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The Church


Liars on God will never cease. People still pretend God will do this or that. It seem that some where a simple minded person will take a look around them and see that there is no where they can say that God, himself, has done anything for mankind except send Jesus with the word. This word is written on pages, called a book or Bible, for us to read, study, believe in and apply to our lives to please God.

Of course God made this world and gave it to us and told us, not him, to take charge and complete it.

What make people keep saying foolish non biblical things when they themselves know they have no power nor can they get God to do their bidding? They cannot heal or stop death. Can't stop sickness. Can't pray to take away pain, suffering, anger, hate, sorrow, which is basic life, that pastors have taught and used on people to control and manipulate.

Where are they getting there learning from? Definitely not the
Bible. Jesus did not come to heal the world of sickness but heal them of their sins, if they accept him, which could keep them from an eternal death or hell. The word of God is being twisted by false faith leaders.

Anyone who keeps saying such foolish things seem to ignore the sickness around them by not performing the task of healing them or getting in contact with God for them. They disappear or remain silent until the storm goes over then right back at it again, lying on God.


Isn't it strange how all the big time Christians in Florida whom taught God will protect you, lean on God, Want God do it, or when prayers goes up God comes down is leaving Florida like a buffalo stampede bumper to bumper trying to get out of the cities, fighting for their life. They are passing by their worship buildings going a hundred miles per hour.

Yes, these lying so called Christians ain't as foolish enough to trust God with their lives in the midst of storm.

South Carolina, supposedly, the bible belt Christians, have been leaving the city for the past two days. Scared to death. No longer wanting to pray the storm away as they claim, but get out of Dodge.

All those great pastors and members are being directed by the police to direct them in the safest location. They keep their radios and wide screen TV's tuned to the news, not God, to keep them up to date on where the storm is to stay ahead of it as they run.

And the people in North Carolina are hoping and not wanting the storm to come our way. And if and when it does, you will get scared, just like the fright slowly building in you and me right now. If it roll in and you get the warning to evacuate, you will run and so will I.

NOW: Why didn't these praying people stop storms or this storm. How can a storm enter the United States with all these praying power contacting God people? How can a storm come to a Christian nation as the people falsely state?

I will tell it to you one more time. God is not involved in our lives or business on earth. God will judge us on what we did. If he did it for us, he could not judge us. How can someone know if you can work along if they keep helping you? What good are you? Your employer would fire you if you thought such a thing on their job.

This Hurricane should also prove my point that the false Church of today is just that. False! It run off lies.

By the way! When it blows over, guess what! The liars will be at it again. All talk filled with lies, no show nor proof. If you got the power or false belief, then stop sickness and death or shut up and stop pretending.

And lastly: There is no where in the bible where God spoke to all the people at one time or any time. God cannot talk to billions of people individually at one time or tell different stories to every single one. This make no sense and never been done by God.

If such could have been done, God would have done it and not sent Jesus. But "whosoever will let them come".

So for everyone to say God told them or doing for them individually is simply telling a lie. We as a group of people learn of God from the written word. We get the knowledge of God from reading the Bible. Just like we learn from other books of history.

All God want us to do is love and obey him. Love thy neighbor as thyself. Spread the Gospel. And go about your business. Simple! Period! The bible tell you how to do it.