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False Prophet 7 Day-10 Day God Will Pay Your Bill Challenge

For some, there is no end to their ignorance and lying on God. How one can tell another God will pay their bills is a lunacy driven by Satan and not facts. However, no matter what I say there is always some hypocrite that claim they commune with God Almighty.

The bad part about it is that false prophets can always find someone just as messed up as they are. Stop saying amen to their lies.

The Church and especially minister on Youtube, big time pastor’s media outlets and Holiness Church quacks know the right words to sway people to keep them believing in foolishness.

So, to make an open liar out of them, I’m asking prophets to prove God is talking to them. And if so, why them and no one else and why God would want to pay people’s bills and not heal them or keep them from dying? Is it for the rest of our lives? I hope so!

If my bills come to $100,000 dollars, when can I expect to receive the money and from who? Does it magically appear in my freezer, under a stone in the yard or will a long black limousine with a dark figure wearing dark glasses carrying a brief case suddenly appear with a knock on our doors?

Can you tell us why God just pay 7 -10 people’s bills in 7-10 days and not all who have money problems?  There are about 1,800,000 people claiming Christianity +- in this country along not to mention around the world? Why would he limit himself, if he’s paying our bills to just 7 people?

How did you become a prophet? Where is your name printed on pages in the bible as a prophet? What new news do you bring that the world has not heard?

Can you respond to these questions before you take the challenge…….?

Here are a few things prophets of today claim. 1. Healing through prayer, when can you do it? 2. Speaking in lying tongues, 3. Pretending God speaks to them, 4. Being called by God when those called names are in the bible, 5. Promising weak people money and money through blessings if  they buy certain periodicals or books. How do you get God to come all the way from Heaven for you?

Enough said! NOW THE BILL CHALLENGE…. It’s simple…!

Get God to pay every one’s bills for the rest of their lives, no matter the price, of every one that read this challenge. They wouldn’t have to work again after this. Since you’re talking with God one on one, have him to heal all the sick while he’s at it.

You have 7 to 10 days to make this happen. All that received cash, check or money order covering their bills should make public the amounts you received. For example, $40,000, $60,000, $100,000 and so on. Some people bill may be lower.. This cover a year, unless your god prefer monthly payments. I’m OK with that to.

If no one have not received this money in 7-10 days this mean you are a Satan driven liar and no one should listen to you again. If I and the word of God is proven wrong, then… Well!…. It won’t happen!