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The Church

There is a misnomer that has existed forever outside the true church body. Such a misnomer has planted subliminal suggestions into the outside body of believers y church goers in thinking they have rights to the kingdom of God by just using or borrowing certain scriptures, phrases or part time behaviors.

This type of outsider’s use of God’s word have taken on new meaning for millions of so called Christians to enjoy the will of God without having to conform to the will of God.

From the ages of understanding, many have been taught to give thanks to God. No matter what it’s about, whether good or taken as good, give God the credit with a thank you.

However, to say “thank you”  to whom ever. are rights given to anybody by false teachers and false pastors that, themselves, are outsiders that found a way to infiltrated the gospel and past on false salvation. Thus, from Sunday School to Bible classes, many have taken on the body of believers through cloned bodies. Pretenders!

The way outsiders act have been given the OK by the false church, that if certain rituals are acts are  performed for God and to God, that they are given God the praise. This, to themselves, prove they are in God without actually being in God.

Many perform the most wanting of God and that’s giving thanks. The greatest of these is giving thanks for food and gathering. Such thanks however, is universal, and all religious cults give thanks to their god for the same purpose the church body in Christ give thanks to our God.

But there is a god the outsiders give thanks to, and that’s the god name Satan. One way to know if Satan is being worship is a hunger for the world and the evil things one cannot get away from because of the love for it.

Many have been alluded into thinking that there are a part of God that allows for part time love. A way to play both side of the fence. A way to out wit God and confuse him with part time antics of thanks such as giving, donating, tithing, visiting nursing homes, jails, volunteering. Even spreading what they call their version of the gospel. Yet, all giving praise to Satan with full time thanks.

What is the moral of this? What am I alluding too? It’s just this! Unless you have conform to the entire will of God, you can say “Thank You God” until your eyes pop out, it means nothing to God. Such facts will be proven at judgment when the wheat is separated from the tare.” The tare was giving thanks!

Many false worshipers “say thank you God or Jesus” all day long, especially when sitting around a family meal or get together. They know what their likes and interest are. They know what their true intentions are about. They know way ahead of time, even, before, during and after their gathering what their true life style and love is all about. Can’t wait until the prayer of thanks is over with to return back to their cloned selves.

Saying “thank you” to God outside the true body of Christ when one know they are not in the will of God is committing an abomination before God. This is outright playing with the name of God! Yes, most all does it, even finding time to through jokes into such a serious occasion.

Remember, you are submitting, bowing, giving respect, committed to the gospel, appreciative as a true follower, believer and doer of the word. If you are not you are wasting your time with your false “thank you” and part time behavior. The more you do this the worst and deeper hole you dig for yourself.

Asking for forgiveness is earned, you must mean it, then it is given. The majority does not nor did not mean it and it was not or has not been given. This apply to ministers and pastors the same.

It is not given when you immediately go back to doing the same things. You know you have forgiveness when you resist the things of the devil. “Go and sin no more.”

If you are a true worshiper, then your thanks are recorded as received and send up a sweet smelling aroma to God that give praise and glory to the most high.

“Many, many may say Lord, Lord, but I do not know them,” say the Lord!

Yes, I thank God for all! But mostly for Jesus that cause “ME” to make a change towards the will of God for the better! Can you honestly say the same? If most could,  the world would not be this way. Think about it!