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The Church
Stop Believing Every Thing You Hear

God is not dealing in anyone lives. You’re telling me this is the best the Almighty God can do. It nice to pretend but pretending want get you salvation if it’s a lie. What world are you living in? How blind can one be? Do you  really think if God was working in your life he will leave you still messed up and poor?

Why would “THE GOD” leaves his duties to come to earth to do foolish things for you? Why? What’s so great about you and not those in other countries that’s hungry and in need?

If someone tell you such lies, they are a liar. Think! Why do these speakers always mess around with easy stuff to get people to say amend but never telling these people they are holding healing service at hospitals and nursing homes or with children having serious medical conditions. St Jude Hospital is a starter.

If God is doing for people, as they say, then get God to do away with sickness and death? Oh I’m being stupid now, you say. But if he is doing what you say, then why not get him to do away with sickness and death? Simple! Why not all the problems in the world? But now you know better.

People stop believing the hyped up emotional make believe tall tales. How can God be doing things for you and then judge you. He can’t! This is like a school teacher helping you with a test, giving you all the right answers, but then flunk you because you didn’t do the test by yourself.

Then again, if she or he did all your work when you called, then you will be a cheater and the teacher would be a cheater and showing favoritism for not helping the others.

But like God, a test is given to prove to the teacher that you and you along know enough to past the test on your own. We will be Judged on what WE did. We will only enter Heaven, when God says, Well done about what we did! Read the verse below…..

1 Timothy 2:5, “For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus.”

Now do this look or seem like God is doing things for you? I don’t think so! Now why would you need a mediator if God is doing things for you?  It’s because we come short to the glory of God! Think about it! ….Read more truth at