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The Church

Rick warren made a ridiculous statement that seem to be the norm of anyone crazy enough to believe it   and repeat it. He stated, “In Churches where there are praying pastors and followers sending prayer up, then healings come down.”

I challenged Rick and asked if he and these pastors would be willing to pray for healing to those kids we see on TV at St Jude hospital and others. As of now, he has not responded nor will any one else that claim God is healing any body will respond.

Any one can challenge me or admit this is a lie on God, which is very dangerous for your salvation. It seem that the name God is brought down so low that anybody can play with it like they play with a puppy.

It is even more astounding that sensible beings claiming to be Christians can be so falsely out of touch with reality. All rush away from God in prayer into the hands of doctors while being constantly medicated trying to stay alive when sick.

Medicated because the trust one state they have in prayer and God is not as believing and trust worth as they state. In fact, the thought of not trusting God and going to a doctor is a no brainier. No second thought. God is mention, but one is still on their way to the doctor. This is not the trust one profess.

I know it sound good for someone to lie about what God will do. It make themselves think they have something. What it is I don’t know, because no one yet, have bought any one back to life at a funeral. And I must say they have had plenty of time through while the praying crowds are there. But not no one will dare. Why?

Then you have those that believe prayer of any kind can make the Almighty God come from heaven and play 123 pop up sticks. Never happen, never will happen. Sound good but a foolish game. Such a game will cause you one day to strike out.

No one on earth can heal anybody nor pray for healing for anybody nor pray for God to send them money or any thing. All liars that say so. There are too many places where anyone can prove themselves and not in patty cake buildings where healings are pretended nor in the Back of their mind.

Any one that doubt me or want to challenge me can respond to me with a date and place where hospital patients and nursing home occupants can come to you and be renewed. In fact, any Church organization can do the same. I will guarantee to I want be contacted y anybody.

Why? It’s because when challenged, those that spent so much time lying to others are afraid their lies (sins) will now be found out. Company must be maintain between those that can be swayed.

Throughout history we have seen no where, where God intervened in history. Not in slavery, not with six millions Jews being massacred, nor world war 1, world 2, Vietnam war, Millions of people massacred in Africa, Israeli problems and fears, terrorists, Christian persecution right down to common killing and hate. No God Intervention from people that prayed for relief.

Why? Because God told us to handle, build and subdue over all that he made. One or two things he asked in return was, “Obey and Love thy God and each other as I have loved you.” This mean also to look out and take care of each other. Live a way in this world, so He can approve of you in the next.

Prayer is no more than giving thanks to God and thanks to and for others. It is hope as we pray or hope one gets well and our service to the Lord will be enough, for him to say well done. Prayer is remembrance of what Jesus did for us and keeping in mind God’s word, Jesus and God himself as the perfect deliverer toward all those that trusted and kept the faith.

But to think the Almighty God and creator of worlds and universes will stop what he’s doing to come to billions of humans every second, every time one evoke his name can only mean the believer of such has not come under the understanding of truth and the Lord.

There by, cannot be a Christian. Cannot be one God can trust with the smallest of matters. He cannot use someone that spread lies, willingly or unwillingly. Think about it!