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The False Christian Church Of Today vs True Christianity

There is a quest that every Christian should be upon. That quest was started by God and signed in blood by Jesus.
The quest, being of a great one, was to find and weed out special people that would be useful for God's cause.

There is a reason for such saying such as,"separating the wheat from the tare. See Matthew 13:30, it say,

"let both grow together until the harvest. And in the time of the harvest, I will say to the reapers, gather you together first the tares, and bind them in  bundles to be burned. But store the wheat into the barn."

The reason why the tare or the useless is burned is because, like people going to church today, it is worth nothing. All it was and still today is just a hinder to the growth of the wheat or to the people really trying to be the best they can be. They are very few.

However, the wheat, that which will be used for other means, will be safely preserved until needed.

Let's look at the words, "stored away" and "needed."

We who are Christians or those which call themselves Christians should know that God has a need for us. Many lame pastors will say "God doesn't need us, but we need him."

They are wrong. We need each other, but God need us, the good ones, more than we need him. Why? Because his whole plan of further creation depend upon molding special people close to his heart and character that can be sent fourth through out the universe with trust not to defile, but will honor his will. For a creator must create.

We need him to live again, to see and become that which will never die,at least, as we know it. To see the invisible made visible. To see joy and peace as never before. To enjoy new bodies free from sickness. Yes, special people.

The quest for such people went forward as a search. Kinda like a talent search you see on TV (tare and wheat). The searched started in the old testament, but very few was found worthy. These were gathered and stored, but more was needed.

A new search continued through  Jesus where much clearer understanding of the rules (word of God made plain) went forward to the people along with a personal teacher to explain it.

This went out to a new kind of people that gave God hope. To make it even more easier for people to save themselves and get God the people he want, God even gave the life of his only son that man may be forgiven of pass sins and live accordingly to these more clearer words of God.

God wanted and needed these new breeds of people. He even had Jesus to reach out to helpers to help him reach people even more. Jesus called them disciples. We call them ministers and pastors.

For a brief amount of years God's word went through out the nations changing many lives that in the end cost many their own lives.

Many were persecuted and killed in arenas by lions and tortured. But Christians of that time were devout and stead fast. Rather die than turn on Jesus.

Today we find just the opposite. There are very few devout Christians. In the past, being the bible days ending with Revelation, God saw that the church he had built seem to have reached it's limit of faithful follower and warned that an even greater fall away will occur in Thessalonians 3:1-3.

Not only did it start in Revelation, but continued to get worst and worst right to this very day and will get even worse as time move forward.

Today the tare or sinners have taken over God's church completely. It is the pastors and ministers under Satan's leadership that has cause the break up and limits the souls God could have used for his glory and the crowning of our glory to further his mission.

Those pastors and their helpers are whom God call wolves in sheep's clothing and they will reap their reward in hell with their father, the devil.

For they have devised "The False Church."

It is they which have distorted the word of God and made it into a Hollywood stage of actors performing for their own glorification.

The word God has no effect upon them nor the ones they've taught for over a thousand years. For they are the heads and leader of Satan's false church.

It is a shame to say it, but every church that has it's doors open pretending to be working for God is a false church. It doesn't matter whether God's Ii name or scriptures from the bible are quoted, it is a false church.

You say, "that's not true!" "My pastor and church really live by the word of God." This is the first lie of dozens that's heard in churches daily and every Saturday and Sunday.

More are.....

To say God heal people is a lie. The hospital wait for proof and so do every other institute of sickness.

To tell someone to turn their problems over to God is another lie. God did not put you here to do your bidding. You are to do his bidding.

They tell the people, "prayer changes things." Prayer changes nothing. God gave us the will if we use it, to change our own lives. To come and accept Jesus is not done by prayer, but by a desire to want to change. Prayer do not pay a bill. Going to work and earning the money will.

Prayer is hope and it is used to give thanks. Following God's words and obeying it will change things in your life if you take it and you make it happen.

Next, they say to pray for one another. Praying but not helping one another mean nothing. If it was that easy, no one would suffer from anything. There would be no death nor sickness nor any problems. Once again this kind of prayer is wanting God to work for you. It want work. Has never worked nor supposed to.

Prayer coming from the church cannot stop ISIS, hurricanes or prevent any kind of killings or bring about any kind of change without direct involvement.

Pastors will tell you God sent them or you to church today. Another lie. God doesn't send any one any where. All lies.

In today's churches these phrases and twisted beliefs are the back bones of the false church. It cannot exist with out these lies and it is these lies that every pastor that pastor a church must tell over and over and over.

Take these and other tall tales out of the false church and no one would have a reason to go.

Yet, for money sakes, they use the word of God, not to convert the heart and mind of people into serving God with all their soul, but to turn the church, created through Christ, into a Hollywood forum existing off of cutthroats,thieves and actors that put on devilish performances worthy of Oscars.

Millions upon millions flock to them unaware that they are under those working for Satan to destroy remnants of any Christians that come up against them. These are the few in God Satan is preventing from being heard.

Satan is in control of every major church and every small church that has a pulpit pastor and flocks of people worshiping them committed to blind impossible dreams.

The church has been reduced to foolishness and clowning. With this, what do it have left except cleverness. Yes, Satan is clever, but the people being so blind cannot see anything. They are dead men walking.

They cannot see that the false church has accomplished absolutely nothing for God except kept the name itself going.

It has won absolutely no battles. It lost the gay fight, the legalize alcohol fight, the drug fight, living together in love fight, loving thy neighbor promising to stamp out hate fight. Nothing. The people are bad.

Even those proposed to be committed to Jesus have memberships into rock and roll and devilish music. They commit adultery and fornication, shack up as though married, with no conscious.

The false church is the secular party arranger's, foul mouthed, those of the night, gossipers, alcoholics, haters, liar's, secular music buyers and the list goes on.

Church people are the cutthroats running all sorts of businesses where they steal. Businesses like loan companies, banks, motels, car lots, food sores, medical industries, and more where they take advantages of workers and consumers. Steal from the poor and more. Then go to a type of church for worship on Sunday like every thing is normal.

Yet, these are the make up of the false church pretending to be of God.

Satan has even found a worst way to destroy the church even more. He is placing them on TV. New shows appearing using false prophets to make Christianity look real to fools, yet, mocking God with women and men seeking only power and profit through their father the devil.

They use spirits of demons to slay spirits of demons living in willing participants to cause them to fall to the floor. This cause on lookers to woo in ah. To enlist more into hell's web of deceit.

Their actions are identical to voodoo used in Africa and in many false religions. Being slain in the spirit is a demonic thing, a show to win Satan more converts. It benefit nothing nor prove God. You show God in you by the way you live and carry yourself.

In voodoo, and not the church, is where people form circles, play loud and thunderous music while the ladies dress in white dresses, bonnets, and wear white bonnets while standing behind young girls in white and women to catch them after they dance, spin around, screaming and crying so long until they lose consciousness and began to fall backward to the floor. Satanism at it's best.

The black church, since Africa is our history, adopted voodoo into our worship. Then the white church joined in and called it, the indication of the Holy Spirit when is the indication of Satanism.

Voodoo even include speaking in the tongues of the dead. The false church does the same and say it is the indication of the Holy Spirit also.

Not true! Your walk in life according to the word of God is your indication of the Spirit word in you that you are abiding by that prove you a follower of Christ.

Pastors and so called prophets will never go toward a hospital, nursing home or any place of real sickness to pull their stunts. Like magicians, they need a willing audience and there are many.

Looking back, there are not one instance in history where the church has ever healed a group of people. Not even one. But there are many lies told in church where one will say so.

Then the question would have be asked to them, "what make you so great that God would heal you and not the rest of those crying out?"

As you see, the church and all other religions are riddled with lies.

People are lost and the greatest religion on the face of the earth call Christianity have been miss used for purposes not of God, but show men ship.

Christianity could have helped carved a better world between people if taught right. Yet, it has become the world.

The word of God is in millions of people around the world. Especially here in the United States and the rest of the free world. Every one knows of Jesus and what is required. But elect to follow their own understanding.

The people must be reformed into the true way of worship. As long as you attend a church you will fail God.

But you can learn through me, a different kind of church. The true Christian church. A learning institution just like a college. You learn, then take it to others.

We do not need 10'000 churches all telling and acting in different ways. No wonder it is a false church.

The bible said to come out from among them or stay there and die.

Lastly, I want to point you toward something you never thought about.It's about the false church.

Listen! The church has and will continue to become so corrupted that God in the end will no longer use the word church, but the"NEW Jerusalem." The place of the righteous.

Now go and become the ministers you all are supposed to be, if you are Christians as you say. Now think about it. Think about it hard!