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The Church
Weekend Finisher

The Fight Against principalities

Eph 6:12: For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world-rulers of this darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

More proof of the false church.... Did you know that slavery lasted for 245 years and started in 1620? Did you now it was white Christians that enslaved us for that long, murdered and raped us before attending and after church?...Did you know it's been only 150 years since slavery ended, passed by Abraham Lincoln in 1863, but Christians still refused to honor it for another 2 more years in 1865?....

What was the church doing over 1800 years prior to this? Did you know that the man name Dillion that killed 9 Christian in a Christian church in Charleston South Carolina was a Christian.  So is his family?..

Did you know that all the policemen that killed innocence blacks were Christians and it is Christians that stand behind their killings?..

Did you know that Joyce Meyers, PTL Club Members, Joel Osteen, Rick Warren and other Republican heavy weight ministers refuse to speak out against these killings?

Did you know that the same black pastors that told their congregation that God will heal their problems, their sickness, their troubles, stood in front and led protestors while begging the police, not God, to stop shooting blacks? Begged the government to investigate racism and give rights to blacks like that given to other races?..

But if and when there is a conviction, then they will say "God did it"...'He answered our prayers"... until the next time, which seem always ahead of us... God is not fighting your battles for you.  you are..

About church and slavery...

Do you realize how long 150 years are when some of you have parents living in their 90's today?... Yes, the true gospel of the bible for blacks has only been truly allowed to be practice openly a little over 100 years ago...There were free slaves in free slave states before this but even they were still treated differently.

Speaking weird saying's and conducting church practices by blacks were not learned from the written gospel, but copied in habit from whites, the very people or Christians that even today, most rather be separated from us.Their pretending and twisting the word of God to meet their own end has engulfed the black church and blinded them from truly being able to worship God in in righteous glory....

Rather than reading with understanding, people lost their way and now has become one with the world, partaking and enjoying the world as a whole.  All races sicken God in their worship.

The church must return to the true Gospel of God where his Church, the people, become one in love, peace and harmony with each other and not divided as it is today. One may pretend like everything is well with God in regards to what people think they are accomplishing for God, but, the fact remain, there is not one thing the church or pastor can say it has accomplished for God, except keeping the name of Jesus alive.

What great victories have the people won for God?. I keep saying this in hope that someone will begin to understand by looking back over time to question what they have been told. I will keep saying this, over and over and over.

The church was supposed to be the "salt of the earth," the last hope for mankind.... But like the world, the love of money, technology and fashion creped in by scheming ministers and fried the mind of people. Turning the people in " Hopping, hollering, lying, stealing, cheating, silly talking acting fools....Some even lunatics.

Yes, this is the False Church..... It has mostly always been the false church headed and taught by whites that never had any intention of fulfilling the word of God. This go back nearly 1900 years. They took Christianity and gutted it, making it to mean nothing to those seeing them sin and destroy it.

They used the word of God as a mean to further hate, separation and denial of rights that is still a struggle for blacks  from those supposed to be our brother's in the Lord. Equals!

Here is  a fact: You might not like it, but it's the truth.....

The very reason that violence is surging around the world is the direct fault of white people or Christians having the gospel but not using it to foster the word of God to others in the proper way. Rather it was used as a means to enslave, murder, conquer and subdue.

This very day, Christians are in an election frenzy by mostly Conservative and Republicans that want the world to fear the United States through powerful weapons rather than trying to foster love from it. They shout, "we want to be strong again, where no one will dare challenge us". Yes, this is the church that confuse the love of God  with conquest through by the gun.

What I'm saying, is that the world could have been a lot better place between all people if white Christians would have truly been Christians. The bible today or the word of God today is the same gospel it was during the days of the disciples of Christ.

So how could they get so for off track having millions of ministers with the written word of God by their side to go by? The answer can only be Satan! Yes, Satan took over, rule and govern the world through them, thus creating the false Church that is still surviving very strong, now, into our time and today.

They laid the foundation for every Church, whether black or white to align themselves after them. The Catholic being the most powerful led the way with schemes, lies and power. Later, white minister broke and created a new kind of church that further strengthen Satan's hold on his church by creating denominations that split the people and gave them chose's as to what pastor to chose based off his or her personality.

Such personality and devised schemes impressed black ministers as a way to get in on the money and power it brought to control others. Races became bed partners in copying each other's habits and adopting them for their own use on people that will not read the bible, but leave it up to pastors to tell them what to do and how to do it.

Now that the word of God is in the hand of blacks and other races, you would think that over a hundred years some one would be able to understand what is written. There is no excuse to blame white Christians anymore when all one has to do is read and change.

But Satan foot hold has been allowed on both sides to exist so long without challenge until people pastors are blind to the word, and unwilling to make changes because of the possibility of losing that which has been accomplished.

There is a church of new true Christians that has rose up out of this fiery mess and is apposing Satan and his pastors. The fight is great and it is long fought because the little church is too small to reach the masses. Satan has reached an height so strong in the people until many will never get the chance to repent before the true God, Jesus Christ and God the Father Almighty.

Separation of churches will get worse and worse while led by pastors speaking little truth after their father Satan. They have taken away billions of people from God and turned them over to Satan. The world is the Church. It is the false Church.

And it is this church, represented by some nations, that cause my battle to be fought against principalities, which is Satan's foot hold and ministers in high places over the people and the false church.

If any one want to enter heaven, they must first learn how to love each other. Race hate must be thrown out the door. Wanting to war and control nations must be thrown out the window. Peach must be attempted. War is the last results after peace fails. This is the work of all Christians. "I heard them cry, woe, woe, woe unto men". Change your life, repent and learn the truth.  Then become a true minister to others... You think about it!