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The Church

Proof that God is not on earth

There are remnants of a  bad storm moving across Charleston South Carolina Called Joaquin. The very churches pastors tell people that God reside are closed. Christians that attend them are at home calling on rescue squads instead of God to come get them out of flood waters. If left at their homes they would certainly drown.

Even the pastors are being rescued, or running to high ground. The powerful prayers they claimed they could get through to God at church is finally proving it was all just a put on scene. A play perform during the calm for many that believe Superman and Batman are real.

Yes, South Carolina as well as North Carolina consider themselves Bible Belts to God. That all one has to do in these states  are to call on God and he will quickly leave his Kingdom to travel through time and space just to pick up change money one dropped on the floor because you asked him to.

Now you see this is not true and never has been. Asked the people in the vicinity of this storm. The phrase God will be there is just a phrase. God is not preventing storms from destroying and killing. He is not going out on the ocean to rescue lost ships at sea. And he is not stopping flooding that affect Christian and non Christian alike.  (For the sun shine on the just as well as the unjust-scripture).

Yes, down in South Carolina Christians are fleeing for their lives looking for help from fire and rescue along with the police. While in parts of North Carolina and dry states churches jump and act like fools telling those out of harm way, “ want God do it,” “just turn it over to God because nothing is to big or to small for God, “ “ God will hear your prayer.”

No such thing. Every one past 130 years old are dead. They said they were church people to. That God would hear their prayers and save them from sickness and death.  But they are dead. Trillions of people are dead. God did not save any one from sickness, hardship nor death and he is not saving anyone from sickness hardship nor death now. Any pastor or person that say so is a liar.

Those in South Carolina believed this, and even after being rescued, instead of just saying thank you Jesus, will go back to lying and believing in the impossible. They will say God sent the rescue to them. How pitiful!

It is impossible for God to come and answer billions of people’s calls. He never did this in the bible. That’s why there are suppose to be good pastors to teach you the right way. But instead, they have you believing in lies.

You have never seen nor heard of anyone coming back from the dead in a church, yet you believe that just because it is in the bible, some believe the dead can be raised when they can’t even cure the common cold.

Listen! God is not down here playing games in churches or in your life. God has a government to run in Heaven. Do any of you no what is require to run a government? To rule over billions or more angels. Did you not forget that Jesus is there also as the son of God and God. Then how can God almighty be down here every waking moment as church people say? It is impossible and a lie told by idiots.

As Christians, it is not God’s job to work for us or make things happen for us. Pastors have taught you wrong.  It is we that have to show God at judgement, by the records kept on us, that we did remain faithful to him and his words. To be the best we can be while Jesus is away.

Jesus said he was going away and when he return, every eye shall see him. Wow! Every eye! Not just Suzy Q Jones in church. I haven’t heard mass claims that Jesus has been seen. We need to learn that the Spirit of Jesus is just God’s word and how much of your life is based on it. Nothing more.

Remember, God is like your father or mother that care about what you will become in life. Not how he will make you by doing things for you. You are worthless to me if I have to do every thing for you.

Your job toward your father is to go out into the world using what your father have taught you and making him or them proud of your successes when they hear about you or when you return home.

If your father has a business, he may take under consideration that you will make a great servant or manager working in other areas of his business. Your father will be so joyful of you, he will say, “this is my beloved Son, whom I am well pleased.” Read more truth on my website, then Think about it!