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The Church
Serving God Has Been One Big Lie
A Shame in The 21st Century People Still Do Not Know How To Serve God

While out of own and not in a building Sunday), I find it relaxing to know that no matter where I am, I am the true church. I need not be constantly be reminded of my role as a servant. I need not think there is one day more special than the other. Every day, yes, seven days a week is a must for completing the whole Saint.

In understanding God, you must understand how service to God work. First, I remind you of the reason of the written word and why God and not even the Spirit of God is intervening in ones life.

Are you familiar with the Epistles of the bible? Now are you familiar with books and why they are written? Books are written words that record all types of information people have to pass on to others. The Epistles are also recorded words.

These words are put into books because the writers cannot be with each individual that want to know about them or what they wrote. Writers leave biographies that tell of their lives because it will remind people of who they were long after they are gone.

Jesus enlisted disciples to do the same. To write a book about him because he would soon be gone. He could not minister to billions personally but he could through the written word.

With out the word we would no nothing of him just as we would no nothing about other people in history that is dead. We read about them and feel and learn of them. In this case, we feel Jesus spirit and Gods of how he want us to conduct our lives.

Now, knowing this, I am always aware that it is I that read his words and believe in him because I believe in his written word. So no matter where I am, I live for him because I have built up a trust in the word and know that when some say "I am gone," they are gone. It is I that must prove to God that I can live by his words until he return.

So, I do not need to pretend that God has returned or Jesus. My life will be judged on what I did. No one is truthful when they say God is doing this or that. But God will help you in the end if you abide in his words just as you abide in the law of the land. Think about it!