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The False Church, Beliefs, Votes and Lies

In every thing that mean so much to people understanding, if one is teaching on a subject matter, there must be truth in what they teach or all is a lie. Proof is the bedrock to gaining people’s interest and trust when trying to dispute that which has been widely spread as being the truth.

Trying to change one’s mind after they have been taught in another way and came to believe in this way is shocking to them when they find that not only have they been wrong, but they have taught others wrong.

Before I get you to read a scripture I have, I want you to see that the disciples, Jesus not God bit their tongues when making statements about liars, fools, and just plain silly talking and acting people not to mention those that live as pretenders.

My language is nothing and do not come close to that which Jesus called the people. However, folks want to be talked to like babies or some whining modern day, “you hurt my feelings and you can’t talk to me like that.”

Since my tone bother you, then I guess you can’t stand God, Jesus or care to hear the word of God. It is stated that God  hate a liar. A liar is about the worst person that can be set loose upon this earth. They can literally bring down nations, cause wars, incite terrorism, break up families and let’s not forget destroy minds and send many to hell.

Below I will give you one scripture where you are called hypocrites! If I call you hypocrites you get mad. But now you will see from scripture, if you engage in lies you are a hypocrites!

What are lies? Lies are that which is told on or about another without proof, thus, bring down and or lowering the character of that person in the sight and minds of others.

Now! Here is what a lie will do to the unlearned following behind the unlearned. More stupid and ignorance. Read it for yourselves in….

Matthews 23:15, “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when you have succeeded, you make them twice as much a child of hell as you are”

WOW! “How can Jesus call anyone hypocrites!” “Who do he think he’s talking to? I dare him to say I am a child of hell?” “Why don’t he watch his language and have respect for the people and me he’s talking too?” ‘He’s so disrespectful!”

Yes, this is Jesus! If you don’t like his tone of voice used toward the kind of people he wants to help and against those that teach lies to those he want to bring peace and salvation to, then you are in the wrong religion.

As you see from the scripture, this  apply to the false church today. Hypocrites are bringing many into their fold telling them lies and twisting the scriptures with false teaching. When a person leaves they are so screw up, without knowing right from wrong, until they began to spread that same lie to others seeking to learn.

This craziness continue without, it seem, with no end. Now they are worst when they leave than when they came in.

Votes, beliefs and lies…

You should remember that I constantly tell people God is not intervening in our affairs and not an swing prayers nor is he coming to our rescue or doing any of the false claims many of Satan followers are proclaiming.

The reason being, is that God left all things on this earth in our hands. He also through Jesus Christ left the his word on how you should act or show your self approved until he, Jesus, return.

But it is this I am about to speak on because some, ignorantly, are too blind or too caught up into Satan to face the truth. Now lets get right down to me getting you to realizing that you are living a lie if you believe God is doing this or that for you.


Why do think you vote? For many who have said God will give this and will be there when you need him are finding themselves turning their backs on the God they said would take care of them towards politicians.

Yes, where God will not give you what you want, you turn to politicians to take care of your needs, not God.  In this case, as a Democrats, it will be Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and for Republicans, Donald Trumps and Ted Cruz, whom one of these will become the president.

Yes, these are your gods and you will turn out to vote for them and plea to them to give you a better life. For blacks, it’s to see if Hillary Clinton whom I’m voting for, can stop those mean white racists from hating on us and start given us good jobs.  To help and stop hunger.  To help stop police from shooting our unarmed black men.”

You and me are asking Hillary and Burney to promise to give us good jobs and cheap insurance, not God! Make the police respect blacks and others, not God. To raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, not God.

You are asking them, not God, to lower your taxes, fix your roads, lower your high cost of groceries, bring banks and other lending institutes interest rates down.

You’re asking them, not God, to give you free schooling, and free medical. You want them to lower prescription cost, not God. You even beg for better police protection, not God.

Listen, you are asking them to the point of begging, in hope they will make your life better. Not God! Can you see what I’m getting at. I’m saying, people spend their whole life lying on God as directly providing for you or them, when it’s the government providing to you.

What about that job you hold? You even ask the company to give you a job. You even obey and honor their business policy to stay there, not God!

Though your minister or pastor is standing before you telling you something different, they themselves will stand near the head of the line to vote for the same rights and wants he and we are not getting from God.

If you believe and know that God will do all these things for you, then you should rely on God and not vote for a president to give and provide to you. In fact you should never take medicine or ever seek a doctor’s help again. You should stop work and wait on God to pay your car note or house payment.

Maybe you should rely on God, as you say, and deny your Social Security checks, or ask to be taken off disability and do away with the checks the government send every month.

You should stay away from all of the Mercy medical clinics. Reject Social Welfare help. Just do away with working and making money period. I’m sure others will support you. Ask a friend will they support you for life free?…Wake up! You know for a fact God is not going to do any of these things for you!

You may not want to hear this, but it’s the government, not God, that do more for you than the church building you attend that tell you it is God’s doing.  All lies.

Can you imagine where we would be if it was left up to church people to provide for us like the government does? Just take hard look and see what makes the world go around.

God and you Brain..

Listen! God gave you a brain and the strength to make your life good or bad. He gave you a brain for a reason…. To think independently of him. To figure out your own place in this grand plan of his. You must prove your worth to God. God has nothing to prove to you.

You can start by stop lying!

I was just recently told that an Holiness Church pastor of a large church in Jacksonville NC has been hospitalized. Can you imagine that all these years he stood before the people lied to people about what God will do, but like all the rest of us,  end up  having our life hanging in the hands of human doctors, not God.

And no! If God wanted to heal him or any of us, as they say, he would have done it no sooner than when got sick or when we get sick. In fact, he should have never gotten sick, But he did. We all are humans and subjected to the things of this world, says the bible. We will get sick and we will die.

Like the scripture above, the congregation was totally confused and out of touch with reality just as they are today. Pretending has become the false church and lies have become it’s motto and money have become it’s engine. This is the False Church!

Now! If I ask, why would God want you in heaven, many mouths would close tight? If I ask, how have you served him that would even make you think God would want you in heaven?  You can’t answer.

Remember, God is of high intelligence. Those that will be in his present will be of some high intelligence. Most capable of understanding right from wrong.

So! What have we learned. We learned that if you can’t prove something you shouldn’t be telling others of it. If telling the truth and being honest with God is still the requirements, and it is, then not many from this dispensation is going to make it in. The church is over taken by lies. And few there be that will make it in, says the bible.

So when you go to the polls to vote, remember, your hope is not in the Lord, it in the politicians you stand in line to vote for. This is the person(s) you’re betting on to better your life. Not God.

God just want you to love thy God with all thy heath and they neighbor as thy self.  The key to Salvation  is righteous daily living through love and care while holding close in heart and mind, the will of God.

I just summed up salvation in less that a half minute. People go to a building every Sunday to hear this all their lives. Just can’t figure it out. Constantly needing ministering too. Failures! The false church is upon us, and only I and a few knows it! Think about it!