want you rich. But they must get rich first to prove it can be done. Smart!

For many people in the church, if the pastor tells them that bumble bees was scouts for the military, they would believe them. Just like Christians believe every December 25th Jesus turns into a baby or that a rabbit really lay eggs and these eggs rose from the grave with Jesus and both become the Resurrection and Easter..

In today's society, we are living in one of the worst times of Christianity. It is worst now than in the days of prophets and disciples. The bible speaks of future times when church people will no longer serve God with a heart of love but go out into their own understanding becoming weaker and wiser.

In other words, being part of the great fall away (1 Timothy 4:1), making things and life up as they go along to fit the situations they confront. Why are Republican Christian against Democratic Christians? Better yet, how can this be Christianity?

Pastors refuse to admit the false church is upon us. They are blind and cannot see how twisted the church has become. They cannot see that the United States as a whole is an abomination to God, right along with the rest of the world. A country where anything goes with no push back toward any great sin. But head long and forward they go.

Christians are every where, controlling mostly every business and dollar. Hardly nowhere can you look and go and not meet someone that say they are not a Christian. It matter not what dirt and mud they wallow in, they all end up in church (buildings).

It is Christian own businesses that make our life miserable. It is our own supposedly sisters and brothers that do us wrong as they steal and rob from us. Remember, high costs of everything we need is mostly controlled by Christian businesses. Open up your eyes, the truth is all around you. Every where. This is not of God.

Christianity has been hijacked by false pastors, minister and even their followers by letting Satan use them to twist and rip the word of God apart.

Most time when I listen to them I can't see nor hear all truth from them based on the bible. All I hear is how they smoothly found a way to be the head of a great business that pays them high salaries to do nothing but tell bible stories, jokes and have parties through conventions and seminars that produce nothing.

Why are people not getting wiser with common sense. It always puzzle me how someone can believe something stupid for so long without some where along the way questioning some of the stuff they hear? Why can't people see lies told about death, sickness and diseases and absolutely nobody being saved from death nor being heal?

This should be a wake up call. You are nor blaspheming God if you wise up to the truth and question what you always doubted in your mind. Your eye are just opening up to good news. God will welcome this in the end if you obey until the end.

Have you ever thought about why pastors can always do funerals but can never heal the person before they die. Remember, the person is sick and the pastor promise that "God never fail. They tell you all you got to do is call on him. He's right on time."... Then why do they never heal any one before they die. This is world wide.

Why not perform these healing they say God will do at funerals? This is one of the best ways for them to show God's power and prove God to the people through them as they say? At least some one in the world should by now be raising people from death left and right. Why?

Why can't any of you ever see that God is not here on earth. Not even in Spirit. At least, not in the Spirit people think, but in the written word, just like remembering what you read in a good novel. It's all meant to stay with you in mind or memory.

If any one, and I mean any one in the world can prove or back up any thing they say God will do I would love to meet you or them. I have a job for them.

Remember, if one pretend, they are a liar. If one can not produce what they say will happen, they are a liar.  If one refuse to leave their wooden building and shut down hospitals and doctors offices around the world with this so called power they say God gave them, then they are liars. Liars go to hell.

I would love to see them stop death and sickness. I would love to see a time on earth, before Jesus return, when ministers bring an end to death and sickness. Right! Wrong! will never happen from humans.

Well, this will never happen because death and sickness is part of life and must be, will be until the end. That Job is God's to return life and heal the earth and them thereon.

The job of pastors and ministers and you is finally reach a state on earth when you can use the word of God to walk alone in obedience to the word of God while living in love and happiness together while we take care of the earth God intrust us with. Learn to love God. Get his word in you and build upon this earth.

Running to someone to be told what you already know is to say you are a flunky. One incapable of walking along. But being someone that can receive instruction,lessons, learn and move on, never forgetting what you know is how God want you to live your life down here until the end. Only a flunky keep returning to learn the same thing over and over. Then pay some one for telling it to them. Real smart and dumb!

You finish 12th grade. There is only one reason you keep repeating it. You're too dump to past. When will you graduate from lack of knowledge of God to knowing God? When will your personal ministry start in your life. You can't enter heaven off some one else no matter how much you look up to them. Make sure they are not you god.

Many store front churches are appearing all over and have not made a dent in sin. It's keep getting worse. Sin, that's done by people having knowledge of Jesus (God) and God the Father. Yet, it is these,.... those that have a knowledge of God that commit most of the sin in this world and especially in the United States.

So, If every one know of Jesus, and they do, what is left for pastors and ministers to do? Nothing but steal and con you out of you money right into their rich pockets. Did I say into their rich pockets? You mean, they haven't made you rich yet?

The rich need poor fools to make them rich. They pay big time at conferences, seminars, convention, and every little trick of a plan they can come up with, from music programs to women empowerment to all kinds of silly meetings that never go any where. Even the little one that want that power start little side line schools and workshops teaching nothing but lies, hoping the smell of richness will soon be a reality. But they need you to accomplish it.

Let me stop, right here. It sicken me to see people going to hell in such great numbers because of willingly letting wolves in sheep clothes send you there. With pretending twisting everyday lies. The stupid stuff that come out of your mouth.

Think and ask yourself what you learned in school.  Ask Why, ask when, ask where, and ask who....You will not get an answer.

People of the United Churches, I wish to report that the church God left in our hands are weak and fallen. I see know great migration coming into it and only a few is surviving just as there will only be a few that enter Heaven.

I wish to report, the church has become the devil's stomping ground.

I wish to report that the church is shameful before the eyes of "The Watchers." I thank you and I thank God for you. Now think about it!