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The Church

Shooting  In California and False Pastor

If you are following the news, you should have seen and heard a black minister that come to pray and give comfort to families of those caught up into this terrible murder of Christians in California.

I hope you caught the last part of the top sentence. I said “Christians!” Yes these were Christians once again caught up into being killed and terrorized after being taught in church that this can not happen to a person of God because “we have God right in our front pocket” and “He’s “right on time.”

Well, once again I have proved my point that there is no such thing as God coming to your rescue or doing anything for any one down here. No one can prove such a thing.
The thing about the black pastor I want to point out is that his coming to do a false prayer for the living is too late when the people had already been killed. … No prayer can change things or alter events as you have been told. We just hope that things go all right. Prayer is hope and not a cure.

I listen as he prayed for them and it was ridiculous. None of it was possible nor made any sense to a person who is grown in grace or understanding to know the different between right and wrong.

We are to be prepared for thing occurring in this world. We know not when the time will come, but it will come and we must be prepared. That’s bible.  This does not say that God is prepared to do for us when trouble comes. Doing for us is against his plan for salvation. He said,

“WHO SO EVER WIIL, LET THEM COME,” not, I will make them or I will go out and get them and make them serve me. “LET THEM” is giving power to you to do for yourself. Make the decision yourself.

Here again, even with the word “serve” we get “SERVANT.” A servant serves another not the other way around. The owner of a business do not do your work for you then turn around and pay you a good salary for doing if for you. No! This makes no sense. If the owner were called on to do the job, they would have no need of you. This is the same with God.

Pastors have been twisting God’s word for so long that a lie longed believed to be the truth has become the lie of truth. If something is repeated over and over for a long time, the brain start to react in favor of it. All truth is locked out. You believe anything.

Jesus said, “I GO AWAY.” He has to be still gone because I have never seen him nor have anyone else. Jesus also said when he returns that, “EVERY EYE SHALL SEE HIM.” In church pastors lie about seeing Jesus or Jesus came down here and told them something. I have not seen him and neither have you, so this make them a liar and any one else that say such a thing. This includes people that say God is doing this or that for them or lunatics that claim God gave them a house or car. For what? You lie!

Everyone is saying God is doing this for him or her because they attend a building and live in the great protective country… The United States, which has become the most common and filthiest country on the face of the earth, spread its lies and filth around the world. It has done nothing for the kingdom of God. False pretender keeps the name of Jesus going and that is all.

People that find him or her in trouble is either caught up in it by being in the right place at the wrong time or end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. This is life. We cannot predetermine our fate. It would be nice but we cannot.

We cannot expect God to warn us of disaster or harm coming our way. God Just cannot do this. Too many people on earth. He has never done such a thing. Look back on your history. Tell me where God intervene on anything, whether war, earthquakes, Ebola, tornados, deadly storms, Civil War, Slavery, wars through history around the world. Where and when did God intervene? Never, and not now either.

Only in America and other places in the world where Christianity is do we find people saying the wrong thing while doing the wrong thing, thinking they are saying the right thing while sounding like a big brass horn only making a sound signifying nothing.

Wanting God to do things for us present such thinking that is against his very creation and the purpose of humankind? We prepare ourselves every day by trying to live accordingly to the word of God. We do this by being fighters of both Christianity and as protectors of this country.

We trust in God to be our creator, and his will be done on earth by his servants. God has always fought against sin and other religions that corrupt man. His servants, through Jesus, were to be his foot soldiers while Jesus is away. To enlist or bring others from other religions into our fold.

To debate other religions like Islam, Buda and others. Not to sit around doing nothing believing you have a free pass in Heaven by doing nothing but going to a wall in building.

The pastor I mention prayed with the families as if he could bring down God himself. When he came to comfort these Christians, a simple prayer would have been suffice, like…..

“I’m sorry for your lost and I cannot imagine you feeling or pain at this time, but I am here to go through it with you to let you know you are not alone and you can lean on me. I pray (hope) for your strength to soon over come your burdens in Jesus name, Amen“ …. This is what should not been said!

And not this……,

“Oh Lord, I call upon you to come down here to mend the hearts of those now suffering from this great disaster. Come Lord Jesus and touch every one in the sound of my voice.”……..

God is not coming down here!” This is a foolish prayer.

Doing the best we can do in a world filled with sin is determined in the end by how we faced each event in our lives good or bad. How we, not God, fought a good fight. And because I fought and endured, my hope is that God would say in the end, “You Did Well Done.”

To enter Heaven you must stop lying. And all that come out of most mouths is lies put there by their pastors. For more truth visit Then think about it!