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The Church
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The False Church Loves To Lie

It’s easy to lie on God when everything, at the time, is going good for you. But no sooner than you get seriously sick, who do you call. “Not the Ghost Busters,” not God, but “The Doctors.” You now say God is in the doctors, to cover up your lie that you have this great contact with God. …

Let me put it this way. If someone is trying to break into your house, who would you call, God or the police? Most of you will think about something to hit with or protect yourself. While many others will reach for the great equalizer, the most high and most powerful piece of metal, THE GUN!!!

Here is something, for those that love to lie about being able to call on God and that God is their protector. Well, then  I ask you to do this! From here on out get on Face book and state, “you have bought gold jewelry, and you keep your pocket book next to your bedside and your house is never locked. Not even when you leave to go to work.

Tell them from here on out you will never lock your doors again. Of course, I wouldn’t know why any one who can call on God and get him would even think about locking their doors. Seem there are some TRUST issues here.

Then, I want you to call the electric light company and tell them to cut your lights out, especially the outside pole lights because God will be your light from here on, because he said he was the light of the world…… You are, of course, more safer in the dark than the light, aren’t you.

Make a statement on face book that you will never lock your car again no matter where you park and tell the location it will be parked. Don’t worry, you have God standing watch.

Stop going to the doctor when you get sick and tell all that you know to stop going because God is about to move over the land and he will heal the land. Tell everybody you know that’s sick and taking medication to throw it all away because God will show up and show out.

When you walk out doors at night, stop looking all around. What are you looking for? Hey why do you lock your doors when you leave? Just trust an Angle will stand guard. Jut shut the door and leave.

Stop going to work or receiving retirement checks, disability checks, or social services help. Just stop. Trust God to baby sit you. Reject all these things and lean on the Lord.

The fact is, this is life. This is how God has it. You take care of yourself. If you don’t work, you don’t eat. You don’t do, you die. You don’t care, your waste away.

But if live by the word of God, you no that man can be evil. That evil has come down to the world and it is doing well. That you must protect yourself from this evil than respect no man. That God has given you a brain, though some do not know what it is for, it is for you to think with common sense without him doing your thinking for you. Your brain and your heart distinguish and separate you from God. Your only connection is the written word that keeps you mentally connected.

The brain and heart is that which each person has that separate one from another. It is used to think for yourself. You do not have the brain of God. Your brain, when used cause you to build and multiply. To do or not to do. To act or nor act.

Do your part living within the word of God, and in the end God will then separate the wheat from the chaff. Until that time he said to leave them together if you can‘t tell who they are. Do this sound like God is intervening in our affairs. No!

God is in Heaven doing his work of Govern over his Kingdom. He is not on earth nor is he making trips to earth. This is like, the Angels does nothing but lay around and God’s doing all the work. This doesn’t make sense at all.

The false church has long let Satan into their worshiping with crazy thought and saying that amount to nothing but a worship of Satan by drunken sinners doing the will of Satan which is that of constant lying.

Yes, lies has taken over the church and yes, this is the false Church.
Now think about it. _______________________________