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Sodom And Gomorrah - USA

If Pastors, Evangelicals, Ministers and even you, the folower, believe God is satisfied with this world and their ripping off the people, then you and them have got to be out of your minds.

First, let me say again, the only reason for God not putting an end to this great sin in the world is because of his appointed time.

So, just because one is getting away with murder, so to speak, does not mean your sins will go unpunished or God is satisfied. Your sins will show you up in the end at the time God decide, enough is enough.

Maybe his set time is another 200 years or it could be another 25 there bout and all in between and so on and so forth. But in either case the “word of God” will never be changed.

I cannot consider the sin of the world without placing most of the blame on the United States. It is true that many nations before United States did sinful acts beyond comprehension. God did nothing then and God is doing nothing now to stop it.

But since the old days of man running amuck with killings and all sort of evil doings, a country emerged out of it that changed laws of laws that more benefited civilizations of survival with self taught righteousness and inclusion.

Such rising out of the ashes came the United States bellowing false Christianity that up held hate and sin through threats, murder and of course false love. False love that was just enough to create, with laws, a country that will reign supreme over all other nations.

A nation that turned from the will of God of reaching out to the world, to a nation of so called Christian that prefer to dominate and kill. Hide within it and curse every body on the outside that doesn’t believe in the Constitution, but leave the word of God to an after thought, only to be played with.

Let me be clear! Hope and prosperity prosper in any condition where the people have the will to survive. It has nothing to do with God. All belong to God and God will not pit his own against each other. We do it now in love based on the Holy word of Jesus Christ.

As time went by, this great nation grew and dominated over nations by mass murder with atomic bombs that brought peace but set off, out of fear from other nations, a nuclear race and weapon’s build up by them. These bombs were lanced by so-Christians.

As sin and false Christianity grew around the world it grew no greater than in the United States. A nation that now is the greatest nation on earth backed by the greatest weaponry.

It is only factual to say also, that the United States packs the greatest amount of Sin. It is here that all manner of sin in greater degree is created and copied by other nations. These creative sins are done by so-Christians.

Such a great nation, and there are others, but not like the United States, has reach the height of where it now can, will and have, defied God himself. Yes, the very Christians that say they love God is behind defying God all over the world. 

I give you one main example. Sodom and Gomorrah! We know that these cities were destroyed because of Great sin. But the main one mention in the bible in these two cities was homosexuality.

Defiance toward God has led great ministers and Evangelicals to dismiss the need to speak out against Sodom and Gomorrah but join it‘s cause. Yes, ministers like T. D. Jakes with a platform of making money will never speak openly against Sodom and Gomorrah out of fear of position loss. Yet, they speak loud on other issues like “give and it will be given unto you.”

Neither will any social media speakers on Sunday morning TV do the will of God and say something. They all are afraid to openly speak against the greatest sin to God’s creation. Let’s not forget that sin is sin and all sin must be addressed if you are a true Christian.

Being marriage counselors is more important.

The Church at heart live under threats by the very laws so-called Christians created. The  law that condemn one’s feelings and life when one challenge Sodom and Gomorrah, then face out pouring insults and shut downs from so-called Christians..

This is a fear so-called Christians placed themselves in through votes. Now by change of heart, they now cannot reverse the global impact of their decisions.

Here in the United States, the beacon to the world, the most powerful presidents of all nations, now is the greatest Sodom and Gomorrah of the world.

Here, the greatest ministers and believers live in the midst of the greatest sins most  comfortable as though Sodom and Gomorrah does not exist. Every one, almost, satisfied.

People are blind in following the will of God. They no longer see God as a threat so they withdraw from sound teaching to compromising and justifying.

It is dangerous in this country to oppose Sodom and Gomorrah. All ministers know this and fear it. Any person of power with influence over a large segment of people will be singled out as haters, violators of human rights (not God’s rights), and violators of the law of man. This is enough to depart from God.

In this case, the laws of earthly so-called Christians take precedence over the intent of God. Remember, the Constitution was written by so-called Christians.

I use Sodom and Gomorrah because it is safer than speaking what went on within Sodom and Gomorrah. The sin within. Such, I believe, will not lead to my being kick off Face book (where I first published this) because I am not using phrases one can quickly attacked and complain about, but what is written in the Holy Bible about cities of great sin that ended in destruction.

In teaching the word of God in hostile arenas one must learn to adjust but not twist nor justify to spread the word of God. For those who know about Sodom and Gomorrah know what I speak about.

It is sad when you never hear Christians speak against Sodom and Gomorrah but can find thousands of other things less important to justify their Christianity.

Christians that are within Sodom and Gomorrah is a type of Lot. Come out from among them and be ye separate. “For few there be that make it in.”

God is not against some sins, he is against all sin. Our job as Christians is also to be against all sin. If not, sorry! Such a person cannot be in charge of anything. Why? Because that person cannot be trusted to carry out the will of God in the world to come. You can’t teach parts of the gospel that you like.

Most high profile Evangelicals and pastors have adopted the law of man and remain silent on Sodom and Gomorrah while teaching parts of the will of God. The out come will be, well, you…Think about it!