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The Sins of  Mother’s Day The Beat Goes On

This past Sunday millions celebrated Mother’s Day. Though it had nothing to do with “honor thy mother and father” nor salvation, it was hailed as the monumental celebration of worldly or should I say the United States celebration of something every sinner can be a part of.

Yes, church people have found no boundary of separating the church and the world. It has become the primary spreader of every twisted holiday celebration known to man, thus, has become the world itself.

It  no longer share nor care nor have the will to fight against the powers that be. Sin! For it has become the very sin Jesus come to eradicate.

The false church has took the greatest religion for saving mankind, and turned it into a side show full of lying and acrobatic clowns, wolves in sheep clothing, producers, directors and performers. All putting on a performance fitting for the king of this of world, none other than Satan himself that sits now on his throne down here. And there is nothing the church can do about it.

Mother’s Day was just another day devised by Satan to gather more into his fold. Having all characters and attitudes serve him through an illusion of one day motherly love that separate God from the equation.

Focus is put on mothers as the creator of life while God is pushed aside.  She was lifted to a status of God like statue where by a celebration of one full day of partying, music, cookouts and dancing is given in her honor. As usual, one hour in the eight hour celebration is only mention of God. All glory and praise goes to the woman.

As usual, pastors are lost to God’s word. They are seeking glory for themselves and will jump at any game in town to take a center stage and do nothing. Such was the case at a certain Mother’s Day cook out where the music was of Satan, and so was most of the people there, which mean the whole event was of Satan.

As the music blasted the people shook, jerked and swayed to the loud sounding vibes that quickly takes over the body.

So called Christians was not immune because they was the celebration and the guess. Finally the time came closer to eat and the crowd was told to prepare for the blessing of the food. This was given by a pastor that said “this celebration was a blessing from God to honor our mothers”.

Yea, right! No way God would join with the unrighteous and rock and roll with them. To give up all he taught against sin to enjoy one day in the world of Satan. To bend and glorify Satan and put him on a Throne of worship. No way!

When he finished, every one said  “amend” and no sooner than he was finished the music immediately blasted and the crowd went right back to jerking and shaking.

Now I want you to see just how wrong the pastor was. First of all he should not have prayed or lied to God by saying “we give you the glory and the honor.” No way was this event ever prepared to give God glory and honor from the very conception of it. It was just what it was, a party of celebration and hip hop Mother’s Day excuse for the masses to bond as one.

Later the event was stopped for the pastor and others to speak on crime, which was also out of place since crime was taking over by men telling how they came out of crime and built a business. The only thing wrong again with this was that the young school age kids there, wasn’t into crime nor thinking of it. All they wanted was to play with their friends and eat chicken and fish along with other goodies.

The adults there were young mothers and brothers, not old, in which all were working folks with jobs and not those committing crime in the streets.

Their attention should have been focus in the direct areas where crime is really being carried out by real bad guys that live to do crime. But this would have been a little to dangerous so it’s better to play it safe and work on the kids.

No sooner than when they finished did the pastors once again have the last words where he, upon all things to say in an attempt to be in power, brought up the old cliché saying that “if you put away a quarter every day  until you get grown you will be wealthy“. It used to be  “put a penny a day in a jar”. It sound interesting to those looking on but had no reality to it.  The pastor never did it himself nor know any one else that did it. Empty words! All show!

Yes, I was there and not there. I took some one there and ate the food there but my mind was against what was going on. I felt out of place and this constantly worried me until finally I told the person I got to go. When your heart soul and mind is wrapped up in this kind of celebration, there is your heart also. You must see a difference.

What I’m getting at is that there are a lot of  nonsense things going on in the name of the Lord. Things that do not give glory to God nor make our Jobs as servants a battle for redeeming of souls. For things of personal nature has consumed the minds of church people and has driven them long off the path of true Godly righteousness but straight into the hands of Satan, seeing no wrong in anything. Blind leading the blind.

1 Timothy 4:1...
Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

This is what has happen. Most have long departed from the faith and gone into lies and pretending. Making up fables and celebrations seducing the weak into their ring of deception.

1 Corinthians 11:19
And indeed, there must be differences among you to show which of you are approved.

Wow! The scripture speak for itself. There must be a difference between you and sinners. If both react and do the same, then both are the same. This is why you see both mingling together. Only the heart can separate the two. And God will separate the chaff  from the wheat or the good from the bad.

Even today, in Chicago, with all those church people and pastors in building there, there have been over 500 black people killed by blacks in the last 12 months and these churches can do nothing about it but say “God said for you to pay your tithes to be blessed.” Or “want God do it? Wow! What about the crime?

Think about it!