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The Church

The False Church Support For A Trump Liar

Donald Trump and the entire Republican Party, that mostly include the false church with so called Christians, are liars and hater toward the very people God told us to go deliver the gospel to, sinners.

He said to go out over the world and preach the gospel not isolate the world and certain people from it. God did not designate a certain place where the Gospel will be stationed and every one have to come to that country to receive the gospel or be left out..

I speak of no other country but the United States and the lying Republican so called Christians that twist the word of God for their benefit and self controlling protectionism of their wealth.

Republican so called Conservative Christians all over the world are the most hateful and dangerous group of people there, with all having intentions of world domination through mind manipulation, fear, war and threats.
False Republican Christians believe in separatism which is against the bible. They believe that any one that stand against their views of separatism are against God. They are hard head, unwavering, talk and act plane devilish as though they are possessed by  foolish demons.

They are so possessed by these devils that they are unable and unwilling to be told the truth and cannot see lies in things they do and stories they tell. They can do you wrong and swear they didn’t do it or you really didn’t see it the right way and making to much out of it.

They use such phrase as, “we should work together,” so as to through you off or confused one into believing that what they are doing to you is right for all.

The Republican so called Church is not to be believed nor followed. You should not follow any one that tell you how to live by the bible but can’t and will not live by it themselves.

The church does not follow the devil, which is a liar, but the Republican so called church seem to thrive, love and defend lies and liars.

They actually believe Donald Trump, the pathological liar, is their savior. This make them liars. I have nothing to do with their type of religion and stay clear of their teaching.

There is no such thing as, don’t do what I do, but do what I say.” If Jesus was to say something like this, the gospel would had never gotten off the ground.

We, the true Christians, whoever they are, are in a battle between good and evil. Evil just occupied the White House and evil false Christians sat him in his seat.

Open your eyes! Things are not what they seem. We are in a war against the Republican Church and they are in a war against the Democratic Church. But tomorrow, both will lie and pretend all is well until 1 o’clock, then it’s on again. Think about it!