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The Church

Today is Sunday and millions of people will pay to hear their favorite sermon once again like they always have, over and over again. That’s right! People will pay to hear what they already know. Some will give their last or half of their paycheck to a money shark pastor and his weapon in arms,  his side kick  master of thievery, his trusty wife. …

Yes, the queen of sweetness and glamour, decked down in sleek wear, bellowing out lies and twisted truth through red lips and dangling expensive wig hats drawing innocence ladies of fashion into her well laid spider wed of deceit….. Her husband, the slick tongued planner and master builder, lay the foundation for building a great web by luring  innocence men into both their web using tasty morsels of spice and sweet crumbs dangling from a thin web line unseen, yet, strong enough to attach itself to unsuspecting passer byes that’s charmed then smoothly pulled in. …

Others will go other routes and seek the presence of elegant well know sons of Satan speakers. These are well practice prosperity preachers that’s smarter than the people they draw to their huge conventions. They know they are much smarter than those that come to listen to them, so, well prepared and scripted shows are constructed to control them….  They Know just the right words to choke up and mesmerize, trick and deceive the simple minded. ….

After delivering the impossible to those wanting the impossible to work for them, the minister and his gang, like Jessie James, ride off into the sunset with saddle bags full of stolen money taken or I mean robbed from the pitiful.  These are willing to give after doing nothing in order not to receive that which will never be given….. No crime committed by these Satan helpers.

They say  the people gave it willingly to them, thereby, having no conscience nor care of robbing them over and over again. Now it’s off to another planned robbery in another city coming to a theater near you.  And the people will pay again to be tricked and or pay to hear what they already know. What‘s so sad is that they rarely get caught and brought to justice…Hi-Yooo sillllver, Awaaaaaay!…

If you say you are a Christian and still need to be told or hear someone tell you about Jesus, like you tell beddy-bye stories to children, then there is no way you can be a Christian. If you are a Christian should be preaching to others, the actual word of God. That’s what Christian  does.

They are ministers! Hebrew 5:12, Paul said he could be out speaking to others, but instead here he is speaking the same thing to people over again.… Roman 2:21 say this to ministers that pastor the False Church back then and today …“ you teach others but fail to teach yourself.” “You speak about others robbing God, yet, they rob Him themselves…  ….Think about it!