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The Church

The god of Trumps Wins

Well, well, well, it looks like this old minister is right again, as usual. The false church turned out in groves from every dark spot and crack. Yes, the followers of false pastors, mostly from the conservative and Republicans side, has led the push toward putting the head, now, of the most racist groups in America, to be their leader.

This is what the DNA of master slave owners have always wanted, one of their own heading the country and holding the most powerful position there are in the world.... Donald Trump! He's Put there by none other than they who call themselves, the church!

Yes, today this side of the false Republican Church is giving praise to their god because he answered their prayers. Notice I written god with a small "g" because this god is the god of hate,liars, rebels, back bitters, under handed schemers and tricksters and violently insensitive hoard of deplorables pretending to be the true Church.

And yes, Democrats and false Christians, some, foolishly, did the same, with no results. Each false Christian group thinking to do or trying to evoke God into choosing and turning against his own for another.

Yet, Conservative false pastors teach this is true and told their followers the true God was own their side and hate all those that do not believe as they do. And their people believed them.

Conservatives Churches voted to get the records of this black man, President Obama, removed from history. They voted to do away with Black Lives Matter. Protecting police during black shooting and hinder or refuse to prosecute them. They voted to give the KKK, which they truly are, the right to practice racism openly which they participate in and inwardly are one.

They, the false church voted to carry their guns any where they want and to use it in "Stand your Ground" laws and more.

As, I have pointed out for years, this is the age of the false church and I have challenge anyone on the planet to prove me wrong, which none have come forward to do it.

Now you should be able to see it right before your face. The election shows you how divided and twisted so-called Christian people are and how they truly despise each other.

Democratic false Christians, some, woke up ready to snatch their heads off with disbelief of how could church people vote for Satan. Well, they did and many blacks and Democrats will once again watch and glory over these racist pastors on media as God fearing teachers. Blind leading the blind.

Now that elections are over, every one will go back with lying on Jesus and God as usual. Facebook will be flooded with banners of "what God will do' and "Jesus answer prayers" and all other kinds of false twisted sayings by false prophets. False pretenders and blind followers will say "amen" to knowing no better.

They couldn't get Hillary elected, so they will go back to playing with the Almighty God as if they have direct cell phone connection and power to command God himself. Such foolishness!

But there is one thing you can believe on and is the truth and that's bu getting the truth by visiting my web page and getting in touch with true knowledge as God intended. While there, think about it and grow in grace