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The Church

Sunday Building Worship Paganism And Your Role In It

On Sunday, many will attempt to go to a temple or building to where they think they can worship God. There, they feel like all is well with the universe as they wait for God to issue another forgiveness of sin over and over again from the altar every Sunday morning.

Most are unaware, and for lack of teaching really don’t care or want to know about true worshiping. Because of the beauty of the building, most people could care less that God said “he did not live in a house made by hands.” Their intent is to prove him wrong and let him know he will be worshiped, not in heart and mind, but in a building before and at an altar.

However, there, he, there god, will be worshiped at the altar and not the God of forgiveness of Sin by blood sacrifice of Jesus. In the building, all will look upward toward the altar and honor that part of the building where their god is said to be dwelling. They, like pagans of old, will sang hymns, pretend the god is listening, bow and return home until next Sunday.

People run to the building because they need a shrine and something to see and go into. This has long replaced the true meaning of Christianity of the heart and wearing it as your skin and never being without it.

Sunday worship has never been for the church. No Christian on earth can prove it is. The word of God is seven days a week, 24 hrs a day. It’s wearing the words on your heart while you go about your business and occasionally spreading it to others as you fellowship with them and other Christians as you journey. Not fellowship in a building to the same people.

What I'm about to say is to those in the future that will be around at the time of the anti-Christ and those not taking the mark of the beast. Which, at that time, Christians will be hunted and killed.  There will be no buildings out in the open filled with people to be slaughtered in. People will be in hiding. Underground!

Now! Sunday worship is in tune with the worship of Mithraism whom was worshiped on Sunday known as “the day of the Sun” or “Sun Worshiped day.”  Sunday was named from such and has been declared by the Catholic Church as the day of worship.

It was not decreed by God, not Jesus, but the Catholic Church and Rome whom long worshiped Mithras, the Persian god, whom religion mirror Christianity and Christianity adopted some of their habits, if not most.

God left Christians to continue what he started. To spread love of God and Jesus through Jesus Christ. To try bringing peace to the whole world spreading brotherly love and obedience to God.  Carrying the gospel into communities, streets and forever continuing his message. Not crowd in buildings and let evil spread out of control as we see it today.

If we obey as Christians, Jesus said in return, we will receive life again after death and a place for us to dwell and carry on in the worlds to come. To see that which man’s eyes has never gaze upon nor mind has ever comprehended.

We cannot receive this kind of salvation by sitting in a building as cowards begging God to do the work for us. Looking toward an alter making false statements about God will not take care of us in the flesh without actions on our part.

Saying statements like, “I love the Lord,” “ the Lord is good,”  or “Jesus name is sweet,” “prayer moves God,” “call on the Lord” and other ridiculous sayings are not serving nor does it make you a servant. It make you a coward, a liar, a pagan worshiper.

Sitting on your behind looking toward the altar or the person behind it is not the work of a servants but someone in need of being constantly taught. Until graduation you are unable to teach others while you are still being taught.

Such is why the world is in such wicked condition, as we see it is today, with the very church that was meant to help curve violent now find themselves being the violent ones and running in fear after being wrongfuly taught.

Because false protection by God is feed to people inside these buildings, it’s keeping them from ever seeing the truth and realizing that God want them and us to live up to his expectation of being able to maintain our righteousness while standing up to evils of the world with out fear and without him holding our hands.

We are in the flesh, yet, spiritually knowledgeable of our salvation after death if we maintain a faithful flight. But our flesh in a sinful world need fleshly protection. There is no spiritual protection. Therefore, we form societies and laws to keep order. We cannot always agree with other nations, so we form armies to protect and keep us safe while we worship in peace and safety until times arises to take Christianity elsewhere.

Who are we? How do we function in a world or nations as Christians? Well, it is we, the church and other religions and even the atheists that are the military, the police, the doctors, builder, bankers, the fireman and more that is protecting ourselves, our nations through our actions while maintaining spiritual temperance.

Our religion is not tested in a building but in how we use it in our lives, on the streets, at home, abroad or fighting to survive.  It’s how we still maintain and hold on to our faith while we go through all the things that confronts us. It’s how we, not God, come through it all. It’s how we endure the world and all it offers and come through it's challenges one at a time.

People refer to “turn it over to God” and praying to God to do this or that for us. But listen very carefully: God cannot judge us if he’s helping us as pastors say and every one claim. He can only judge you and me by what we do ourselves.

For example, a school teacher can’t give you a test, give you the answers, help you with it, then flunk you. That wouldn’t be fair. But if the teacher also helped others, yet, past you and flunk the others, that wouldn’t be fair either.

But a fair test and passing grade would be given to those that past the test on their own merit. The teacher will be proud of them and say “well done,” you past! I say this again. YOU past!

Here is a question and a test for you. There are two people, now which do I take? Is it the person that can work for me without me being there, or the person that keep calling, asking me for help, taking me away from my work? Which one would you choose?

Also the scripture, Rev: 22:17 say, “whosoever will, LET HIM COME and TAKE UP the water of life freely.” Not God doing it for you.

As I end, what I want you to see is that it is you and me being about the business of God. We cannot do it pretending to sit in a building worshiping at the altar doing nothing.

Also, there is no such thing as Sunday worship. Thus, the modern church has become, for over a thousands years, a false church, yet, there be only a few that press onward.

Nothing come out of this kind of worship. Never! What proof do I have? Just look around you? If you are not blind then you should see. Nothing! Nothing but weird talking, lying, pretenders that twist the word of God.

There must be a return to true worship or many will be lost in the end. No liar shall enter end and liars have over taken the church.

We can use these building to teach out of, but no more. Move on and become teachers yourselves to others in need of the truth and past it on to the world.

I am having a Christian revolution. Will you join the revolution to return folks back to true Christianity? Stop false Christians when they say things that make no sense or disrespect the name of God. You must speak out or join them in the end.

Now, other religions are so weak and out of touch with reality they bear no mentioning. Only one,... Christianity.... that can give peace and love now and hopefully help save some of mankind in the end.  Think about it!